Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Need A Vacation

I am feeling very over worked and under appreciated at my day job.
No I am not whining I know I should just be happy in these hard times to have a job at all.
But sometimes it is very overwhelming.
So I am sitting and dreaming of a vacation.
For my 40th birthday I would like to travel abroad.
I am thinking Ireland is after all where my people are from....well half my people the other half are from Italy. I went to Italy a few years ago and it was beautiful.
The food was delicious and the landscape amazing.
So should I go to Ireland next to be fair?
I have a list of places I want to go
I just can't decide which one to see first.
My daughter is going to do a semester abroad through her university.
Her destination will be London so I can probably scratch that off my list as I am sure I will go to London when she is there.
And maybe we can also take a weekend in Paris during that visit so scratch off France as well.
Today I am leaning towards Greece
maybe because I love Greek food
or maybe because I am in a sun and beach mood
who knows
maybe I just want to be anywhere but here!
***here being work not here being Pennsylvania***
I love Pennsylvania
Anyway I thought I would share some photo from my Italy trip with you
mostly because I was looking at them myself and daydreaming
but partially because I thought you might like me to share them with you.
I will pose a question...
Do you travel? Where do you suggest I go for my big 4 0 adventure?

Enjoy and have a Thrilling Thursday!


Muriel said...

I am just back from vacation, but I think I am tired of working...shame I have bills to pay. Let us know when you are in London.

Miranda said...

Ireland! & take me with you! haha

Samantha Sotto said...

Lovely photos!

What an impossible choice - but it seems that Ireland is calling to you :)

Andrew Leon said...

What's a vacation? I know not the meaning of this word.

Unknown said...

Yes, I think it seems Ireland is calling you! I learned to surf with my hubby and bffs (no children allowed trip) for my 40th last year ... WOOOHOOO! Your post and your Italy photos remind me of when we were there, pre 4 year old... NICE! Oh, and when, pre 4 year old, I had a paying job and could take such vacations.... ENJOY! :-)

Jennifer said...

@ Muriel My daughter is doing a semester abroad her junior year. She has never been to London but is a bit London obsessed. I agree Ireland seems to be the right choice.
@Miranda your Dad will never let me take you!
@Sam Thanks and I think you are right
@Andrew hahaha and sad face. I hope you discover the meaning soon.
@Stacey Surfing sounds like a fun way to celebrate your 40th!

Lesa said...

Cool photos! Yes, travel is part of who I am-- I must explore and eat!!

I'm an anglophile so one of the funnest trips was roaming around the UK for 3 weekd with one carry on bag and a bus pass. Hubs was with me so he had a bag too.

It would be hard to choose just one from your list-- just take a sabbatical and visit them all!!

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