Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I watch too much TV

This is not a new realization.

I have always known that I watch too much TV.
I have recorded and watched I think every Pilot episode of the new fall shows

These are the ones I have watched
A Gifted Man
New Girl
Person of Interest
The Ringer
Up All Night
Prime Suspect

Plus I have watched all of my favorites
The Office
Modern Family
Grey's Anatomy
The Mentalist
How I Met Your Mother

I am looking forward to Grimm and American Horror Story both of which start in October
And I am waiting for House to come back and Living Dead which I am sooooo excited for.

Here are my reviews for the new shows that I have watched.

A Gifted Man - is Eli Stone with a doctor instead of a lawyer.
Eli Stone did not make it and neither will A Gifted Man.

New Girl - Super cute and kind of funny. She reminds me of Amber a little with her goofiness. I will keep watching it.

Revenge - Loved it. I loved the story and I loved the atmosphere of the Hamptons. I will definitely keep watching although I have no idea how they are going to make this last multiple season as someone is already dead.......

Person of Interest - Another keeper and not just because Ben Linus aka Henry Gale aka Michael Emerson is in it....although that is reason enough. It has a lot of action and an interesting story line.

The Ringer - I want to like this so bad because I am a huge Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar fan. But I am undecided. Out of respect for the actress I will give it a few episodes before I give up completely. Right now I am confused about what the heck is going on.

Up All Night - Not funny and its a shame because funny people are in it.

Whitney - Terrible....will not last.

Prime Suspect - Very Good a lot of action and Maria Bello is a Philly suburb native so I will watch just for that reason. I will keep watching but once the rest of my shows start I may have to cut this.

I wasn't going to watch Desperate Housewives because I am so over that show but then I found out its the last season so because I have been watching it since the beginning I will probably watch it.

How do I watch all of these shows you ask?
The awesomeness that is my DVR
I pretty much record everything and then i watch it when I can. 
Usually after the boy goes to bed or on the weekends.
Plus I am a multitasker 
I will put a show on while I am cleaning, ironing, cooking or whatever.

So have you watched any new TV shows?
What are your keepers?


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I completely agree with you about the shows on your list that I have seen (Up All Night, The Ringer, Prime Suspect and Revenge). I still want to watch New Girl and A Gifted Man.
Grimm and American Horror are two of my most anticipated shows this fall (and of course Walking Dead).
We should definitely do a post together about TV. It would be awesome.

Muriel said...

I am the same. I love Grey's anatomy, Private Practice, the mentalist...We have a fantastic series called Spooks over here and I am addicted to that too. the problem is that watching it is not always time well spent!!!

Miranda said...

I've watched New Girl & Revenge, love them both so far.. especially Revenge.

Elliot Grace said...

...yep, I agree. Too much TV. Okay, so my wife and I love Parenthood, and I'm counting down for the premier of American Horror as well.

There, I came clean ;)


amberjudith said...

UP ALL NIGHT IS A GREAT SHOW. you just don't understand the intricate humor machine that is will arnett.

Unknown said...

Alright, well, ... if the truth must come out ... I got rid of cable when I became a stay at home mom. But I used to be addicted to my dvr. Now I watch my fave series on Netflix. :) Try not to laugh too hard at my outdated choices when we copost, hehe. :)

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