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Chicks That Kick Butt YA Edition

First off since this is a post about YA I used butt instead of ass I thought it was more appropriate.

This is a joint post with Stacey from Stacey has an awesome blog and if I was doing a post for kick ass chick bloggers she would be top on my list.
So here is the deal I will list my top 5 and Stacey will list her top 5. It's very simple and awesome at the same time. So we hope you enjoy the list.
 I must confess although I love YA Books I don't read them very often so please forgive me if I left out anyone obvious.

1. Max from Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson
Max is a genetically engineered self described bird kid. She has awesome wings and is super strong which is needed for when she is kicking Eraser and Whitecoat butt. She is our defender against the Itex
Corporation's "by half" plan which is the plan to kill half of the human race. She does all of this while being the acting mother to her very young "flock" of bird kids. A fighter and a butt kicker she definitely is!

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Hermione has been described as the smartest witch of her time by various people throughout the series and it is because she is very smart. One more then one occasion she has saved Harry and Ron from imminent danger with her wits and mad magic skills. Both Harry and Ron recognize that she is a very important part in their fight against the death eaters and Voldemort. Hermione never holds back from voicing her strong opinion even when she is called a know it all. She kicks butt with her wand....oh and she once socked Malfoy in the mouth so I guess she kicks butt with her fists too!

3. Morgan Rowlands  Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan
Morgan discovers she is a witch in her junior year of high school. Her life changes dramatically after this revelation. She battles dark magic while she is also dealing with everyday teen drama and problems. She does both with the success only a kick butt chick can.

4. Davey  Tiger Eyes Judy Blume
I thought I would throw and old school pick in here for those who may have grown up reading YA in the 80's. Davey does not actually kick any butt per say but she is dealing with the loss of her father who is murdered at a 7-11 store and the guilt she feels over his death. Anyone who has lost a father knows how difficult it is especially if you are just a teenager when it happens. Davey's life changes when she meets Wolf who is dealing with his own loss and together they find the strength to live through their pain. She kicks losses butt!

5. Melinda Sordino Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
I chose Melinda because she faced some pretty awful things in this book and although she losses everything (well everything to a teenager) she continues to push her way through the torment finally  finding her passion in art which essentially saves her from self destruction. In the end she is goes from total outcast to "hero"(?) I don't really like that word for her but she does end up helping others by telling her story. She kicks depression's, Andy's and people who spread rumers butt!

So those are my picks here are Stacey's........

From the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare:
1.The Queen of the Seelie Court
This may sound an unusual pick, since, though she isn't in any way evil she does seem to me to be a sometimes villanous antihero. However, we all know that the heroes in these stories would not be heroes if antiheroes did not exist, right? So....  I think I love her because of the interesting role of the Fey to me in this book, and with that said, she is a perfect ass kickin' chick to rule the Court. The Fey in this series delight in all things beautiful and sparkly. They create beautiful scenarios that tempt you to do things you normally would not dare. While a very patient people who cannot lie, they have little reguard for mundane humans. If they occassionally intermingle with mere mortals, the mortals are usually abandoned worse for the wear. They will give you that which you most desire as a gift and yet make you wish you never wanted it in the first place. Evil? Not at all. However, this woman could offer me the provervbial poisoned apple and honey I would take a bite! She's smart, witty, and will never ever let anyone get one up on her. She rocks!
From the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer:
(Spoiler alert if you haven't gone beyond the movies!)
Ok, also, I kind of like to go with the underdog. Throughout most of the series, Rose seems almost unlikeable because of her seemingly coolish attitude or even meanness to Bella. Except for the fact that she is sincerely opposed to Bella becoming a vampire, since it is a lifestyle that was forced upon her in a very ugly way and not one that she feels should be happily taken up by anyone. However, it is true that her attitude is the direct result of her jealousy toward Bella, who has all of the things she can never have: humanity, marriage, true love, and the possibilty of birthing a baby. In the end, Rose becomes Bella's biggest advocate, does anything to save and protect Bella, her baby, her choices, and her family. And, she's a beautiful strong vampire. Need I say more? Kick ass!
From 'I'm Down: A Memoir' by Mishna Wolff
3.Mishna Wolff
This woman just rocks! Growing up isn't really easy on a lot of levels, and she had it rough. But she came to terms with her reality with an amazing sense of humor always intact, overcame the obstacles life handed her, and came out on top, reviving family relationships that many might not have wanted to or been able to. Instead of getting beaten by the circumstances, she wrote a really funny book about them. 
Also interesting to note: this book was pulled from our local high school's reading list because a few parents complained about the cursing (they probably aren't reading this post). Luckily, there are ass kickin' chicks in my community who formed a committee to get it back ON the list. On the reading list, this book is one of the kids' favorite. Mishna took the time to write to our literary forward friends on the topic, and she kicks ass!
From 'The Name of this Book is Secret' by Dania Al Toma
4.Cass is an 11 year old after my own heart and my 11 year old's as well (ok, she was 11 when we read this together). She is a survivalist and prepared for any event or natural disaster no matter how likely (or not) they may be to occurr. When a mystery presents itself to her, she doesn't let her age or seeming lack of resources get in her way. She takes it upon herself to rescue a boy whom she originally didn't even like and fights adult evildoers who seek to harness the power of eternal youth. Way to go, Cass! You rock!
From the Mortal Instruments Series
(Again, I know, I know, but this is currently my FAVE YA series and I am pretty much living in their world right now, not ours. Series like this remind me that the house could completely catch fire around me and I would LET IT BURN to keep reading! If book-human marriage were legal I WOULD SO GO FOR IT! Hm. I live on the edge. Maybe I will anyway.)

5.Isabelle Lightwood
Izzy can take on even the scariest of demons, fought in the Mortal War though considered too young to fight to avenge her younger brother ( for whose death she blames herself), all in fishnets and wielding weapons in each and every pair of 'unsuitable footwear' ... HEELS of course. Izzy, you kick ass!


Samantha Sotto said...

Hermione totally ROCKS :)

Deirdra A. Eden said...

Your blog was nominated by Charmalot: @
to receive the magical Blog Award. I can see why. You have a super great blog.

Take care and have a nice day :-)
Go to and pick up your award.

Unknown said...

Thanks, I give you the ass kickin' blogger chick award, too!
I thought about toning down the language for YA (I mean, she's cool, but I struggled with directly calling Junie B. Jones an ass kicker). Then I thought, do young adults read this blog, I don't know?

I haven't read the Maximmum Ride Series but I want to now. I also want to have wings! Cool!

Who could argue with Hermione? She kicks butt with her wand and her brains. I love chicks that use their beautiful brains!

As if teen drama isn't enough, kicking dark magic butt on top of that rules! Good choice!

Ah, Davey.... I almost chose that and discussed a few other Judy Blume choices with my bff (who grew up reading YA in the 80's too). Then we got distracted discussing what happened when she shared her copy of "Forever" with a friend at school and the Nuns caught her. Not good.

Great last choice, too! I swear I could do this post again. It makes me think of things I didn't even remember as I was making my list!

Love your blog and these posts!

Have a great weekend!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I would say, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. And I would also include Wisteria Allgood from Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. They kick major booty. Love them.

Jennifer said...

@ Stacey I have only read one of the books you chose! Thats why I love doing the joint post because I like the variety!

@ Sam I could not agree more

@Deirdra Thanks!

@Dawn I have not read the Hunger Games but I have read and heard that it is a very good series. I will have to pick up the first book the next time I am out.

Muriel said...

I love Hermione, even if she is a know-it-all...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to echo the sentiments of many ladies here and say Hermione rocks. And I'm with Stacey, you have to love a woman who uses her brains as her secret weapon!

Carol Holaday said...

Haha this was a very fun blog post and it got me thinking about my favorite YA chicks that kick butt.

I like everyone on both lists. One of my own favorites is Scarlett from Sisters Red (Jackson Pearce). I mean, she kills fenris. With a hatchet!

I also cast my vote for Claire from the Morganville Vampire series (Rachel Caine) because she's a TEXAN and she stays alive somehow around some really crazy dangerous vampires, and Annah in Dark and Hollow Places (Carrie Ryan) for fighting to survive in spite of sure death by zombie.

And Tasey from Paranormalcy (Kiersten White) is quite the butt buzzer. I realize Tasey is only a pink bejeweled taser but she still kicks butt.

Lesa said...

Fun list even if I only know 3 of the characters-- Max, Hermione, and Rose. I'd add Katniss from Hunger Games, Tally from the Uglies, and Kendra from Fablehaven.

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