Friday, April 29, 2011

Chicks That Kick Butt YA Edition

First off since this is a post about YA I used butt instead of ass I thought it was more appropriate.

This is a joint post with Stacey from Stacey has an awesome blog and if I was doing a post for kick ass chick bloggers she would be top on my list.
So here is the deal I will list my top 5 and Stacey will list her top 5. It's very simple and awesome at the same time. So we hope you enjoy the list.
 I must confess although I love YA Books I don't read them very often so please forgive me if I left out anyone obvious.

1. Max from Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson
Max is a genetically engineered self described bird kid. She has awesome wings and is super strong which is needed for when she is kicking Eraser and Whitecoat butt. She is our defender against the Itex
Corporation's "by half" plan which is the plan to kill half of the human race. She does all of this while being the acting mother to her very young "flock" of bird kids. A fighter and a butt kicker she definitely is!

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Hermione has been described as the smartest witch of her time by various people throughout the series and it is because she is very smart. One more then one occasion she has saved Harry and Ron from imminent danger with her wits and mad magic skills. Both Harry and Ron recognize that she is a very important part in their fight against the death eaters and Voldemort. Hermione never holds back from voicing her strong opinion even when she is called a know it all. She kicks butt with her wand....oh and she once socked Malfoy in the mouth so I guess she kicks butt with her fists too!

3. Morgan Rowlands  Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan
Morgan discovers she is a witch in her junior year of high school. Her life changes dramatically after this revelation. She battles dark magic while she is also dealing with everyday teen drama and problems. She does both with the success only a kick butt chick can.

4. Davey  Tiger Eyes Judy Blume
I thought I would throw and old school pick in here for those who may have grown up reading YA in the 80's. Davey does not actually kick any butt per say but she is dealing with the loss of her father who is murdered at a 7-11 store and the guilt she feels over his death. Anyone who has lost a father knows how difficult it is especially if you are just a teenager when it happens. Davey's life changes when she meets Wolf who is dealing with his own loss and together they find the strength to live through their pain. She kicks losses butt!

5. Melinda Sordino Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
I chose Melinda because she faced some pretty awful things in this book and although she losses everything (well everything to a teenager) she continues to push her way through the torment finally  finding her passion in art which essentially saves her from self destruction. In the end she is goes from total outcast to "hero"(?) I don't really like that word for her but she does end up helping others by telling her story. She kicks depression's, Andy's and people who spread rumers butt!

So those are my picks here are Stacey's........

From the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare:
1.The Queen of the Seelie Court
This may sound an unusual pick, since, though she isn't in any way evil she does seem to me to be a sometimes villanous antihero. However, we all know that the heroes in these stories would not be heroes if antiheroes did not exist, right? So....  I think I love her because of the interesting role of the Fey to me in this book, and with that said, she is a perfect ass kickin' chick to rule the Court. The Fey in this series delight in all things beautiful and sparkly. They create beautiful scenarios that tempt you to do things you normally would not dare. While a very patient people who cannot lie, they have little reguard for mundane humans. If they occassionally intermingle with mere mortals, the mortals are usually abandoned worse for the wear. They will give you that which you most desire as a gift and yet make you wish you never wanted it in the first place. Evil? Not at all. However, this woman could offer me the provervbial poisoned apple and honey I would take a bite! She's smart, witty, and will never ever let anyone get one up on her. She rocks!
From the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer:
(Spoiler alert if you haven't gone beyond the movies!)
Ok, also, I kind of like to go with the underdog. Throughout most of the series, Rose seems almost unlikeable because of her seemingly coolish attitude or even meanness to Bella. Except for the fact that she is sincerely opposed to Bella becoming a vampire, since it is a lifestyle that was forced upon her in a very ugly way and not one that she feels should be happily taken up by anyone. However, it is true that her attitude is the direct result of her jealousy toward Bella, who has all of the things she can never have: humanity, marriage, true love, and the possibilty of birthing a baby. In the end, Rose becomes Bella's biggest advocate, does anything to save and protect Bella, her baby, her choices, and her family. And, she's a beautiful strong vampire. Need I say more? Kick ass!
From 'I'm Down: A Memoir' by Mishna Wolff
3.Mishna Wolff
This woman just rocks! Growing up isn't really easy on a lot of levels, and she had it rough. But she came to terms with her reality with an amazing sense of humor always intact, overcame the obstacles life handed her, and came out on top, reviving family relationships that many might not have wanted to or been able to. Instead of getting beaten by the circumstances, she wrote a really funny book about them. 
Also interesting to note: this book was pulled from our local high school's reading list because a few parents complained about the cursing (they probably aren't reading this post). Luckily, there are ass kickin' chicks in my community who formed a committee to get it back ON the list. On the reading list, this book is one of the kids' favorite. Mishna took the time to write to our literary forward friends on the topic, and she kicks ass!
From 'The Name of this Book is Secret' by Dania Al Toma
4.Cass is an 11 year old after my own heart and my 11 year old's as well (ok, she was 11 when we read this together). She is a survivalist and prepared for any event or natural disaster no matter how likely (or not) they may be to occurr. When a mystery presents itself to her, she doesn't let her age or seeming lack of resources get in her way. She takes it upon herself to rescue a boy whom she originally didn't even like and fights adult evildoers who seek to harness the power of eternal youth. Way to go, Cass! You rock!
From the Mortal Instruments Series
(Again, I know, I know, but this is currently my FAVE YA series and I am pretty much living in their world right now, not ours. Series like this remind me that the house could completely catch fire around me and I would LET IT BURN to keep reading! If book-human marriage were legal I WOULD SO GO FOR IT! Hm. I live on the edge. Maybe I will anyway.)

5.Isabelle Lightwood
Izzy can take on even the scariest of demons, fought in the Mortal War though considered too young to fight to avenge her younger brother ( for whose death she blames herself), all in fishnets and wielding weapons in each and every pair of 'unsuitable footwear' ... HEELS of course. Izzy, you kick ass!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Need A Vacation

I am feeling very over worked and under appreciated at my day job.
No I am not whining I know I should just be happy in these hard times to have a job at all.
But sometimes it is very overwhelming.
So I am sitting and dreaming of a vacation.
For my 40th birthday I would like to travel abroad.
I am thinking Ireland is after all where my people are from....well half my people the other half are from Italy. I went to Italy a few years ago and it was beautiful.
The food was delicious and the landscape amazing.
So should I go to Ireland next to be fair?
I have a list of places I want to go
I just can't decide which one to see first.
My daughter is going to do a semester abroad through her university.
Her destination will be London so I can probably scratch that off my list as I am sure I will go to London when she is there.
And maybe we can also take a weekend in Paris during that visit so scratch off France as well.
Today I am leaning towards Greece
maybe because I love Greek food
or maybe because I am in a sun and beach mood
who knows
maybe I just want to be anywhere but here!
***here being work not here being Pennsylvania***
I love Pennsylvania
Anyway I thought I would share some photo from my Italy trip with you
mostly because I was looking at them myself and daydreaming
but partially because I thought you might like me to share them with you.
I will pose a question...
Do you travel? Where do you suggest I go for my big 4 0 adventure?

Enjoy and have a Thrilling Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Jennifer Hillier over at did a post yesterday on her top 10 writing distractions. The post is very funny and if you have ever sat and attempted to write anything I am sure you can relate to her list of distractions. Stop by her blog is awesome and she has a book CREEP coming out that sounds amazingly good!

So last night while I was watching the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Buffalo Sabres in game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (their win was the best birthday present ever) I was thinking about my own distractions.

My mom cave which also serves as my writing spot has a large window which looks out into our front yard. There is a beautiful tree that sits in the corner and directly within my view as I gaze up trying to think of a word or sentence that will best fit with my main character. At times this tree is so enchanting it sets the creative juices flowing. With one look at it dancing in the spring breeze I am filled with words and thoughts and dreams.
In the early spring it has the loveliest pink flowers I cannot imagine a person who could look at them and not be filled with a sense of wonder and joy at their beauty.

I watch as it moves its branches back and forth waving to its sister tree
standing on the opposite end of the yard. Her white flowered branches waving in return.

I imagine it shaking its flower branches flirting with the robust oak in the neighbors yard. The oak standing tall and proud its limbs too strong to shake back at her.
............The next thing I know I am telling myself a story with the trees as the main characters......
My lovely pink blossomed tree was once the lover of the oak. Their roots intertwined beneath the earth. Waiting patiently for the storm that will come sending its winds through their branches and bringing their boughs close enough to very gently caress. Living happily in each others shadow the sun and the moon bearing witness to their eternal love.
Their lives changed the day man came and separated them with a blacktop road. Their roots cut apart to allow for pipes and wires supplying the newly built homes with water and power. The oaks branches cut back to prevent it from overhanging into the now separated property. They are left to dream of the day a storm so strong will come that it will knock them completely from the earth where they will fall together finally joined again. Until that day comes they are left to their dreams and their distant flirtation.

As you can see my biggest distraction is my own imagination!

How about you what is your biggest distraction?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Today I am 39.
I thought that on this momentous day it would be fitting to share some extremely embarrassing moments (and photos) about the woman behind the blog.
So here you go .......
I was a bit of a tomboy in my youth so climbing trees was a natural occurrence. One day I was down the New Jersey shore with my best friend Mary. We decided to climb the tree that was is her yard. It was a massive tree with branches that extended out over her fence shading the pavement on the other side. Up we went and as we were making our way across the longest bough with the intention of dropping down onto the pavement beyond Mary's neighbor appeared out of nowhere walking with a boy whom we thought was just so cool.
If I may pause here for a moment to tell one thing before going on....I was (still am) a late bloomer in the bosom department. Mary's neighbor was not....
anyway where was I?......So we were shimmying across this massive bough when here comes the neighbor and hot guy.
 Suddenly I loose my grip and I begin to slip. Wrapping my arms tightly around the tree I decide it is best to lower myself for the jump down....and as I am sliding my shirt gets caught on a nubby piece of there I am arms raised above my head preparing for the drop to the pavement with my shirt pulled up to my neck sad pathetic training bra exposed for all the world (hot guy included) to see.
Needless to say they laughed and I died of humiliation.
I was 13

My parents were very strict when raising their brood of children...can't say I blame them I have a hard enough time keeping my two in line I can not imagine anyway one of the biggest no no's was underage drinking, which happens to be 21 for those who do not know.... ahem anyway.... One night the summer before my senior year in high school I was at a keg party and had a few too many but thinking I was so awesome I thought for sure I could make it past my mother and up to my room without her knowing. After all it was summer time life was good. I had no worries. I was invincible.
Plus the windows would be open in the house so maybe she wouldn't smell the alcohol.
 The whole way home I kept going over in my head exactly what I was going to do.
I would walk up on the porch
 if she was sitting on the porch I would say "Hi mom" and then go inside and straight upstairs.
If she was sitting in the living room I would walk in say "Hi mom" and then go straight upstairs.
It was a fool proof plan. Unfortunately not for this fool...When I reached my house my mom was not on the porch but the flashing light coming from the living room window told me she was watching television. I carefully walked up the five steps leading to the porch. After making it to the top I congratulated myself and proudly strut towards the awaiting screen door. Pulling it open with the confidence of a professional I proceeded to slam the screen door right into my face.
Which caused me to say a bad word.
Which cause my mother to gasp.
Which cause me to fall backwards.
Which caused her to come to my aid.
...Which caused me to get myself grounded for the rest of the summer.
I was 17.

Here is the thing I have embarrassed myself so many times that I don't get embarrassed any more.
I don't know if its the benefit of age or simply because I am comfortable enough with myself to not take myself too seriously.
I don't know.
 I do know that I am not afraid of getting older. The truth is that I kind of like the freedom that being in my thirties has given me.
So here is to the last year in my thirties!

Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Harry Potter Day

Everyone knows that I am a huge Harry Potter Geek
I am sure everyone knows that my children are as well

My son and I decided that during his Easter aka Spring Break we would have a 
Harry Potter Day!
I know sounds awesome right?
Well you are right it was awesome we had a great time doing all things Harry Potter

We put on our Harry Potter gear....robe, scarf and of course wands

Made ourselves some butterbeer and pumpkin juice and gathered all 7 of the movies

Then we watched the movies while building his latest addition to his 
Harry Potter Lego Collection
Diagon Alley (it's really cool and very detailed)

We played Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Wii....Had duels with our wands while jumping on the trampoline.......made plaster busts of Harry and Dumbledore 
(it was a kit I bought I will share when they are dry)

We ended the day with reading a few pages from each of our favorite Harry Potter books.

I love spending time with my son we had a great time together and not once did he seem to be embarrassed about hanging with his mom...Next we are going to have a Star Wars Day 
(or so he has requested)

I hope everyone had a nice Easter or if you don't celebrate Easter I hope you had a nice weekend!

Have an Magical Monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Movie Quotes

Shhhh I probably shouldn't be blogging's Good Friday and I should be respectfully quiet.
But I can't so don't tell okay?
When I was younger my parents used to make us come in from playing and sit quietly from 12 -3pm. During this time we were to pray and think about Jesus dying on the cross. Truthfully we were thinking about getting back outside to finish out game of Spring (tag but you could "spring" players captured by whoever was "it"). This may have also been a plan devised by my parents to get their 11 children to all be silent at the same time. Who knows.....

I wanted to do a post of my favorite quotes from movies. And then I promise to be quiet for the rest of the day.

One more thing these are in random order. 
And purely for fun they have no intellectual or moral integrity as you will soon find out.

"After all tomorrow is another day" -Scarlett O'Hara Gone With the Wind
    ****I like this quote so much I have it tattooed on my person.****

"A boys best friend is his mother" - Norman Bates Psycho 

"I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at like the Gas'n Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers with no women anywhere?"
 - Lloyd Dobbs Say Anything

"Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with hot babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter." - Kip Napoleon Dynamite

"I just want them to know they didn't break me." - Andie Pretty in Pink

"I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a life time of nothing special." -Shelby Steel Magnolias

" I dream of  love that even time will lie down and be still for." - Sally Owens Practical Magic

"What we do in life echoes in eternity" - Maximus Gladiator

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?" 
-Narrator Stand by Me

"I am your number one fan. There is nothing to worry about. You are going to be just fine. I am your number one fan. " - Annie Wilkes Misery 

"It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends." - Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter (The Sorcerer's Stone)

"Why is it when something happens it is always you three?" 
- Professor McGonagall Harry Potter (Half Blood Prince)

"Don't you realize? The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what's right for them. Because it's their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket." - Mikey The Goonies

Okay I will stop there I could do this all day....

Have a nice quiet Good Friday (or not I won't tell)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A few months back my son very seriously asked me to name the three things I wanted to be when I was his age. He said "what did you dream of being when you grew up?"
I quickly named
1. Law Enforcement Officer (FBI or State Police)
2. A Writer
3. A Psychiatrist

His entire body deflated and he looked so sad it almost made me cry.
I asked him "whats wrong pal?"
Letting out a sigh he said "how close did you come to being any of those things?"
Still not sure where his question was going I said "well you know what my job is so not very close"
(for those who don't know I am a technology manager)
Again his poor little face was covered in concern.
Realizing that this was more then just a simple conversation I asked him what he was thinking.
He said "well I have three things I want to be"
1. A hockey player
2. A writer
3. An Army man

"And I was wondering if I would ever get to be one of those things. But if you didn't get to be what you wanted I guess I won't either"
I literally is these types of conversations that has led my friend Robin to state that she believes my son is an old soul what eight year old thinks this kind of stuff?.....anyway I looked into those sad blue eyes of his and I told him exactly what my father always told me.....
"You can be anything you want to be if you believe it and you work for it. I believe you can and don't ever forget that."
Although this did not immediately repair his broken spirit it did seem to give him comfort.
A day later he said to me "Mom you could be a writer you write all the time"
I dismissed this as he also thinks I have eyes on the back of my head.
But it was nice to hear even from a little boy that there was still time to dream.

I tell you this story because the reason I started this blog was for him.
I know this blog does not make me a "writer" in the eyes of......well anyone
but for my son it does.
To him me having this little spot on the Internet where I randomly write about nothing is something special.
He thinks its cool
(although he still worries about some of the content and whether people think I am crazy)
to him I am a writer and if that helps him believe in himself more then I am doing my job.

I don't know if I will ever publish a single thing but I will always write and I will try to remember that it is never too late to believe in yourself
sometimes it just takes someone reminding you that they believe in you.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Latest Library Additions

My sister in law Letitia aka Tish suggested I read the Frankenstein books by Dean Koontz.
I was like ehh I read Frankenstein....I know the story and I am not a huge Frankie fan (except if its Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror)

But she insisted and we generally have the same taste in books....not men she married my brother after all and that would be weird.
Anyway...she loaned me the first four books in the series and I dumped them onto my to read pile.

On Saturday while sitting in the Mom Cave watching the rain pour from the sky as the lightning flashed
sending shrieks from me, Perry, my son and my nephew.
I thought how cool would it be to read about Frankenstein in a lightning storm.
I picked up the first in the series entitled Prodigal Son
and I was hooked with the first paragraph.
So far I love every character I have met even the creepy serial killer guy.
If you are a regular follower you know I would not waste your time or hard earned money suggesting a book unless it is rockin awesome so I will reserve my full recommendation until I finish but as of right now...
I am really hooked and loving this book.

I also wanted to share some additions to my book collection

These were given to me by my lovely sister Judith. The books sandwiched in the middle are actually Catholic versions of Dick and Jane....not sure why catholic versions were necessary but apparently in 1954 someone thought they were...regardless of their purpose they are beautifully illustrated and in near perfect condition. There is also an amazing copy of Huck Finn and Treasure Island again beautiful illustrations inside as well as cover art that adds to their loveliness.
So thanks Jude you are the best!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogger Ball Redux

Welcome fellow she writes bloggers!
You will find posts on a variety of topics.
Thanks for stopping by.

Why I would survive a zombie apocalypse

While looking at my Monday morning zombie-esque co-workers yesterday it got me thinking about my chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse.....and I think they are pretty good!

I took an online quiz and it says I would survive and everyone knows online quizzes are 99.9% accurate. 

Here are some reasons I would survive.

First off I have read and seen every zombie related book and movie.
So I know what I need to know to survive.
Reading is power!

I know how to shoot a gun/rifle. I may not be a sniper but all I need to do is hit them which will give me enough time to get away. Zombies are not have seen the movies they sort of drag along and when they try to run they trip over each other. My first act of survival will be to gather as many weapons as possible. These include rifles, handguns, baseball bats, hockey sticks...pretty much anything that can be used to whack a zombie over the head. Oh and ammunition can't forget the ammunition.

I am smarter then a zombie which isn't saying much considering a zombies brain is mush. This gives me the advantage of being able to logically think of ways to escape while they are trudging along towards me. This is only necessary if I do not have a weapon at hand.

Zombie do not have super powers that is the main thing here. They can not fly, the don't have super strength, x-ray vision or super speed. I don't have super powers either but I do have a functioning brain and a deep desire to survive.

The best way to avoid a zombie attack is to stay away from the zombies. I am not a hero I just want to survive. There is no shame in running and I don't want to waste ammunition engaging for no reason. Zombies appear to prefer the city, maybe because a city has more people or maybe because they hate pretty meadows with butterflies and flowers, who knows but I will avoid the city only going when I need supplies.

So lets recap
1. Not a hero
2. supplies
3. weapons
4. run

So I am pretty sure I will about you?

Monday, April 18, 2011

This is Perry

I have introduced you to many characters in my life but I have neglected to introduce you to
Perry our French Bulldog.
I was wondering the other day why Perry seemed to be snubbing me as he made his was through our house and then I realized he was upset that I did not feature him at all on my blog and yet Charlotte was featured twice.
Perry the pisser
 (well that's what I call him)

Some Perry fun facts:

He was named after the platypus character in the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
His birthday is September 13th 2009.
He weighs 25 lbs (my sister thinks he is too fat)
He is my sons absolute best friend.
He does not wrong in the boy's eyes even when he lifts his leg and urinates on the chair he is sitting on.
He loves bacon.
He doesn't love me
unless I have bacon
He dances on his hind legs
He doesn't like his picture being taken unless the boy is taking it
He sounds like a pig when he is excited
If you yell at the boy be prepared to have your ankles bitten

my son took this photo it happens to be one of my favorite photos ever.

He trained Perry to do a few tricks. He sits, lays down and dances.

Here he is when we first got him. He looks like Yoda in the photo.

I hope you are satisfied with this post stop pissing on my shoes!
Hope you all have a happy monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Ten Kick Ass Chicks in Books

Hello Happy Friday!
I am doing a co-post over at Stacey's
Stop over and check out our top 10 Kick ass chicks in books.

I have updated my Paranormal page take a peek at that while you are here or stop back after dropping by Stacey's blog.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlotte says Happy Birthday to the boy

Today is my son's 9th Birthday! He wouldn't hug me this morning because he is too old. We shook hands instead and then I excused myself and went into the bathroom and cried. I had to redo my makeup so I was late for work. So I plan to with hold his birthday present. After all if he is going to withhold hugs then I can withhold gifts!
Anyway Charlotte wanted to also wish the boy a happy birthday. That didn't work out so well either.

Here is the story......

First she thought it would be fun to hide under his sister's bed so that when he went in to feed the turtle that lives in Amber's room, she would jump out and say SURPRISE Happy Birthday!

But he was not happy. It scared him from the room and now the turtle is mad at her too because he didn't get fed.
Next she thought it would be fun to hide in his closet. She thought that when he opened the door to get something she would say Happy Birthday! and he would laugh and think she is awesome.

Instead he got mad and slammed the door. Leaving her alone in the dark.

Charlotte then decided to sneak up behind him while he was playing a video game.

But that didn't work out so well either. He ran from the room forgetting about his game and leaving Charlotte alone and confused.

She decided to try one last thing. She snuck into his bedroom and crawled between his sheets. She would wait until bed time and then give him a big birthday kiss.

 But OH! this was the worst of all. He was very mad and said she is the creepiest doll in the whole world.

Charlotte was sad because she did not know she was creepy. She decided to Google.... How to not be creepy.

Even though usually Google has an answer for everything she could not find what she was looking for.
She decided to consult with some doll friends.

In a unanimous decision they decided the best way for her to not be creepy would be................

Bunny Ears.

One of the dolls helped her put them on.

They thought she looked very cute.

So what do you think? More or less creepy with the bunny ears?
Unfortunately for Charlotte, he says MORE CREEPY!

Oh well she tried!

Happy 9th Birthday !
I am sorry your Mom is weird.

******disclaimer -No doll's feelings were injured in the making of this blog post***********

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Award for Me? well Thank You!

The coolest blogger in the whole blog world Stacey over at bestowed upon me the honor of The Versatile Blogger Award!
So Thank You Stacey you really are the coolest chick in the blog world! I love your blog and read it everyday.

And now it is my honor and duty to follow the rules of receiving this award

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
See above Stacey = awesome!
Tell us seven things about yourself 
1.     I don’t eat breakfast I never did. I don’t know why.
2.     I sleep laying flat on my back with my hands crossed over my chest like a vampire…or a corpse  
3.     I have worked for the same company for almost 18 years
4.     My birthday is in 2 weeks
5.     I love strawberry milk
6.     The song These Things That I’ve Done by the Killers pulls me from whatever funk I may be in.
7.     I am a master Lego builder
8.     I am of Irish and Italian descent
9.     I make my daughter call me Mum cause it sounds cooler then Mom. (My son refuses)
10.  I am called weird at least 5 times a day by various people.

Now I am to award 15 newly discovered bloggers. This is a tough one because Stacey and I seem to read the same blogs but I will do my best….
These are some of my very favorite blogs. Some of which are bloggers just starting out. So stop by and give them a big blog welcome!
Thanks again Stacey!

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