Monday, October 31, 2011

Have a Happy Zombie Halloween!

I love Halloween for many reasons 
but I think the biggest reason is the awesome television programs

On the History Channel we have Zombies a Living History
On the Discovery Channel we have Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse
On the Travel channel we have Most Haunted Places
And on pretty much every other channel there is some scary movie or halloween themed show
I could watch this stuff all year round so I just eat it up during this season!

The Discovery Channel show was actually very informative.....
I learned what the best weapons to use in a Zombie attack
The machete being the best because it does not require much skill to use it and it does not run out of ammunition.
If firearms are your weapon of choice then a rifle is the best bet because it is easy to find ammunition for a common rifle as opposed to say a Glock.
I also learned how to avoid being bitten if hand to hand combat is necessary.
I walked around like a zombie during the commercial and made Christopher try to avoid being bitten.
He did pretty good but practice is definitely needed.

I also learned that I need to join some sort of survival group.....
Cause apparently the Zombie's are not the only problem.
I need to learn how to 
purify water with common household bleach
build a safe fire
I need to learn how to follow the sun or know what side moss grows on in order to know what direction I am heading.

I have no idea how I will live without my iPhone and iPad but I think to prepare I should try to go a day or two without them.

Well Have a safe and Happy Halloween and if you see any Zombies......Run!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the greatest movie of all time!

I am a huge Tim Burton fan.

He is weird and his hair is awesome.
He is married to Helena Bonham Carter who is also weird and awesome.
Neither of them are ashamed of being weird and I love that!

His movies are amazing......

Edward Scissorhands?
Come on who doesn't love that movie?

Just awesome!

I could literally go on all day

But for me The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best!

I love everything about it.
The you know how much time that must take?
The music
The characters
The town
Have you seen this movie?

I bought the VHS tape for Amber when she was like two.
We watched that tape until it completely wore out and my Mom and Dad wanted to kill us!
In fact they may be the ones who broke it.
Then we bought another copy.
I know every word to the movie.
I know every word to every song.
When Christopher was little we made him watch it.
We made him love it.
When Amber and I drove up to visit Penn State her senior year
we brought the CD with us and sang it
the whole way there.

That is what makes this movie so awesome.
It Never gets old!

And you can debate
Is it a Christmas Movie or a Halloween Movie?
so its sort of educational???

The names of the charaters are great
Jack Skellington
Ooogie Boogie

I would love to live in a Tim Burton movie.
I love the darkness
the moodiness
the creepiness
of his films
And if I could choose any town to live in it would be
Halloween town.

Do yourself a favor and check this movie won't be sorry.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking Dead please stop making me cry!

*********Spoiler Alert*********

I'm sorry to have to do this.
For those of you who do not watch the Walking Dead I apologize for boring you.
But I just have to talk about it.

I love the show.
I really and truly do.
I just don't want to cry while watching it.
I want to be scared.
I want to scream.... "run".
I want to cover my face with a pillow because a zombie is getting beat over the head with a baseball bat.
I don't want to cry!

So last night we are met with Rick running across a field with his bleeding son cradled in his arms.
He is struggling and you can see the determination in his face as he races to the farm where a doctor lives.
How does he know a doctor lives there?
The dumb ass who shot his son told him.
By the way its that creepy actor you know but don't know his name.
He always plays some kind of crazy person
he is sort of fat with a wonky eye......
Anyway Rick is racing towards a farm and the doctor starts giving out orders and determines that Carl is alive but barely and he needs blood.
So the kid is laying there looking gray and sad and the tears are just rolling down my face.
Meanwhile the rest of the group is still making their way through the woods looking for Sophia.
Lori is kind of looking back. They heard the shot and she is worried.
Back at the farm one of the women rushes out to get Rick.
Carl needs blood.
When they open the door the kid is screaming as the doctor digs into his wound to pull out bullet fragments.
I can't take it! 
I am like screaming for someone to give the kid something!
But you know this is the zombie apocalypse and its not like they can take the kid to a hospital!
The doctor basically says the kids gonna die if he can't put him under so he can cut him open and get the rest of the bullet.
Wonky eye says "oh well there is the hospital 5 miles up but its crawling 
with Walkers" (what they call zombies)
So wonky eye and Shane leave to get what is needed from the hospital.
One of the women goes out to find Lori to bring her back to the farm.
So here is where the sobbing started.
Lori comes riding up on a horse.
Rick runs out to meet her.
She collapses in his arms.
Pulls away from him and runs to the house.
When she walks in and sees her son all gray and shot..... her face just crumbles
She climbs onto the bed and lays next to her son saying "Momma is here, Momma is here"
and I am sobbing so bad that I am pretty sure I made my neighbors dog bark.

The gang is back on the highway trying to decide if they should stay and wait for Sophia to maybe come back or if they should head to the farm and meet back up with Rick, Shane, Lori and the dying Carl.
Oh and the stupid whiny blonde was attacked yet again and is all pissy because Dale didn't let her die back at the CDC building.
I thinks its sad when I just wish she would cause I am tired of her whiny bullshit.

At the hospital Shane and wonky eye throw some flares to draw the attention away from the equipment trailer but oh shit when its time to leave the trailer the zombies are just waiting there for them.
They run and I am like "run wonky run" cause hes kind of chunky and I am pretty sure he is gonna get eaten.
But they make it into a building and thats where it ends......with some zombie hands reaching in through the gate trying to grab them so they can eat their brains!

In conclusion I look like hell this morning because of all the crying....Thanks Walking Dead!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

I have a list of places that I would like to visit.

One of those places is The Stanley Hotel in Colorado.
This is the hotel in which Stephen King stayed and was then inspired to write The Shining.
Which happens to be one of my favorite of his books and 
my favorite movie adapted from one of his books.
This alone made me want to stay there and then
Ghost Hunters also investigated The Stanley and I found their experiences very intriguing. 
So I put it on my list of places I would like to stay.

I work at a Hotel.
Its pretty creepy here 
especially when I have to be in at 6:30 am.
In order to get to my office I have to walk through the sleeping wing.
At that early hour most of the guests and sleeping and so the hallways are quiet and dark
and deserted
This gives the atmosphere of an awesome ghost story.
Which I love
Sometimes when my very active imagination is in high gear I end up barreling through the hallways like a madwoman in my attempt to out run whatever is chasing me.
Which nothing is chasing me but still......I'm pretty sure there might be.

I don't think it is the hotel's fault that I am creeped out.
In fact I think all hotels are pretty creepy!
For instance......
My family once stayed at The Boardwalk Hotel in Disney world.
Nice hotel
A little snobby/stuffy for our taste but really very lovely.
The hallways and lobby were brightly lit and colorfully decorated.
The staff laid on the Disney charm.
People smiled.....a lot which is creepy
The rooms were very nice
well appointed
everything you could want when staying at the happiest place on earth.
Until......Dun dun dun
Amber and I went to get ice and something to drink.
We made a wrong turn and ended up wander down hallway after hallway.
While going down one particular very long hallway Amber says....
"I keep expecting those creepy girls from the Shining to appear saying in their creepy voice Come and play with us Danny"
Well that was it.....
She had said out loud what we both had been thinking and now we were scared.
We picked up our pace 
Kept turning around to see if anyone was following us.
And then we started to idiots through the very plush hallways 
Finally we made it to the lobby area and collapsed with relief onto one of the sofas.

So how about you think hotels are creepy?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Findings at Fort Mifflin

Our Candlelight Tour at Fort Mifflin was a lot of fun
I'm not sure if it was necessarily worth the $20 they charged
but for a night out and the fact that it is going towards the preservation of the fort I am okay with it.
Our tour guide was a very nice gentlemen and he told us about the fort and the many experiences people have had there.
The history of the fort alone is very interesting
throw in a tale or two about the paranormal and I am all in!

The atmosphere that they set for you is perfect.
It was a very dark night with a bright full moon looking down on us.
Once inside the fort candles lit the way to the various buildings.
There is no electricity.
There is nothing like the flicker of a candle inside a dark building to get the imagination flowing.
It truly was inspiring for a dark minded person like myself.
I could almost feel things just reaching out as we entered each dimly lit room.
It was beautiful in its creepiness.

In preparation for my first ghost adventure
I downloaded a Ghost Hunting App onto my iPhone which I used to take pictures and some EVP's
Unfortunately it was too noisy to do EVP as the guide talks the whole time and the people in the group are murmuring and whispering so it sort of taints the evidence.

I took a ton of photos both with my phone and my camera.
Unfortunately I only caught three things that were weird/suspicious/awesome.
The rest of my photos I had to doctor to make them creepy.

Here are my photo shopped photos..................

Now these are the un-photo shopped raw photos

Are those orbs? I think so.....Ashley my photographer niece says they are moisture but these did not show up in any of the other photos.

Is that some sort of energy created my a ghost.
Again my know it all niece says NO its from me moving the camera during the shot.
Whatever its still cool.

And finally the face.......
It is a zoomed in copy of this one of the photos from above before I photo shopped.
I saw it that night when we were driving home.
Ashley had nothing to say......I am pretty sure after looking at it she slept with her Mom and Dad.

So there you have it!
If you live in the Philadelphia area you should definitely check this place out.
Ashley and I are going to go back during the day.
It is $8 and you are on your own to explore!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Walkind Dead

Last night was the premiere of Walking Dead!

********Spoiler Alert**********

We find our friends loading up their vehicles and driving down the highway.
They run into an obstacle across the road and then suddenly the RV dies.
As they are scavenging the cars left in the road...some with dead people inside
Suddenly some walkers show up and Oh My God are they freaking creepy.
Its very dramatic as they are hiding under the cars and the kids are separated
from their parents. The little girls Mom is all kinds of crazy. 
The pain in the ass blonde who the old man "saved" last season
A save I am sure he is regretting cause she is being a nasty bitch now
gets trapped in the RV with a walker and she stabs him in the eye with a screwdriver.....So cool!
Just as you think they survived and the herd of walkers has passed
OH NO a walker hears the little girl and now he is climbing under the car to get her
She runs and the walkers chase after her
Our hero Rick goes after the walkers....but he can't use his gun cause it will alert 
the herd that has passed.
So he hides the little girl....who turns out to be a stupid little girl cause she leaves the spot he put her
and he lures the two walkers away and then kills them both by 
smashing them in the head with a big rock......
Side Note........this is why I love zombies and this show in particular. 
I love the old school zombie rules it follows.....they aren't super fast or super strong. 
They can be killed and sometimes its as simple as smashing them in the head with a rock 
or ramming a screwdriver through their eye.
Its just so cool!
Anyway so Rick goes back and the kid is gone.
The Mom is all like "How could you leave her?"
So he goes back out to search.
The annoying blonde woman aka Andrea is all like "I want my gun" and "you should have let me die"
blah blah blah stop your damn whining there is a kid missing.
So our group hears church bells and when they find the church there are some walkers sitting in the pews which was creepy awesome. 
They decide to split up with Rick and that loser Shane staying behind to continue the search.
Carl is like "I want to stay Sophia is my friend" and for some unknown  freaking reason
his parents are like "Yeah thats cool what the hell lets just put all the kids in danger" so he stays behind with his Dad and the dude his Mom was screwing when she thought her husband was dead.
The other group leaves and Lori is all like "get off my husbands back no one else would have even chased after the kid in the first place" and everyone looks down in shame.
Rick, Shane and Carl are walking along and they see a deer.....oh wait Rick talks to the statue of Jesus in the church and asks for a I am thinking he thinks this beautiful buck is a sign.....anyway Shane raises his rifle....which is weird because they won't shoot the zombies because it makes too much noise but we will shoot a deer?......and Rick motions him to stop because Carl is like mesmerized by the deer and he starts walking toward it. It is a very beautiful moment
sweet innocent deer 
sweet innocent kid
and then BANG!
the deer gets shot and the bullet goes right through the deer and into the kid.
They both go down and...........the screen goes black. 
Credits roll
and I know I will not sleep a wink!

So basically it was like kill the kids off night on the Walking Dead.

Did you watch it last night? What did you think?

I found these awesome bumper stickers which I ordered online 
so cool!


Friday, October 14, 2011

American Horror Story and Fort Mifflin

Are you watching this show?

If not shame on you.
It is awesome!!!!
I love everything about it.
It is creepy and weird.
Irreverent and sexy.
Shocking and horrible.

Speaking of American Horror Stories..........

Tonight I am going on a candlelight tour of Fort Mifflin.
Said to be one of the most haunted locations in America.
Here are some of the claims.....
The Officers Quarters -  Haunted by Elizabeth. A woman who killed herself after her daughter died. Supposedly you can hear her screaming which is apparently so loud the police have been called out to investigate several times.

The Casements - Haunted by soldiers. Many apparitions have been seen inside and just outside of these locations. Because some of the casements were used as a prison for confederate soldiers they has been some reports of agressive or violent manifestations.

These are just two of the "hotspots" on the vast grounds of Fort Mifflin.
There have been reports of a faceless man in Casement 5. The disembodied voices of soldiers. The sounds of children playing. The phantom smells of fires burning and bread baking. 
Fort Mifflin has been investigate by many paranormal investigators who have all had some type of experience.

Ghost Hunters did an investigation awhile back and I have been wanting to go ever since.

I will be bringing my camera and some kind of recording device.
If I catch absolutely anything I promise to share it with all of you.

Wish me luck on my ghost hunt

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Charlotte the Creepy Doll - Waiting for Nightfall

It was time for Charlotte to get in the halloween spirit..............

Waiting for Nightfall

She sat listening to the family. It was dinner time and they were gathered around the table talking about their day. 

No one noticed as she peeked around the corner. Her plans were set. Tonight would be the night they would pay for her torment.

For years her spirit has been trapped in this dolls body. Her only hope for escape was to perform a blood ritual that would release her spirit from this hell. Her previous attempts were unsuccessful but she would not give up. And so she made her plans......

Before the man came home she had stolen a knife from the kitchen. It was sharp and the handle fit perfectly in her hand. She concealed the weapon in the folds of her dress. No one would notice. The children feared her, as they should, so they stayed away. The man and woman are too tired from work to notice anything. As she listened to the boy laugh at something his sister said she imagined the look of fear on his face when she woke him from his sleep. Their terror would be her joy. 

For months she has had to listen to their mundane complaints. This one hates school, that one wants more allowance, that one hates her job the other wants to spend less money. None of these problems compared to the torment of being held mute inside this cold hard Bisque body. Her unblinking eyes forced to see everything. Creeping back to her place among the other useless objects she imagined the feel of their warm blood against her cold molded hands. The man would be first. His annoying remarks about the woman’s choices in decor have caused many a conflict. After she was able to harm him enough to leave him unable to fight back she would slice out his tongue. The thought of finally being able to eliminate his ability to speak made her wish for the muscles needed to form a smile. But alas her face was permanently frozen in this expression. The woman would go last. She would force her to watch the destruction of her precious children. Knowing that it is because of her that she was brought into this house in the first place. 

The woman will know that she should have listened to the shopkeepers warning that the doll was dangerous. Instead she had thought it interesting, cool and morbid that it had been present at many crime scenes. The doll often wondered why the police had not been able to figure out who has responsible for all the deaths. They are too eager to blame the living. Never imagining that supernatural evil is present and capable of destruction.

And so she sits listening to them clean their last dinner plates. Her wish is that she could tell them not to bother helping the boy study for that test tomorrow or tell the girl painting her finger nails will be a waste. Tomorrow they will not be taking test, going to work or......breathing for that matter. 

After the police come in and the house is cleaned and put up for sale. Belongings will be sold or shared amongst the family. She would either be sold to an antique store or brought into one of the homes of a family member. She hoped it would be the one with the twin girls. She had noticed the last time they visited that their strange twin connection had also allowed for an opening in which a spirit like her could communicate. Maybe next time it would not be her wielding the knife. Maybe it would be held in their precious little hands.

This was for Lauren who stopped being afraid of Charlotte.....a very dangerous thing to do!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger why have thou forsaken me?

Is any one else experiencing blogger issues?

I can not comment.
Sometimes I write a new post and hit publish....
I think it published and then find out it did not.
I can't even comment on my own blog.
Want to add pictures?
Well you can't.
As if trying to come up with content and witty comments wasn't stressful enough!
I thought...... well maybe its my MacBook
Maybe blogger is a PC snob and hates Mac
But no I tried to use my office machine with the same results.
Should I switch to Wordpress?
No....I just don't want to try to copy everything over.
Plus I just got this awesome new blog design!
I don't know
 I love my blog but blogger is just killing my enthusiasm!
How about you? Anyone else feeling bloggers wrath? Or is it just me?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Its getting HOT in here

On this fabulous friday in October Stacey and I decided 

I needed a break from all the Halloween fun
And what better way to have fun then to look at some eye candy
We went with Top 10 Hot Guys of Television
I really enjoyed this post although it was extremely hard picking only five
I decided to leave the boys to the young girls and only pick men
So please forgive me for all the hot young guys I left out
After all I am a woman and I like men!

So without further delay here are my top 5 Hot Guys of Television!

1. Trueblood - Eric Northman aka Alexander Skarsgard - 
Stacey let me have him cause she is one cool friend. I love Eric. 
He is hot. 
He is dangerous. 
He is a bit of a jerk. 
Everything about him oozes sex. 

2. Trueblood - Alcide aka Joe Manganiello - 
Yum Alcide is all man! 
I can not express my joy enough over the fact that True Blood is on HBO. 
The reason for my joy Alcide is naked like half the time. 

3. Friday Night Lights - Eric Taylor aka Kyle Chandler - 
I am literally in love with this man. If he lived anywhere within driving distance of my house 
I would be in jail. 
I have loved him since first seeing his gorgeous face on one of the best shows that ended up getting cancelled....Homefront. 
I love his voice. 
I love his eyes. 
I love his hair. 
I need to stop its just not right.

4. Supernatural - Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles - 
So hot. 
Dean is one tough SOB. 
he can take down a demon with little effort. 
He then celebrates with a beer....thats my kind of man. 
He is just a delight to look at....his brother isn't so bad either but I prefer me a no bullshit kind of guy.

5. Grey's Anatomy - Dr. Owen Hunt aka Kevin McKidd. 
You can keep your McDreamy and your McSteamy Owen is a real man! 
His hair isn't perfect and he has a rugged appearance but forgive me if 
I prefer my men not to be prettier then I am. 
Nor do I like my men to take more time on their appearance then I do. 
Owen is that kind of guy. In fact he punched some crazy guy in the face in last nights episode..
.it was awesome and very manly and very HOT.

So those are my picks not lets see what Stacey thinks...........

Ok, so if some of you readers think,... hey, you forgot so and so, or what about this guy, or how could you leave out that guy? Well, let me tell you... I am picking 5, not 5,000. If I left someone out... comment below and send his hot photo to me via email! I will never say no to eye candy!
Plus, true confession... I ditched cable when 5 years ago when I became a stay at home mom. But it's ok, .... that is exactly why god invented NETFLIX!
Plus plus, I am letting Jennifer have Eric Northman this time because she is that kind of friend to me and I am that kind of friend to her!
So here are my 5 picks in no particular order:

1.Agent Hotch on Criminal Minds.
Something about his brooding intellectualism really gets to me.
In this photo, I think he's sexting me.
Oooops, was I not supposed to publish that on the internet?
Ah, well, it's alright. We have a special relationship like that.

2. Same show, .... Agent Morgan.
Baby, you can open my case file any time you want.
That's all I have to say.

3.Don Draper on Mad Men.
Everything about this show is sexy to me. I LOVE thinking of sultry days of liquid lunches and lounging around in bed and even the smoking looks sexy (don't get me wrong it's a filthy gross dirty disgusting fog of death, keep it away from me BUT... see what I mean, ADVERTISING INDUSTRY!). Also, he's a total jerk as a man but since tv is not real, I can say that he just has this way with the ladies.... just sayin'.

4.Aidan from Sex in the City.
Maybe it was his artist's personality, or just his sweet soft heart, but I loved this man. I don't remember why he broke it off with Carrie, but he is one I always wanted her to keep. Here, he's holding out his hand for me. Yes, I am on my way, baby!!!!

5.Quinn on Dexter
What can I say, he's just .... HOT!
This isn't my all time fave photo... but, hey... I had to include at least one half naked guy in this post!

So there you have it those are our picks. How about you got any suggested obsessions?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's decorating time at Serendipity Manor
All the creepy things that make me love halloween are filling the rooms
And of course I wanted to share them all with you

If I could I would keep these decorations up all year
But I fear the the men in the white coats would come and take me away

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