Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Jennifer Hillier over at did a post yesterday on her top 10 writing distractions. The post is very funny and if you have ever sat and attempted to write anything I am sure you can relate to her list of distractions. Stop by her blog is awesome and she has a book CREEP coming out that sounds amazingly good!

So last night while I was watching the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Buffalo Sabres in game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (their win was the best birthday present ever) I was thinking about my own distractions.

My mom cave which also serves as my writing spot has a large window which looks out into our front yard. There is a beautiful tree that sits in the corner and directly within my view as I gaze up trying to think of a word or sentence that will best fit with my main character. At times this tree is so enchanting it sets the creative juices flowing. With one look at it dancing in the spring breeze I am filled with words and thoughts and dreams.
In the early spring it has the loveliest pink flowers I cannot imagine a person who could look at them and not be filled with a sense of wonder and joy at their beauty.

I watch as it moves its branches back and forth waving to its sister tree
standing on the opposite end of the yard. Her white flowered branches waving in return.

I imagine it shaking its flower branches flirting with the robust oak in the neighbors yard. The oak standing tall and proud its limbs too strong to shake back at her.
............The next thing I know I am telling myself a story with the trees as the main characters......
My lovely pink blossomed tree was once the lover of the oak. Their roots intertwined beneath the earth. Waiting patiently for the storm that will come sending its winds through their branches and bringing their boughs close enough to very gently caress. Living happily in each others shadow the sun and the moon bearing witness to their eternal love.
Their lives changed the day man came and separated them with a blacktop road. Their roots cut apart to allow for pipes and wires supplying the newly built homes with water and power. The oaks branches cut back to prevent it from overhanging into the now separated property. They are left to dream of the day a storm so strong will come that it will knock them completely from the earth where they will fall together finally joined again. Until that day comes they are left to their dreams and their distant flirtation.

As you can see my biggest distraction is my own imagination!

How about you what is your biggest distraction?


Andrew Leon said...

My children... no contest.
Of course, they are, currently, by biggest inspiration, so I suppose it's a trade off I have to live with.
Sounds like yours it the same. :)

[Today's verification word: farie. Interesting.]

Elana Johnson said...

What a great post. When I'm stuck, I'm staring at a wall. It's not nearly as imagination-inspiring.

Muriel said...

When I am stuck, I go for a run. When I have little time, I just have a coffee. Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Author Dawn Brazil said...

I'm with you Andrew, it's my children. They demand so much of my time. But also like Andrew, they are my greatest inspirations.

Oh and might I add that is one lovely tree. I'm distracted now just thinking about it. I think I'll visit this post a couple more times just to look at the tree.

Kate Evangelista said...

Hi Jennifer,

Please visit:


Samantha Sotto said...

My greatest distraction? Reading great blog posts like this! :D

Andrew Leon said...

To paraphrase Monk, "They're a blessing... and a curse..."

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