Monday, February 13, 2012

Walking Dead recap: Rick is badass. Shane is just an ass.

Last night was the winter premiere of Walkind Dead.

I have been eagerly awaiting it's return as it is my favorite show on television.

So here is the recap of last nights episode titled 


It starts with Rick lowering his gun after the shooting spree on the barn zombies including poor little Sophia. People are crying and Shane is his typical fashion is acting like a giant douchebag. I want so bad for someone to punch him in the face or better yet put a bullet in his head and if that happens...if dreams really do come true.....I want it to be Dale who finally shuts him up.
Anyway they decide to bury the barn zombies that were family to the farm people as well as little Sophia.
Andrea who comes in very close as the second most annoying person is all like lets burn these zombies....ugh I hate her tough girl bullshit. It is so ridiculous.
Shane and some of the others believe that Hershel knew that Sophia was in the barn this whole time. Rick disagrees and when he asks Hershel he tells him that Otis aka wonky eye is the one who put the people in the barn. Dale and Shane have another sort of confrontation and Shane as usual comes off looking like a giant egomaniacal jerk. Dale then tries to warn Lori that Shane is coo coo for cocoa puffs and that he probably killed Otis. He even says what I have been thinking "sooner or later he will kill someone else". In the farm house Beth collapses and no one can find Hershel...who was last seen packing up his wife's things. The farm people tell Rick he is maybe at his old favorite bar and so Rick and Glenn go to look for him. Lori is not happy about Rick going and Maggie is not happy about Glenn going. They go anyway....*shakes head* men. favorite other than Rick tells Lori to go screw herself....not in those words....he is tired of looking for people.
Lori...because she is a god damn idiot hops in the car to go to town and look for Rick, Glenn and Hershel. I say again idiot because a zombie comes out of no where she hits it and then the car and her go tumbling into the trees on the side of the road.
Rick and Glenn find Hershel drinking his sorrows and then two random people show up. They are from Philly so I'm like hey guys I'm from Philly to.....but they don't answer me because they are on tv and probably not really from Philly. There is one fat guy who probably had too many cheesesteaks and a skinny guy who actually played a serial killer on True Blood they are telling Rick and company about a rumor that Nebraska is the place to be because they have a small heavily armed population. Anyway I realize pretty quickly that I don't like these two Philly guys. They want to know where the farm is and they want to come and stay. Anyone who knows anything about zombie apocalypses knows that people like that are just trying to steal your weapons and supplies! They start to get a little pushy about wanting to know and the tension gets crazy....the skinny guy goes for his gun but Rick beats him to the draw and shoots him dead. He then turns to fatty and shoots him too for good measure.....Rick is badass! It was like a classic western or a quick draw McGraw cartoon.
It ends with TDog, Andrea and Shane setting the zombie bodies a flame.

I would like to say if Lori is going to be missing than I will be very pissed. I am as tired as Daryl about people being missing on this show. I love this show it is perfect please writers and AMC network do not mess up a good thing!


A Beer for the Shower said...

I'd be loving it more if it followed the comics more closely, but the actors are great. Here's hoping that Carl ends this season with a bang.

Unknown said...

Ok, love you but can't read this since I actually started watching the series, sorry no cable but thank god for Netflix.... anyway... have to wait till this season's out, but.... ENJOY!!!!!!

Muriel said...

OMG! You are clearly into it! I haven't had time to watch telly for ages. How do you manage? I feel like I am missing out now, I need to give it a try!

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