Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have an inner voice she says I am fat

Do you have an inner voice
you know that voice that you sort of hear when you don't want to?
Like when you are drivings too fast
or drinking too much
or eating too much
or hitting the snooze again
or stalking people on Facebook
or being lazy
or just doing anything remotely fun
Well I do 
she is such a bitch!
I was looking at these amazing shoes the other day and I was like
"Oh wow these are cute"
"Oh wow they aren't too expensive" 
And then I heard this nagging little voice and it said
"You are too fate for those shoes"
I was like what?
That was so mean!
I walked away sadly.....defeated glancing over my shoulder towards the discarded lovelies
Sometimes I think that inner voice just wants me to fail
How many times have I started writing only to stop because I know its not good enough?
Thousands of times
I am not gonna let that mean inner voice do that to me any more!
I am going to take a stand
buy those shoes
write that story
be awesome!
well maybe not the awesome part but you get my point.
How about you? Do you have an inner voice?
Or am I schizophrenic? 


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

First, love the new banner! So cool.

Second, I totally have that voice. She likes to come out when I am about to send my work to my editor. She starts to tell me the story is lame and I should trash the whole thing, but I ignore her... sometimes I even argue with her in my head. Every word you write is a word closer to the end of the story. The first draft doesn't have to be perfect only good enough. Once you have a complete story it is easier to make the sentences perfect or find the right words. Good luck!

Andrew Leon said...

I had the vocal cords of my inner voice sugically removed. It's now reduced to tapping morse code in my head. I don't know morse code. The tapping does get annoying, though. I'm like, "What?!" But there's no answer. I just shrug and go about my business.

Unknown said...

You are totally schizo.
HA... NOT!
Of course I have an inner voice and well, oddly enough mine's a bitch, too, and tells me I'm fat too even though I KNOW I'M NOT!!!
Our innervoices are EvilDoers, Jennifer, we know what needs to be done.



Anonymous said...

You are weird and me too! Cause this voice is always there where you don't need her at all, when you are about to do an awesome thing and she push you back.
Obviously she knows nothing she is a B***h, a real you'd better fight her cause if you allow her in your space one time she'll think she can keep coming. Go Buy the Shoes and let her know who is the Boss!

Muriel said...

I think that we all have an inner voice. It is part of being a woman! It just comes with the job. I sometimes tell my inner voice to shut up to enjoy what I like (good food, nice shows, etc...). It seems to work most of the time!

Muriel said...

PS: if u are fat I am obese. And buy the shoes. Do it for me. Please!!!

Jennifer said...

Liz - Thanks! I love it too. She seems to be coming out a lot lately and sometimes his hard to shut her up!

Andrew - Please let me know what Dr. you went to for that surgery.

Stacey - Ha I knew it and your the only one who told me the truth!

Marie - Thanks I know its been hard since I started writing more she is forever telling me I will fail. But I will win!

Muriel - haha Thanks. Its good to know I am not alone.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, you know, it was this guy I found in a dark alley. I think he scooped it out with a rusty spoon and ate it. It didn't leave much of a scar, but I have this twitchy thing that happens, now, that I didn't used to have. I think he has since been arrested, but I can see if I can find out what prison he's in, if you'd like me to.

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