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Top 10 Couples in Books

I was thinking about all of my favorite couples from different books 
I would like to share them with you...... because my husband said if I try to talk to him about them one more time he is leaving and 
NOT taking the kids.

These are in order starting with my favorite. So without further adieux  here is my Top 10 Favorite book couples.

1. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice
My most favorite couple. I have an unhealthy love for Mr. Darcy. My regular readers know that I have gone as far as to name my MacBook Mr. Darcy. Whats that you say? How can I love Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy as my favorite couple if I love Mr. Darcy so much? Well being that I can not have Mr. Darcy as he is a fictional character or so my husband and therapist say. I could not choose a better match for him then the lovely, intelligent and fiercely defiant Elizabeth.

2. Jane Eyre and Edward Fairfax Rochester - Jane Eyre
Like Mr. Darcy Mr Rochester is a bit of a grump....and I like it. His treatment of Jane in the beginning is rude and you find yourself not liking him very much but in the end Jane's love and quiet manner heals Mr. Rochester and Thornfield Manor.

3. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley - Harry Potter Series
I loved reading the progression of Hermione and Ron's affection for each other. There was an innocent sweetness in his protectiveness for her as well as her protectiveness of him. When they finally get together in the last book it was the perfect ending to their story of friendship, loyalty and love.

4. Mr and Mrs Weasley - Harry Potter Series
Yes another Harry Potter couple. I love Harry Potter....... sorry. Molly and Arthur Weasley are the cutest married couple on the planet! They are the perfect example of strength in family as they travel the hardships of being poor and looked down upon while raising their brood of children in a home filled with love.

5. Romeo and Juliet
I know an obvious choice and one that I am sure is on every ones list. Never has there been a more recognizable couple in literature. Forced apart by their families their love can not be stopped. Their story ends in the tragedy of their death at their own hands but their love lives on in the many adaptations that have come about over the years.

6. Henry and Clare DeTamble - The Time Traveler's Wife
Henry and Clare share a love that time cannot contain. What I like about this couple the most is the realness of their relationship. They fight, they disagree and they makeup. Henry's time traveling is a strain on their relationship as Clare faces days without knowing where he is or whether he is safe. There are a million relationship metaphors in this book that I am certain you can find one that relates to your own experience.

7. Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman - Southern Vampire Series aka TrueBlood
I am not a Sookie and Bill fan mostly because Eric Northman is so hot he sets fire to the page every time he is on it. I am not going to do that team Bill or team Eric thing because I am 38 years old but for the sake of my younger readers I guess that makes me team Eric.....ugh I hated typing that. So my reason for picking this couple, besides the fact that Eric is incredibly seductive, is that I think Sookie behaves differently with Eric then she did when she was with Bill. She is a little braver, a little more confident and I like her better this way.

8. Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler - Gone With the Wind
She is a spoiled brat and he is the man who thinks he can tame her. The battle between these two rips through the pages more then the Civil War happening in the background. He loves her and she is in love with another man. When he finally leaves her it is then that she realizes just how much she loves and needs him. The final line in the novel she says "Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day."  This is one of my favorite quotes.

9. Jay Gatsby and Daisy - The Great Gatsby
Another instance where a man is in love with a woman who doesn't love him. Jay loves Daisy when he is stationed in her hometown. After he leaves the army he buys a home near the home she is living in with her husband. He tries to make her love him by throwing extravagant parties, after all she married Tom because he was wealthy. In the end when it looks like they will be together....tragedy strikes and Jay is killed.

10. Jack and Wendy Torrence - The Shining
What did you think I was going to leave a Stephen King book out? Come on you know me better then that.
Yes Jack does try to kill Wendy and their son Danny. Yes Jack is an abusive alcoholic but he just wants to provide for his family while trying to finish his play. ...jeez give him a break. Wendy obviously loves Jack as she excuses away all of his shenanigans until he starts wielding axes and chasing her and Danny through the snow.

So that is my list of top ten couple. How about you? Who are your favorite couples  from books you have read?


Kerry Ann @Vinobaby's Voice said...

The first one that popped into my head was Rhett and Scarlett. You will probably have Twilight fans across the world crushed you didn't include Bella and Edward though...

Jennifer said...

You are probably right but....I guess I am showing my age. And shhhhh I am not a big Twilight fan I hope I don't lose any regular readers by saying that.

Samantha Sotto said...

Love your lovers (especially Romeo & Juliet, Henry and Clare, and Sookie and Eric!). I'll add Catherine and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights to the list. :)

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I could not agree more about Elizabeth and Darcy and I feel exactly the same way about Mr. Darcy. He is perfect. *le sigh*
Great list! Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester for sure!I have no idea who would be on my list but I think I would have a lot of the same people. Mr. Knightly and Emma would be on it.

Muriel said...

For me, it's got to be Scarlett and Rhett...and there is an old French story called Tristan and Yseult....and Voltaire's Zadig and Cunegonde. In fact, there are so many I like!

Heidi W said...

Ah....Mr. Darcy. SIgh.

Wonderful list. I agree with all--except i don't know about the Harry Potter couples. I was never able to force myself through the series. Just not for me.

I would add Connie and Mellors from Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Melissa Cunningham said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello! Hello right back atcha! You did forget MY favorite couple. That would be.... wait for it...

Dantes and Mercedes from Count of Monte Cristo. LOVE THAT ONE. LOVE him! LOL

Jennifer said...

@MuMuGB - Tristan and Yseult were my 11th favorite. I read that story because my husband had originally wanted to name our son Tristan so he bought me an english version of the tale. We ended up naming our son Christopher but I loved their story.
@everyone else...great additions to the list some that I had forgotten about and some I have not heard of but will look into.

Andrew Leon said...

Oh, I can not get behind Romeo and Juliet at all. I just want to slap both of them. Really. I mean, killing yourself over love? At 15?!?! Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds all romantic and sweet, but give me a break. It's also the height of stupidity. If Mercutio hadn't been killed, he would have slapped them!

I'd have to go with Petruchio and Katherina from Taming of the Shrew.

Jennifer Hillier said...

This is an awesome post. I'm in total agreement with all of these couples and love that you included Jack and Wendy from THE SHINING. Their dysfunctional, mad relationship is definitely memorable.

Happy to be a new follower!

Jordan McMakin said...

Love this! I have to add Anne of Green Gables and Gilbert Blythe. Thank you for saying Hi, it made my day!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Cathy and Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights, every time.
Great to make your acquaintance. Thanks for finding me and following my blog.

I look forward to following your progress and following your wriiting

warm wishes

Anne R. Allen said...

Fun list. I'd put Elizabeth and Darcy at the top of mine, too. And I was just about to write "what about Cathy and Heathcliff?" but Bluestocking got to it first. So many of those classic couples are dysfunctional, aren't they?

Unknown said...

omg. are we twins, separated at birth?
first of all... husband leaving and NOT taking the kids?! this SIMPLY will not do (can you tell I've heard this one a few times myself?) :-).
1.Mr. Darcy. Sigh. Told he is a 'fictional' character and cannot have him. Sigh. Hubby and therapist. sigh.
2.I call this my 'sassy Frenchman' (friend humor). Full of sass and full of ....!
4.never thought of that one but you are so right, crazy totally sweet
5.yes and also love the new(ish, haha) movie and it's crazy modern raw-ness
6.oh so lovely
7.what i loved about this one was the surprise and the shocking vulnerability that erick had when they got together... MAY 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't forget MAY 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could this NOT make the list, right? i actually read the book. all 1,000whatever pages.... i mean really. this is it.
9. and 10. weren't on my list originally but ... my oh my... LOVE the choices.
Hey, have you ever read the Mortal Instruments series?

Jennifer, I was sick this weekend and could barely write my own post, but... look at this. LOVE IT!
If you ever want to guest post on my blog or co-post.... you KNOW where to find me. :-)

Jennifer said...

Stacey first of all wow! I think a co post is a great idea we will need to think of a fun subject to do it on. No I have never read Mortal Instruments but I will have to check it out...after all if my long lost twin said its good then I am sure I will think so too. hahahaha

Julie Flanders said...

I love your choices! I laughed at Jack and Wendy, wasn't expecting that one LOL. You can't go wrong with Stephen King. :D

Total agreement on Eric Northman. I'm too old for the Team thing too, but Alexander Skarsgard is to die for, oh my.

Fun post!

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