Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A few things

I am a huge movie fan as some of you may know.

One of my favorite pastimes is quoting movies back and forth with Amber via text or Facebook.
If I like a movie I can watch it over and over again.
I have watched Mamma Mia with Amber at least a dozen times.
We have also watched Pride and Prejudice.....one of my favorite books/movies a kagillion times.
(yes thats a real number)
We know the movie pretty much word for word.....our favorite line to say is......
"I hate balls".
I know you are feeling my maturity right now but whatever......I like us.

So before the Oscars which is like my Superbowl Sunday.
I try to see as many of the nominated movies as possible. 
I did not meet that goal this year but I will eventually watch them all except.......The Artist.
Do you know why?
Because its not F-ing 1925.
Are we serious about this here?
This is the picture of the year?
(hey that rhymed)
I don't give a shit how artistic it was.
It should not have won!
And not only did it win Pest Picture but Best Actor and Director?
What the hell.
So as you can see I am pretty pissed off.
Additionally I wanted Michelle Williams to win.
I love me some Meryl but can we give someone else a chance?
I was happy to see Billy Crystal back although his botox forehead 
and obviously dyed black hair was very distracting.
The one thing that REALLY irritated me besides The Artist wins was 
Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez......save that shit for the MTV movie awards.
This is the Oscars show some class.
As a Potter fan I was disappointed that they did not win 
at least one of the categories they were nominated in. 
 Best makeup should have went to them....lets be serious here Meryl did not look that much different as Margaret Thatcher. 
Ralph Fiennes is barely recognizable as Voldemort.

Sunday was also The Walking Dead Night and as much as I love the Oscars I did record it between 9 and 10 so that I could watch Walking Dead because The Walking Dead trumps all.
I'm not going to get into the episode but I will say.......
I HATE Shane and Andrea.
I want them to die
get bitten
or leave
Thats all.

Have a very happy Tuesday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday and a shout out to Lori

I love Fridays.....Not the restaurant. Although their fried green beans are amazing.

I'm talking about the day of the week.
On fridays I come into work early and I leave at 3pm.
Which is awesome.
It also is the start of the weekend.

Before we get the weekend started I wanted to share some changes I have made to my blog.

Lori over at Imagination Designs (click on her name and it will take you there)
She also has another blog where she does book reviews. 
You should check it out

Anyway the wonderful Lori was kind enough to create two buttons for me. 
A Twitter Button.....because I finally got with the in crowd and joined.
And a button to Follow Charlotte the creepy doll on Facebook.

Thank you so much Lori they look terrific.

I also added a review under Book Chat for the book The Taker.

Well that is all I have for today.

Like Rebecca Black so elegantly says.....
Yesterday was Thursday....Thursday
Today is Friday.....Friday
We we we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Thursday, February 23, 2012

7 Questions

ib has been nice enough to include me in his 7 Questions thingy.

1. Out of the different races of life in Lord Of The Rings, which do you prefer and why? (Answer carefully.)
a. Orc
b. Halfling
c. Elven
d. Human
e. Dwarven

Elven. They were the first inhabitants of Middle Earth and so therefore the best. I also think its cool that they can die from grief.....I don't know why I think that is cool....I just do. They also have pointy ears which is awesome, just ask Dr Spock. 

2. If today will be yesterday, and tomorrow will be today, What will tomorrow be when it is yesterday?

Very interesting question.....Tomorrow will always be Friday whether its today, yesterday or tomorrow. So my answer is Friday.....I think. This is confusing. Is it like a rhetorical question or is there an actual answer. It's a puzzle. My brain hurts. Can I have some Cocoa Puffs?

3. Do you consider yourself a writer or a person that places rather large words together to form a sentence, and thus, a story/post/epic?

Although many have told me that I am not, I consider myself a writer. I do however love the word epic....I use it often and annoyingly like.....Wow that lunch was epic. or Hey have an epic morning. or You're boring ass slide show presentation on the needs of our customers was so NOT epic. 
Yes people hate me. 

4. If you happened upon a war and you had to take part in it, what would be your weapon of choice?
a. rifle
b. sword
c. slingshot
d. bow and arrow
e. dematializer

A rifle. Shooting things is my passion.

5. If you were stuck on an island with no means of escape, and were given one wish, what would it be for?

Can my wish be to leave? I will assume No......Is my family with me? I will assume yes......If it was my fault we got stuck I would wish for my husband to become mute. 
If it was his fault I would wish for him to have sonic hearing so he could not miss a single time I reminded him that it is his fault.

6. If you participated in the TV game show Fear Factor, where would you draw the line in regard to consuming odd "meals?"

As a certifiable mysophobe aka germaphobe....and yes I meant certifiable not certified. I would not participate in said gameshow at all. I would rather die than eat anything gross. 

7. What is your favorite album of all time?

Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue. 

With Classics lyrics from the songs: 

Out of the Blue

Love appeared before my eyes with you
a dream come true
I never thought I'd realize what love was 
what love was, what love was

Only in my dreams

Now I see I'm up to no good (no, no, no)And I wanna start againCan't remember when I felt good (baby)No I can't remember when


Shake your love

I'm under a spell againBoy I'm wondering whyThis is not a game of love but an emotional tieI'm trying to figure out my heart (heart...)But I can't offer you proofOf why we should never be apartAnd that is the (that is the) that is the truthOh...
That is poetry baby.

8. What is your favorite movie of all time?

Oh this is hard.....I am a HUGE Movie fan......

Classic - 1932 movie called Freaks

Horror - The Exorcist or The Changeling (Not the Angelina one)

Comedy - Better off Dead or Old School

Romantic - Untamed Heart or Pride and Prejudice

Musical - Mama Mia

Favorite movie of all time.....

The Breakfast Club
Don't hate me okay it is a great movie and I watch it at least twice a year.

9. Are you taking part in the 2012 A to Z Challenge this year? It may be the last one, depending on your answer for question 11.

I wasn't planning on it.....Should I?

10. If, by chance, you were endowed with one super power, what would it be and why?

Super hearing....I am a nosey bitch and I hate when I can't hear what people are saying when they are having personal conversations that have nothing to do with me. 

11. Do you believe that the Mayans are on to something concerning 12.21.12?

Yes I believe the world will end on 12/21/12. To prepare I have been spending lavishly as I assume no one will be around to collect the money. 
I have also made a list of people to call that day so that I can get the last word in.....I know they hate that I always feel the need to have the last word. So they can rot with the knowledge that I won again!!!!!!!!!!!!Mwahahahahahahahahahaha (thats my evil laugh). Its better in person.

Well that was fun! Thanks ib for including me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let it be known throughout the land....that my brother Michael is the best brother ever.

I sat forlornly in my office.

It tis Fat Tuesday and there is nary a donut in sight.
I sent out a cry for someone to please come and rescue me from this donut-less building.
But it went unanswered.
The skies grayed in anger blocking the sun and intensifying my sorrow.

As the sadness washed over my sugar deficient body 
I suddenly heard the sound of boots on the brick floor.
My name was urgently called and when I looked up there he stood a true hero
a box of Donuts clutched in his hands!
Don't fret sister! he cried
 I have brought you some donuts.
The sun burst from the gray sky sending a light onto the box of delicious treats.
Angels sang out in joy 
Dove's sang out in celebration
I thanked him and then scurried away to gorge myself where no one else would see me eat them or worse try to take one.

Seriously though my brother is the best!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I want to like this book but...........

I am reading Dean Koontz's 77 Shadow Street 
and I am really having a hard time getting into it.

I don't know if its me or the book.
It sounded so good when I read the dust jacket.
The cover is awesome by the way. I have a thing for old keys and truth be told the cover was why I picked the book up in the first place.

Here is the synopsis from Barnes and Noble

I am the One, the all and the only. I live in the Pendleton as surely as I live everywhere. I am the Pendleton's history and its destiny. The building is my place of conception, my monument, my killing ground. . . .
The Pendleton stands on the summit of Shadow Hill at the highest point of an old heartland city, a Gilded Age palace built in the late 1800s as a tycoon’s dream home. Almost from the beginning, its grandeur has been scarred by episodes of  madness, suicide, mass murder, and whispers of things far worse. But since its rechristening in the 1970s as a luxury apartment building, the Pendleton has been at peace. For its fortunate residents—among them a successful songwriter and her young son, a disgraced ex-senator, a widowed attorney, and a driven money manager—the Pendleton’s magnificent quarters are a sanctuary, its dark past all but forgotten.

Sounds good right?
And it is kind of good. 
I already like one of the main characters. 
He is a little boy who loves to read so whats not to like. 
But I find myself being distracted while I am reading which is unusual when I am reading a good book.
I have read many Koontz books in the past some really good others just okay but all of them held my attention. 
So I began to wonder if maybe its just me. Am I so focused on my own writing that I am having a hard time reading someone else's? 
Ever since sharing the first chapter of my wip with my best blog friend Stacey
I have been in a writing frenzy.
Stacey also shared her writing with me and it felt really good to share....even though Stephen King said that was not a good idea. But what the hell does he know?
Anyway so I wonder if I am maybe too preoccupied in my own mind to really appreciate the story of 
77 Shadow Street.
What do you think?
One last thing I finally have a Twitter account....its jennyjoybooks in case you wanted to know.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking Dead recap: Rick is badass. Shane is just an ass.

Last night was the winter premiere of Walkind Dead.

I have been eagerly awaiting it's return as it is my favorite show on television.

So here is the recap of last nights episode titled 


It starts with Rick lowering his gun after the shooting spree on the barn zombies including poor little Sophia. People are crying and Shane is his typical fashion is acting like a giant douchebag. I want so bad for someone to punch him in the face or better yet put a bullet in his head and if that happens...if dreams really do come true.....I want it to be Dale who finally shuts him up.
Anyway they decide to bury the barn zombies that were family to the farm people as well as little Sophia.
Andrea who comes in very close as the second most annoying person is all like lets burn these zombies....ugh I hate her tough girl bullshit. It is so ridiculous.
Shane and some of the others believe that Hershel knew that Sophia was in the barn this whole time. Rick disagrees and when he asks Hershel he tells him that Otis aka wonky eye is the one who put the people in the barn. Dale and Shane have another sort of confrontation and Shane as usual comes off looking like a giant egomaniacal jerk. Dale then tries to warn Lori that Shane is coo coo for cocoa puffs and that he probably killed Otis. He even says what I have been thinking "sooner or later he will kill someone else". In the farm house Beth collapses and no one can find Hershel...who was last seen packing up his wife's things. The farm people tell Rick he is maybe at his old favorite bar and so Rick and Glenn go to look for him. Lori is not happy about Rick going and Maggie is not happy about Glenn going. They go anyway....*shakes head* men.   
Daryl....my favorite other than Rick tells Lori to go screw herself....not in those words....he is tired of looking for people.
Lori...because she is a god damn idiot hops in the car to go to town and look for Rick, Glenn and Hershel. I say again idiot because a zombie comes out of no where she hits it and then the car and her go tumbling into the trees on the side of the road.
Rick and Glenn find Hershel drinking his sorrows and then two random people show up. They are from Philly so I'm like hey guys I'm from Philly to.....but they don't answer me because they are on tv and probably not really from Philly. There is one fat guy who probably had too many cheesesteaks and a skinny guy who actually played a serial killer on True Blood they are telling Rick and company about a rumor that Nebraska is the place to be because they have a small heavily armed population. Anyway I realize pretty quickly that I don't like these two Philly guys. They want to know where the farm is and they want to come and stay. Anyone who knows anything about zombie apocalypses knows that people like that are just trying to steal your weapons and supplies! They start to get a little pushy about wanting to know and the tension gets crazy....the skinny guy goes for his gun but Rick beats him to the draw and shoots him dead. He then turns to fatty and shoots him too for good measure.....Rick is badass! It was like a classic western or a quick draw McGraw cartoon.
It ends with TDog, Andrea and Shane setting the zombie bodies a flame.

I would like to say if Lori is going to be missing than I will be very pissed. I am as tired as Daryl about people being missing on this show. I love this show it is perfect please writers and AMC network do not mess up a good thing!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome things that I want

As I have stated previously I am the adult Veruca Salt......I want everything.

Especially if it is cool, unique and awesome.
Here are some of my latest finds that 
I want
I need
I must have!

 I actually have this for my iPad. It's a company called BookBook and this product is very cool if you love books.... like me and you love technology.... like me

 Vampire hunting anyone? This was listed at one time on Etsy.....sadly it is sold!

 I write this at the top of my To Do list every week anyway so why not have an already labeled notepad.

 I love owls so these books ends would be perfect.

 This is a television remote?......I truly need this. I am serious I gotta have this.
What Harry Potter fan wouldn't want one of these?

I just think this is really very pretty. I want one for my desk at work.

 Vintage Exorcism kit.......I know a few people who definitely need to be exorcised so this would come in handy.

 Very cool book mark!

 I love Star Wars and this trashcan should be mine.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....so sacrilegious!

And last but not least!

God he's gorgeous!

Have a happy day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Please shut the F*** up!

Warning there is going to be a lot of bad words in this post!

Warning I am going to get all real up in here!
Warning I may offend some people but guess what too bad!

So if I may rant for a second..........

The group One Million Moms is upset that JC Penney has chosen Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson.
Here is a quote from the article I was reading

“Funny that J.C. Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families,” the million (or so) moms write on their website. “DeGeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. The majority of J.C. Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there.”

Are you fucking kidding me here people?
The majority of the shoppers will be offended? 
Well I don't shop at Penney's myself so I asked my Mom if is she was going to stop shopping there because Ellen is the spokesperson and she said..... "No I like Ellen DeGeneres"
so there you have it my Mom who is a 75 year old heterosexual woman and mother to 11 children says she is not going to stop shopping at Penney's. 
Enough said. 
Trust me she knows more about raising children and keeping a family together than all One Million of you Moms put together.

Here is another excerpt from that article

With this campaign, One Million Moms, which claims to be “the most powerful tool you have to stand against the immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity the entertainment media is throwing at your children,” is going after one of the country’s most well-liked television hosts.

Again are you fucking kidding me?

So Ellen should not advertise sweater sets sold at JC Penney because she is gay? 
And this sounds completely reasonable to you?

Okay how about this......

I think people who chew with their mouths open should have to have their jaws permanently wired shut.

I think people who refuse to use their turn signals should have their licenses revoked

I think people who text while driving should have their thumbs cut off

I think people who drink and drive should be charged with possessing a weapon with an intent to kill

I think people who fart in an enclosed space should go to the gas chamber.....no pun intended

I think people who think they are computer experts when they aren't and then they end up making me have to fix everything they fucked up should be sent to live on an island where there is no technology

I think people who do not know how to raise their children to behave themselves when out in public should be made sterile

I think people who teach their children to hate should be shot

Now are some of these things unreasonable?
But no more unreasonable then say....... wanting people to fit in this little mold that you decided is the right way to be.

It is not the fault of the gay and lesbian community that American families are in crisis.
It is not the fault of the gay and lesbian community that most marriages fail.

In my opinion American families are in crisis because parents do not want to raise their children.
They worry about how the media is affecting them.....then turn your fucking television off.
They worry about how a celebrity is behaving and how that may influence their child......then you be the fucking example or idol for your child. Stop making excuses!
I loved the Mom from The Cosby show but I did not want to be like her. I wanted to be like MY MOM!
I am not saying I know everything but what I am saying is that I do not depend on the world to raise my children. I depend on myself. I do not expect celebrities to be perfect and behave perfectly so that my kids can grow to be healthy, happy, decedent people.
Thats my job!
Please stop teaching hate.

I have no answer to why more people are getting divorced. I have been married for almost 15 years and there have been times when I think my life would be simpler if I did not have to worry about someone else's bullshit. We fight but it isn't about gay people. I will bet that any of the people I know who have divorced would say the same thing. I have never heard anyone say "Oh I'm getting divorced because people are gay" or "I can't stay married to my husband because gay people are getting married"

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
If you know me you know I love this country we live in and I love the fact that everyone has the freedom to speak their opinion.
But I beg you Please stop the hate!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warning this post is disturbing!

As you all know my daughter Amber is a sophomore at Penn State University.
Like any parent I am concerned about her safety.
But my biggest concern is that she would go down a path that would be bad for her health.
You know what I am talking about people.

Please watch the below video but be warned it is very disturbing!

I am sharing this with you so that you can be better prepared for when your own children go off to college.

Thats right folks Lunchables!

Processed high sodium products with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever!

Don't let your college age children fall pray to the lore of these products once they are out of your ever watching, nagging eye.

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