Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my Mom's 75th Birthday
She doesn't look a day over 65
Here is my 6 word sum up of my Mom

"Always there to hug the hurt"

My Mom raised 11 children (well my Dad helped)
We all turned out pretty well
A little crazy (me mostly)
Can you imagine finding the ability in yourself to give enough love to each child?
To make each child feel as if they are the most important thing at that moment?
To have enough love inside of you and to spread it so deep that it still glows in your children who are now parents themselves?
To gain the respect of your children even when discipline was necessary?
To still have love in abundance left over to give your grandchildren?

My Mom watched both of my children for me while I worked.
I credit their manners, empathy, respect and happiness on this fact.
I could never have raised Amber alone without her.
You've seen that teen Mom show on MTV
Without my Mom's guidance that probably would have been me.
19 years old and no clue what to do with a baby.
But she helped me
and she still helps me
She encourages me to be who I am
But still has no problem telling me when I am wrong
Or reminding me that I am not always right
......which I am still pretty sure she is wrong about

Truthfully and without hesitation I can say that looking back on my childhood
I have not one single bad memory
Yes there were bad days
mistakes were made
feelings hurt
love tested
But that is life

I know its like the thing to do
blame your mother for your problems
which I find insulting as a mother
I am sure for some that may be true
but for us......its just not

My Mom is not perfect
I am sure if you asked her she could ramble off a list a mile long 
filled with mistakes she thinks she made
as a mother
a wife
a daughter
a sister
a grandmother
a human
Its the fact that she knows she is not perfect that makes her so wonderful

My Mom and I have grown to be friends 
She was not one of those moms who tried to be my friend as a teenager
but when I got older and realized she actually at one time 
before being Mom
was Jennie May Andreoli
I was shocked
Kidding........but realizing that your mother had a life before you graced her with your existence is unimaginable for a selfish spoiled kid like me.
Once I learned about Jennie I saw the real woman behind the Mom
I found out why my Dad loved her so much
He worshipped her......I kid you not
Never before has a man loved a woman like Bill loved Jennie
We have traveled together
We have talked about books
She tried to teach me how to sew
She taught my sisters and I how to make home made ravioli
which we traditionally eat 
 every christmas since I can remember
its a secret recipe so I can't tell you
 but mmmmmmm they are delicious

I have been known to maybe be too comfortable around my Mom
the foulest of all swear words has left my lips in her presence....more then once
for this I am sorry

So I just want to say 
Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest 

Mom, Me and Judy sharing a toast on our last night in Italy


Unknown said...

how very lovely!
your mom is an amazing woman!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

Happy birthday to your mom, Jennifer. I hope she has an awesome day. I love what you wrote about her. I hope my daughter has nice things to say about me when I turn 75. LOL

Andrew Leon said...

Wow, that was lovely.

Anonymous said...

11 children! This is a beautiful post, well-written and a great tribute to the amazing women your mum seems to be. All mums will dream about a Happy Birthday letter like this!
Hope you all had a great day!

Gina Maiden said...

I am so happy to have a sister-in-law who is honest and speaks from her heart. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom.

Happy Birthday Zia!

Ed Pilolla said...

what a wonderful tribute to your mother. turning out a little crazy is a good thing:)
here from samantha's place.

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone!

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