Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mrs Weasley

My daughter's best friend Michelle paid me the best compliment via text to my daughter.
She texted:
"This morning I was reading Harry Potter quotes and read the one where Mrs. Weasley is fighting Bellatrix, and Bellatrix aims the killing curse at Ginny, so she yells "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!!"  Your mom is sort of similar to Mrs. Weasley, because this is something she'd totes say if she was fighting a Deatheater." ***totes is teen speak for totally***

I love this compliment for two reasons

1. Michelle apparently sees me as the type of mother who would fiercely protect her child
2. Mrs Weasley is my favorite character in Harry Potter

Who doesn't love Mrs. Weasley? She is the epitome of a caring, loving and protective mother.

Throughout the series she is trying to protect and care for her children and Harry as she sees him as one of her own. 
 Mrs. Weasley, Molly, is sweet but stern with her brood of children.
My own children would probably say that

I lean more towards the stern

then towards the sweet

J.K. Rowling has stated in interviews about Harry Potter that the main themes in her books are children, parents, orphans and the love of a parent for their child.

This very reason could be why I love the books so much.

Molly screams "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH"  right after Fred is killed
and remember Rowling capitalized this sentence in her book I suspect because she was feeling the ferocious mother in herself when she was writing this part of the Deathly Hallows.
Bellatrix is taunting her about the death of Fred and then turns her sights on Ginny.....
 but Molly will have none of that
so the normally quiet woman whom we had never seen involved in a battle strikes with a warrior cry
and presumably kills Bellatrix although it is merely implied and not clearly stated.
It is this brave and loving act that Harry witnesses that causes him to find the strength to face Voldemort and his destiny.
I will admit I cried when I read this line in the book. And when I later read Deathly Hallows aloud to my son I got so choked up reading that part that my son asked me to stop reading for the night.

The Harry Potter series begins and ends with a mother facing death to protect her child. After all Molly really was no match for the insanely evil Bellatrix but she threw herself between Bellatrix and her youngest child anyway
and in the end a mother's love won against evil.

So..... Thank You Michelle. I am not sure I deserve the comparison but I'm glad you see me that way!


Muriel said...

It is a very nice compliment. You should be very proud...

Andrew Leon said...

I find I have nothing to say deserving of this post, but I felt it deserved a comment.
>thumbs up<


Jennifer said...

Thanks to you both!

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