Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing Buddies

Now that the boy is back to school
and summer is over
no more pool
no more beach
no more vacations
no more excuses
I am going to really focus on writing
Lucky for me my BBF Stacey agreed to be my writing buddy
Then we decided to invite Muriel to join our group
I have no idea what the hell a writing buddy is supposed to do 
but I am sure we can figure it out together
Muriel has not shared with us what she will be working on yet
But Stacey has and I will tell you when she is done this book is going to be awesome
and I am not just saying that because we are friends
I mean it
she has quite the imagination
and the talent to put it all together
Me on the other hand.......I am so all over the place
I think I have adult ADHD
But hopefully between the two of them they can get me to focus on one thing
I am setting some goals for myself and I hope to stick to them the best that I can
I am easily distracted
like for instance 
I know its over a month away
but I LOVE Halloween
I can not wait to take out my decorations
and maybe buy some new ones
My brother is going to have a Halloween party 
we are going to have a haunted house
to scare the kids
(our kids and our nieces and nephews)
I am thinking about having a Tarot card reader come
which would be so cool

See.......I could go on and on and think about this all day

Well I am very excited about this writing buddy thing 
and tonight I plan on getting some writing done

If any of you have any suggestions about being a good writing buddy 
please let me know

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Oh, that is SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU for being my writing buddy!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm afraid it's me that's easily distracted and needs your help, yours and Muriel's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's made me SO NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!

This morning I couldn't even SAY it without a slew of cursewords after (cursewords are my comfort zone, like a blankie).

I always knew there were like a billion reasons you are my BBF. Now it's a billion and two!

I LOVE Halloween, too!!! It's my favorite holiday of all time!!!!! Your plans sound awesome!!!!!!!

Also, I LOVE Reality Bites!!!!! It's one of my favorite movies of all time!!!!!!!! I have several favorite quotes from that movie that I still pull out every now and then even though I had to give it away because I only had a VHS copy and well, never watch VHS any more. I still have the soundtrack, though.

As long winded as I am.... I am still nervous about doing this. Thanks for being my BBF and writing buddy! I couldn't have, well, probably wouldn't have... done this without you!

Unknown said...

You're going to have so much fun!!! I love writing buddies. They're responsible for all sorts of things, but for me I found it really all depends on the group!

Enjoy your writing time!!

Andrew Leon said...

I've already had to ban talk of Halloween in my house. If I let her, my daughter will drive me crazy with discussing plans for it. But not real plans, just hypothetical plans. I told her she could start talking to me about it again in October.
My big plan for October is to read Poe to my kids in the evenings. I figured you'd get a kick out of that.

Speaking of writing, or reading, or something, have you made any progress in mine?

Muriel said...

Hello Jennifer!

I look forward to being your writing buddy! I hope that the three of us will manage to get our project going...
What about you? how is the project of yours taking shape...keep me posted...xxx from London

ib said...

I don't know what a writing buddy is, but I would imagine that it is kind of similar to menage a trois. There are three of you, hence the trois. Yous are all wicked awesome, hence the a, and, uh, I got nothing for menage. Dambit all.

Jennifer said...

ib - Muriel is french so you picked the perfect name for our little group.
Jen - Thanks
Andrew - I have not started yet. I was reading another book when I bought it but it is waiting there on my iPad for me. Don't worry I will read it! Great idea to read Poe I think I may steal that idea.
Stacey and Muriel - Lets get to work!

Andrew Leon said...

Hey, steal away! My oldest son got a great hardback collection of Poe's works for Christmas last year that he hasn't gotten around to cracking, yet, so I figured it would be a good time to put the book to use.

Samantha Sotto said...

That's awesome! You have the COOLEST writing buddies and so I'm you will come up with fab work! :)

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Sounds like a wonderful support group. For me writing buddies read my work and offer honest feedback, talk me through the times I don't feel my story or have doubts about where it's going (really great for getting past writer's block), and basically are wonderful cheerleaders for my project. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sam and Liz!

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