Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Movie Review Insidious

I saw the movie Insidious last night
and it was absolutely horrible!
The first half of the movie had some real potential but then it changed into this ridiculous somewhat insulting.....crap. I can not even think of another word for it.

So let me set it up for you.....
A lovely family
Mom, Dad, two young boys and a baby move into a house. The Mom starts to hear creepy things and then see creepy things. The one son falls and then the next morning he is in a coma.
The Mom thinks the house is haunted she wants to move.
The husband agrees and they move.
She starts seeing and hearing the same stuff in the new house.

Now this beginning part is actually very creepy. My friend Robin and I jumped and clutched each others hands several times. I may have even screamed once or twice.

But then it gets bad......paranormal Investigators come and they are so cartoonish in their behavior that you are laughing at them even when they aren't supposed to be funny.
I don't want to ruin it for anyone who may want to see it
 so I won't get into what the deal is with the medium who works with the paranormal team
but I will just say....the gas mask thing was ridiculous
not creepy
not so strange it was scary
just quite frankly....stupid
The demon was so over the top that it was impossible to believe or fear it
I have always found that subtlety is the key in scaring people and this movie was about as subtle as a boardwalk or carnival haunted house.
It was like watching one of those Horror Parody Movies
We actually left the theater laughing and I suspect that was not the intention of the film makers.
I judge a scary movie on my reaction after the film
If I am running to my car checking my back seat and then running into my house turning on every light on my way to my was scary.
I did none of those things

I spent $24.00 to see this move
$11.00 for the ticket
$14.00 for my popcorn, soda and candy
I want that money back plus the hour and forty minutes of my life I wasted.

I should have stayed home and read one of my top 10 scary books instead.
I suggest you do the same


Author Dawn Brazil said...

Wow. Really crappy, huh. I was going to see this too, but now I won't. When you listed your scariest books I agreed with every single one. So I trust your opinion on scary. Thanks for the heads-up. Sorry you wasted your money!!!

Muriel said...

Thanks for letting me know. I was about to watch it but you made me change my mind...I will be reading instead ...

Samantha Sotto said...

Yikes. Will stay away from it. I've watched a string of really bad movie lately and I don't want to add to the streak.

Unknown said...

A co-worker told me it was a must see, then again he watches some pretty crazy crap so I had already planned on steering clear and it's because of the reason's you just named!!!

I'm a new follower *waves* I stopped in from Elana Johnson's blog! When I saw the six degrees of Kevin Bacon you became my new best friend!!! Hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods to say hello!

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