Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are you batshit crazily addicted to Pinterest?

Hello my name is Jennifer and I am a Pinterest addict.

I am sure you are aware that out there on the interwebs is a site so addictive it should be illegal.
It is called Pinterest.
The idea is that people go out on the internet
or post from their own blog, tumblr or whathaveyou
and find things that they like....
books, movies, clothing, art, animals Whatever
and they "pin it" onto these little boards.
It sort of takes the memory board or wish board or vision board 
idea and makes it into virtual.
I waste a hell of a lot of time on there.
I am embarrassed to say.
BUT there is so much to look at.
and love.
and repin!

Currently I have an addiction to the color blue.
Any variation
it doesn't matter.
If its blue....I want it. I love it. I have got to have it. Or at least repin it.

There are also so many crafts to try unsuccessfully to make.
And I say unsuccessfully because hello this shit is legit.
It isn't easy to do stuff.
Even though they present it that way with their little tutorials.
So don't fall for it.
You will end up with a disaster that looks nothing like the lovely thing you saw.
Causing you to sink into a deep self deprecating depression.

Two of my most favorite things in the world are shoes and books.
So I fill my boards with those things.
Oh and zombies.
I have a zombies board.
If you are an author it is another way to market your book.
Get your friends, family, neighbors or blog fellows to "pin" your book on their page.
Then the people who follow their pins will see your book.
Click on it and buy it.

There are times when I am pretty sure that I have wasted valuable writing time on Pinterest.
And when all is said and done I get nothing from this site.
It does not make me more informed.
Or more creative.
A better Parent.
it isn't even entertaining.
but it is fun!

How about you?
Are you addicted to Pinterest?

I am reading: I just finished Gone Girl 


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

I waste far too much time on Pinterset. I try to justify it: my family needs to eat so I pin recipes, I find character ideas, writing inspiration, blogging tips. But really, it's just plain fun.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, no, I'm completely avoiding that site just like I'm avoiding twitter.

However, speaking of fellow bloggers pinning other bloggers books...
>hint hint<

Anonymous said...

I started looking at it some time ago and when I realised I spent too many hours on it I stopped everything. And yes everytime I try a DIY project, it never looks like the beautiful photo taken by the proud owner of the fancy tutorial! I am better off.

Muriel said...

I haven't tried it yet, but you made me want to have a quick look-if that's possible!

Unknown said...

I stayed away on purpose.





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