Friday, September 30, 2011

Creepy Ghost Photos

So being that we are getting ready for the Halloween season.
Well I am getting ready for the Halloween season.
I have been searching online for ghost photos.
I use them in my Halloween decorating
which I will share with you next week.
Some of them are so blatantly fake.
But some are down right creepy.
I got the chills looking at some of them which I will share with you.

 I know this one is fake and I have no idea where it originates from but it is creepy as hell to look at.

 This one is supposedly taken at the Amityville Horror house and is said to be one of the Defeo boys who was killed by their brother in the house. The photo was taken by a professional photographer who was working with the Warners....there to investigate the haunting....and everyone agrees no child was in the house at the time. Extremely creepy whether it is a fake or not.

The Brown Lady ghost is one of  the most famous ghost photographs. The photo is thought to be the ghost of  Lady Dorothy Townshend taken at the Raynham Hall mansion. Legend has it that Dorothy was unfaithful to her husband and although legal records show that she died in 1726, it is said that the funeral was a fake and that her husband locked her in a remote corner of the mansion until she really died many years later. Her ghost still haunts the mansion.

This very creepy and interesting  photo was taken in 1919. It is a group portrait of Goddard's squadron. The men had served in World War I aboard the HMS Daedalus. That extra ghostly face creepily peeking over that one guys shoulder is thought to be that of Freddy Jackson. Freddy was accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. His funeral was held the day the photo was taken and some members of the squadron believe he did not realize he was dead and so he decided to join in on the group photo.

With photoshop and other photo editing software out there it would be awfully hard to believe that a photo is real but even if they are faked some of the photos I have seen could have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks.

Do you have a ghost story to tell?
I am going to feature some real life ghost stories the month of October so if you have any you want to share please email me at


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

The first one is creepy even if it is fake. The Amityville house picture cool. I love ghosts.

Unknown said...

omg.... totally creepy!
sure wish i had a ghost story but glad i don't, too....

today, however, i swear to god i heard squirrels in the attic or in the walls and i just about lost it because we all know what that means.....!

:) happy weekend!

Muriel said...

Very Creepy Indeed! What about you? Have you every seen a ghost?

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