Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let it be known throughout the land....that my brother Michael is the best brother ever.

I sat forlornly in my office.

It tis Fat Tuesday and there is nary a donut in sight.
I sent out a cry for someone to please come and rescue me from this donut-less building.
But it went unanswered.
The skies grayed in anger blocking the sun and intensifying my sorrow.

As the sadness washed over my sugar deficient body 
I suddenly heard the sound of boots on the brick floor.
My name was urgently called and when I looked up there he stood a true hero
a box of Donuts clutched in his hands!
Don't fret sister! he cried
 I have brought you some donuts.
The sun burst from the gray sky sending a light onto the box of delicious treats.
Angels sang out in joy 
Dove's sang out in celebration
I thanked him and then scurried away to gorge myself where no one else would see me eat them or worse try to take one.

Seriously though my brother is the best!


Anonymous said...

But looking they are all different I will not be able to stop at 1!

Unknown said...

Oh, goodness.... YUM!!!!

I'm With Stupid said...

The only thing better than a box of donuts is a VARIETY box of donuts!


Andrew Leon said...

but... but...
He didn't bring -me- any doughnuts :(

ib said...

I wish I had somebody that loved me enough to bring me donuts. That would be swell.

I have asked you for assistance in answering a few questions. Just go over to tey hobbit and copy em' down.
That is, if you would be so kind.

Muriel said...

Yum! can I have a chocolate one?

A Beer for the Shower said...

Your brother is awesome. It's moments like this I regret not having siblings - when I really want a donut and no one is near to help a brother out.

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