Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome things that I want

As I have stated previously I am the adult Veruca Salt......I want everything.

Especially if it is cool, unique and awesome.
Here are some of my latest finds that 
I want
I need
I must have!

 I actually have this for my iPad. It's a company called BookBook and this product is very cool if you love books.... like me and you love technology.... like me

 Vampire hunting anyone? This was listed at one time on Etsy.....sadly it is sold!

 I write this at the top of my To Do list every week anyway so why not have an already labeled notepad.

 I love owls so these books ends would be perfect.

 This is a television remote?......I truly need this. I am serious I gotta have this.
What Harry Potter fan wouldn't want one of these?

I just think this is really very pretty. I want one for my desk at work.

 Vintage Exorcism kit.......I know a few people who definitely need to be exorcised so this would come in handy.

 Very cool book mark!

 I love Star Wars and this trashcan should be mine. sacrilegious!

And last but not least!

God he's gorgeous!

Have a happy day!


Unknown said...

OMG-- WOW, I need all of these too! They are all my favorites!

I LOVE the bookbook, I totally need the shit i gotta fucking get done today reminder, WHO in the HELL DOESN'T need a vampire hunting or an excorcism kit.... the For Christ's Sake is truly pretty hilarious, I'm from KS so I probably totally need the wicked witch bookmark!

Speaking of shit I gotta fucking get done... I need to get back to writing! Thanks for all your help and inspiration with that! :)

Muriel said...

Very nice objects...I especially like the bookmark. But I am not a huge fan of David Beckham for some reason. I tend to prefer men who have a bit more flesh. Now I sound like a pervert!

Jennifer said...

Muriel Its not so much his body for me although.....hello he's pretty hot. It's his face.

Stacey Yes get your ass back in the D.A.V.E room and get to work.

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