Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charlotte says Happy Birthday to the boy

Today is my son's 9th Birthday! He wouldn't hug me this morning because he is too old. We shook hands instead and then I excused myself and went into the bathroom and cried. I had to redo my makeup so I was late for work. So I plan to with hold his birthday present. After all if he is going to withhold hugs then I can withhold gifts!
Anyway Charlotte wanted to also wish the boy a happy birthday. That didn't work out so well either.

Here is the story......

First she thought it would be fun to hide under his sister's bed so that when he went in to feed the turtle that lives in Amber's room, she would jump out and say SURPRISE Happy Birthday!

But he was not happy. It scared him from the room and now the turtle is mad at her too because he didn't get fed.
Next she thought it would be fun to hide in his closet. She thought that when he opened the door to get something she would say Happy Birthday! and he would laugh and think she is awesome.

Instead he got mad and slammed the door. Leaving her alone in the dark.

Charlotte then decided to sneak up behind him while he was playing a video game.

But that didn't work out so well either. He ran from the room forgetting about his game and leaving Charlotte alone and confused.

She decided to try one last thing. She snuck into his bedroom and crawled between his sheets. She would wait until bed time and then give him a big birthday kiss.

 But OH! this was the worst of all. He was very mad and said she is the creepiest doll in the whole world.

Charlotte was sad because she did not know she was creepy. She decided to Google.... How to not be creepy.

Even though usually Google has an answer for everything she could not find what she was looking for.
She decided to consult with some doll friends.

In a unanimous decision they decided the best way for her to not be creepy would be................

Bunny Ears.

One of the dolls helped her put them on.

They thought she looked very cute.

So what do you think? More or less creepy with the bunny ears?
Unfortunately for Charlotte, he says MORE CREEPY!

Oh well she tried!

Happy 9th Birthday !
I am sorry your Mom is weird.

******disclaimer -No doll's feelings were injured in the making of this blog post***********


エイプリル said...

This was such a cute post. And, the bunny ears take a liitle "creepy" off the, not a whole lot. That would freak me out, seeing it everywhere like that LoL!

Happy birthday to your son!

Julie Flanders said...

Oh my gosh what a funny post. :D I think I have to go with Christopher on the bunny ears, more creepy LOL.

Happy Birthday to Christopher, I hope he enjoys his big day!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Christopher! And Charlotte is not creepy. I love that doll and if she needs a new home, send her to me.

Andrew Leon said...

My younger son is 10; I still enforce hugs on him. Even at school.

Never apologize for being weird :)

Cindy said...

Poor Charlotte just wants to be loved. Even though the big 9 year old doesn't want a hug from her, at least she has some cool doll friends she can hang with.

(P.S. I can leave comments now, thanks!!)

Author Dawn Brazil said...

That's too funny Jennifer!!!

Samantha Sotto said...

LOL!!! Happy birthday to Christopher! :D (And, um, I'm afraid I'll have to take Christopher's side on this...Charlotte is a wee bit creepy. Sorry! :P)

p.s. But the bunny ears help!

Anonymous said...

Okay! you done it! I'm grinning... Such a cute post - I can see a movie in there somewhere - hopefully a cute not creepy one :)
And belated happy birthday to Christopher...

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