Friday, September 30, 2011

Creepy Ghost Photos

So being that we are getting ready for the Halloween season.
Well I am getting ready for the Halloween season.
I have been searching online for ghost photos.
I use them in my Halloween decorating
which I will share with you next week.
Some of them are so blatantly fake.
But some are down right creepy.
I got the chills looking at some of them which I will share with you.

 I know this one is fake and I have no idea where it originates from but it is creepy as hell to look at.

 This one is supposedly taken at the Amityville Horror house and is said to be one of the Defeo boys who was killed by their brother in the house. The photo was taken by a professional photographer who was working with the Warners....there to investigate the haunting....and everyone agrees no child was in the house at the time. Extremely creepy whether it is a fake or not.

The Brown Lady ghost is one of  the most famous ghost photographs. The photo is thought to be the ghost of  Lady Dorothy Townshend taken at the Raynham Hall mansion. Legend has it that Dorothy was unfaithful to her husband and although legal records show that she died in 1726, it is said that the funeral was a fake and that her husband locked her in a remote corner of the mansion until she really died many years later. Her ghost still haunts the mansion.

This very creepy and interesting  photo was taken in 1919. It is a group portrait of Goddard's squadron. The men had served in World War I aboard the HMS Daedalus. That extra ghostly face creepily peeking over that one guys shoulder is thought to be that of Freddy Jackson. Freddy was accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. His funeral was held the day the photo was taken and some members of the squadron believe he did not realize he was dead and so he decided to join in on the group photo.

With photoshop and other photo editing software out there it would be awfully hard to believe that a photo is real but even if they are faked some of the photos I have seen could have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks.

Do you have a ghost story to tell?
I am going to feature some real life ghost stories the month of October so if you have any you want to share please email me at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I watch too much TV

This is not a new realization.

I have always known that I watch too much TV.
I have recorded and watched I think every Pilot episode of the new fall shows

These are the ones I have watched
A Gifted Man
New Girl
Person of Interest
The Ringer
Up All Night
Prime Suspect

Plus I have watched all of my favorites
The Office
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
The Mentalist
How I Met Your Mother

I am looking forward to Grimm and American Horror Story both of which start in October
And I am waiting for House to come back and Living Dead which I am sooooo excited for.

Here are my reviews for the new shows that I have watched.

A Gifted Man - is Eli Stone with a doctor instead of a lawyer.
Eli Stone did not make it and neither will A Gifted Man.

New Girl - Super cute and kind of funny. She reminds me of Amber a little with her goofiness. I will keep watching it.

Revenge - Loved it. I loved the story and I loved the atmosphere of the Hamptons. I will definitely keep watching although I have no idea how they are going to make this last multiple season as someone is already dead.......

Person of Interest - Another keeper and not just because Ben Linus aka Henry Gale aka Michael Emerson is in it....although that is reason enough. It has a lot of action and an interesting story line.

The Ringer - I want to like this so bad because I am a huge Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar fan. But I am undecided. Out of respect for the actress I will give it a few episodes before I give up completely. Right now I am confused about what the heck is going on.

Up All Night - Not funny and its a shame because funny people are in it.

Whitney - Terrible....will not last.

Prime Suspect - Very Good a lot of action and Maria Bello is a Philly suburb native so I will watch just for that reason. I will keep watching but once the rest of my shows start I may have to cut this.

I wasn't going to watch Desperate Housewives because I am so over that show but then I found out its the last season so because I have been watching it since the beginning I will probably watch it.

How do I watch all of these shows you ask?
The awesomeness that is my DVR
I pretty much record everything and then i watch it when I can. 
Usually after the boy goes to bed or on the weekends.
Plus I am a multitasker 
I will put a show on while I am cleaning, ironing, cooking or whatever.

So have you watched any new TV shows?
What are your keepers?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things that scare the hell out of me

Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves do not scare me

Maybe its because we have romanticized the hell out of those beings
Trust me when Salem's Lot came out it scared the piss out of me
and still does
But with Twilight, Trueblood and The Vampire Diaries 
Vampires are now sex symbols and not at all scary

Here is a list of things that are scary to me and I don't see any way to make them not scary!

1. Clowns - I am shaking while writing this that his how bad clowns scare me. I hate them they are evil and it should be illegal to have them at parties unless all attendees sign a written consent....and the police are there to protect the guest from the manic hiding behind the makeup.

2. Spiders - I don't like them. They are creepy and weird. I don't like them in movies when they crawl out of dead peoples mouths. I don't like them on TV when that one crawls on Peter Brady because they stole that ancient tiki thing. I don't like when when crawls across the floor or God forbid the ceiling where it could drop down on my head at any time!

3. Demons/Possession - Blame it on the Catholic upbringing but anything having to do with demons or possession scares the hell out of me. After seeing The Exorcism of Emily Rose if I woke up and the clock read 3 AM I would wait in fear for the demon. The Exorcist to this day still scares me to the point where I even consider going to church again. 

4. Aliens - Aliens scare me probably because I believe that they exist. I really do not think we are alone in the universe and eventually they will come to destroy us all and take over our planet. In the meantime they will keep stealing us from our beds. The movie the Fourth Kind is way scary. In Signs which wasn't a particularly scary movie but when that first alien flashes across the TV screen I jumped out of my skin. Fire In the Sky I think is the scariest of them all those aliens gave me nightmares for weeks!

5. Strange Beings (Like the Mothman, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil) - Weird beings that have been seen by people completely scare me. The idea of some strange creature with red eyes dropping down on your car and predicting some disaster.........crazy creepy! When I have to be in work by 6:30 AM a few days a week that ride in is like one giant stress filled trip. The roads are dark and deserted and I just know some creepy red eyed monster is looking at me through the trees. Bigfoot forget it if I was ever walking in the woods.....which if you know me would never happen because I don't like nature walks.....anyway if I was walking through the woods and saw some massive hairy man ape thing I would die literally I would have a stroke or heart attack and die.

So these are the things that scare me....what scares you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Amber is the Coolest Person I Know

Amber is pretty much the coolest person I know.

I take full credit because I am her mother.
Amber has always been a very confident person.
She has no problem being weird.
Which I love because neither do I.
She is always quick with 
a smile
a joke 
a laugh
a hug.....and she gives the best
She will talk to anyone
about anything.
Which is sometimes disconcerting.
She is friendly and makes friends easy.
Very rarely do I ever hear her speak about someone in a negative way.
I know she does sometimes.......everyone does.
But it is certainly less frequent then most.
Amber has no problem making fun of herself.
Her laughter is contagious.
She has always been the one to except the person others won't.
Sometimes I wish she would stick up for herself more.
Like when someone calls her fat
which she is NOT.
She is talented
beautiful....inside and out.
She can't sing but does anyway.
She bites her nails which is gross.

Her presence actually changes the air
it becomes lighter
fills with laughter

Amber loves food
she loves to eat
and isn't ashamed of this fact
while some her age may put on airs 
she just eats
she doesn't take herself too seriously
being goofy is her trademark
that and talking super fast

All of these things add up to why she is the coolest person I know

I used to worry about all of the things I have not accomplished in my life
I had big goals and never worked to reach them
but when I look back at my life I now know that its Amber and Christopher
that are my success story.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I love anything and everything Paranormal.

I always have.
I would LOVE to go on an investigation with professional investigators.
Although my family would disagree 
I would love it if my house was haunted

To me the show Ghost Hunters is the best show about ghost hunting
The way they investigate to me is the way I would do it
I am what I call a skeptical believer
I believe in the supernatural but I am very skeptical about some of the evidence
I think there is a lot of things that could be explained away
and all though I love when they find legitimate reasons for certain things 
I am so excited when they find something they can't explain

Some of the other Ghost Hunting related shows seem so scripted and obvious in their discoveries
Like Ghost Adventures.....ugh I hate that show the host is the most obnoxious human being
basically they run around yelling and acting like a bunch of idiots.
Paranormal State is another show....its not bad.
I kind of feel an obligation to like it because Amber goes to Penn State 
and the group Paranormal State are former Penn State students.
It leans a little towards the religious with a lot of demon type investigations
which is cool.....sort of

Locally there is a place called Fort Mifflin which is one of the most haunted places in America
I have been looking into tours and I am hoping to go sometime in October
I will share my experience with all of you if I do get to do one of the tours.

So how about you? Do you believe in Ghosts?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love Halloween

I am not one of those people who likes to rush the holidays.

In fact nothing annoys me more then walking into a store and seeing Christmas decorations out
when its only October
But I love Halloween
and I can not wait to put my decorations up.
I don't know if its my love for all things creepy
but putting those decorations up make me so happy.

I think I mentioned that my brother Michael and his wife Letitia
are having a Halloween party this year.
I am so excited
Its going to be a blast 
We are going to set up a haunted house in his family room and scare the
bejesus out of the kids
another favorite thing of mine!

So I have been trolling the internet trying to fill my halloween decoration fix 
with photos of decorations
I thought I would share them with you.
I am thinking starting next week I may try to feature a post on something haunted
to get you all in the mood

Well enjoy the lovely scary photos
have a Thrilling Thursday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creepy Ass Vintage Ads

 I was wondering around online looking for vintage ads for a project I am working on.
When I came across these extremely creepy ads.....Gotta love the internet :)
So of course I had to share them with you!
 Look out Grandpa has a cane and he isn't afraid to use it on you whipper-snappers

 I am pretty sure that is blood and not chocolate dripping from that creepy clowns mouth.

 baby with a razor = creepy

 Gross! But it won't stop me from eating my favorite pork product.....BACON!!!!

 This is the creepiest little girl I have ever seen....she looks like she is about to take a bite out of her mothers hand! That face is pure Evil!

 I am pretty sure thats illegal!

Yes it is see above

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eric Northman......I Love you!

I haven't watched this weeks episode of TrueBlood yet.

I will watch it tonight.
But last week Eric did something that was so hot and so gross at the same time.
And I loved it.
It really made me think about my mental state.
During the battle with the witches Eric using vampire speed rips the heart out of one of the witches.
And then proceeds to suck the blood out of one of the heart valves like he was drinking from a straw.
And the look on his face is so HOT!

So is it wrong of me to be turned on by Vampire violence?
Or is it all Alexander Skarsgard's Fault for looking so amazingly seductive?
I mean come on.....look at that face!

I can not imagine creating a character as hot as Eric.....I'm talking about book Eric not TV series Eric.
If someone like that came out of my imagination I would never get anything done.

So thats what I have to say today!

Have a Magical Monday

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have an inner voice she says I am fat

Do you have an inner voice
you know that voice that you sort of hear when you don't want to?
Like when you are drivings too fast
or drinking too much
or eating too much
or hitting the snooze again
or stalking people on Facebook
or being lazy
or just doing anything remotely fun
Well I do 
she is such a bitch!
I was looking at these amazing shoes the other day and I was like
"Oh wow these are cute"
"Oh wow they aren't too expensive" 
And then I heard this nagging little voice and it said
"You are too fate for those shoes"
I was like what?
That was so mean!
I walked away sadly.....defeated glancing over my shoulder towards the discarded lovelies
Sometimes I think that inner voice just wants me to fail
How many times have I started writing only to stop because I know its not good enough?
Thousands of times
I am not gonna let that mean inner voice do that to me any more!
I am going to take a stand
buy those shoes
write that story
be awesome!
well maybe not the awesome part but you get my point.
How about you? Do you have an inner voice?
Or am I schizophrenic? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing Buddies

Now that the boy is back to school
and summer is over
no more pool
no more beach
no more vacations
no more excuses
I am going to really focus on writing
Lucky for me my BBF Stacey agreed to be my writing buddy
Then we decided to invite Muriel to join our group
I have no idea what the hell a writing buddy is supposed to do 
but I am sure we can figure it out together
Muriel has not shared with us what she will be working on yet
But Stacey has and I will tell you when she is done this book is going to be awesome
and I am not just saying that because we are friends
I mean it
she has quite the imagination
and the talent to put it all together
Me on the other hand.......I am so all over the place
I think I have adult ADHD
But hopefully between the two of them they can get me to focus on one thing
I am setting some goals for myself and I hope to stick to them the best that I can
I am easily distracted
like for instance 
I know its over a month away
but I LOVE Halloween
I can not wait to take out my decorations
and maybe buy some new ones
My brother is going to have a Halloween party 
we are going to have a haunted house
to scare the kids
(our kids and our nieces and nephews)
I am thinking about having a Tarot card reader come
which would be so cool

See.......I could go on and on and think about this all day

Well I am very excited about this writing buddy thing 
and tonight I plan on getting some writing done

If any of you have any suggestions about being a good writing buddy 
please let me know

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ain't she pretty?

Lori over at Use Your Imagination Designs has created the most awesome blog design for me.
She will be uploading it soon and I am so excited.
Hop on over to her blog and check out all of the amazing layouts she has created.

I Hope you like my new look!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my Mom's 75th Birthday
She doesn't look a day over 65
Here is my 6 word sum up of my Mom

"Always there to hug the hurt"

My Mom raised 11 children (well my Dad helped)
We all turned out pretty well
A little crazy (me mostly)
Can you imagine finding the ability in yourself to give enough love to each child?
To make each child feel as if they are the most important thing at that moment?
To have enough love inside of you and to spread it so deep that it still glows in your children who are now parents themselves?
To gain the respect of your children even when discipline was necessary?
To still have love in abundance left over to give your grandchildren?

My Mom watched both of my children for me while I worked.
I credit their manners, empathy, respect and happiness on this fact.
I could never have raised Amber alone without her.
You've seen that teen Mom show on MTV
Without my Mom's guidance that probably would have been me.
19 years old and no clue what to do with a baby.
But she helped me
and she still helps me
She encourages me to be who I am
But still has no problem telling me when I am wrong
Or reminding me that I am not always right
......which I am still pretty sure she is wrong about

Truthfully and without hesitation I can say that looking back on my childhood
I have not one single bad memory
Yes there were bad days
mistakes were made
feelings hurt
love tested
But that is life

I know its like the thing to do
blame your mother for your problems
which I find insulting as a mother
I am sure for some that may be true
but for us......its just not

My Mom is not perfect
I am sure if you asked her she could ramble off a list a mile long 
filled with mistakes she thinks she made
as a mother
a wife
a daughter
a sister
a grandmother
a human
Its the fact that she knows she is not perfect that makes her so wonderful

My Mom and I have grown to be friends 
She was not one of those moms who tried to be my friend as a teenager
but when I got older and realized she actually at one time 
before being Mom
was Jennie May Andreoli
I was shocked
Kidding........but realizing that your mother had a life before you graced her with your existence is unimaginable for a selfish spoiled kid like me.
Once I learned about Jennie I saw the real woman behind the Mom
I found out why my Dad loved her so much
He worshipped her......I kid you not
Never before has a man loved a woman like Bill loved Jennie
We have traveled together
We have talked about books
She tried to teach me how to sew
She taught my sisters and I how to make home made ravioli
which we traditionally eat 
 every christmas since I can remember
its a secret recipe so I can't tell you
 but mmmmmmm they are delicious

I have been known to maybe be too comfortable around my Mom
the foulest of all swear words has left my lips in her presence....more then once
for this I am sorry

So I just want to say 
Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest 

Mom, Me and Judy sharing a toast on our last night in Italy

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