Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger why have thou forsaken me?

Is any one else experiencing blogger issues?

I can not comment.
Sometimes I write a new post and hit publish....
I think it published and then find out it did not.
I can't even comment on my own blog.
Want to add pictures?
Well you can't.
As if trying to come up with content and witty comments wasn't stressful enough!
I thought...... well maybe its my MacBook
Maybe blogger is a PC snob and hates Mac
But no I tried to use my office machine with the same results.
Should I switch to Wordpress?
No....I just don't want to try to copy everything over.
Plus I just got this awesome new blog design!
I don't know
 I love my blog but blogger is just killing my enthusiasm!
How about you? Anyone else feeling bloggers wrath? Or is it just me?


Kaye said...

The only issues I have had with Blogger and not being able to comment is when I have the box checked that says keep me signed in. I don't know why that is but as soon as I signed out and resigned in without having that box checked, I could comment. It's so frustrating, I know, but the thoughts of moving everything is scary to me. I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I think it is in the air Jennifer, things seem to be up and down with blogger - Thought to move too, but what about all the work done - can't imagine to start from scratch. Patience might be the key there, or maybe a global query to blogger........

Jennifer said...

Kaye - That is a great idea! I think I will try that. Thank you so much for the tip.

Marie - I agree. I have sent many a email to blogger abou this issue and it seems that they are aware of the issues but not sure how to repair them.

ib said...

Jenny, I have not had any issues lately, but have in the past. It is not as difficult to transfer to Wordpress as you may think.

Jennifer Prescott said...

Blogger occasionally craps out and needs a spanking! But I overall love it, for its interface and ease of use and general awesomeness. We have to's FREE!

Andrew Leon said...

It looks to me like they're trying to fix some of the issues they created when they changed everything several months ago. Maybe, they'll get it right this time.

Unknown said...

I have been having terrible trouble, though not as bad as you're describing. This weekend it seemed to clear up a bit... who knows!!!
I agree, frustrating, but I also don't want to transfer to wordpress!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I've had some issues. I have already created a Wordpress blog. Currently I am running both and trying to decide which one I would like to keep.

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