Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's decorating time at Serendipity Manor
All the creepy things that make me love halloween are filling the rooms
And of course I wanted to share them all with you

If I could I would keep these decorations up all year
But I fear the the men in the white coats would come and take me away


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Love them! Halloween is the best. I love the use of old, scary pictures.

Unknown said...

Freakin awesome!!!!
LOVE IT ALL, nice touch with they're coming to take me away, too!!!

ib said...

Okay Jenny. I may not be coming over for a spot of tea, anytime soon. Pictures, such as those that you display, creep me the hell out. And, as much as I like to take part in a pint of vampire blood, I must "just say no" when it comes to liquefied werewolf fur and an eyeball appetizer.

Having said that, I still think your a cool chick and wish that your hallow-ween be filled with zombie slaying and displaced limbs. If you like morbid things, you should check out the musical offerings of (The Paper Chase, Now, You Are One Of Us..)

Miranda said...

Love this! I wish I could decorate my house like that.

Andrew Leon said...

Okay, wait a minute. You're missing something there... that creepy doll... where is she?
She must be hiding in there somewhere!

Jennifer said...

Thank you all.

Liz - I was inspired by your recent Halloween decorating post.

Stacey - Thanks that song used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.

ib - I will definitely check those out. thanks for the suggestion.

Andrew - Charlotte refuses to be a part of my halloween decoration as she fears the possible possession by the evil spirits that may come to dance in my creepy manor.

Andrew Leon said...

Well, I can certainly understand that! And she's probably right, too. I mean, what evil spirit would see her and think she didn't -want- to be possessed!?

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