Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking Dead please stop making me cry!

*********Spoiler Alert*********

I'm sorry to have to do this.
For those of you who do not watch the Walking Dead I apologize for boring you.
But I just have to talk about it.

I love the show.
I really and truly do.
I just don't want to cry while watching it.
I want to be scared.
I want to scream.... "run".
I want to cover my face with a pillow because a zombie is getting beat over the head with a baseball bat.
I don't want to cry!

So last night we are met with Rick running across a field with his bleeding son cradled in his arms.
He is struggling and you can see the determination in his face as he races to the farm where a doctor lives.
How does he know a doctor lives there?
The dumb ass who shot his son told him.
By the way its that creepy actor you know but don't know his name.
He always plays some kind of crazy person
he is sort of fat with a wonky eye......
Anyway Rick is racing towards a farm and the doctor starts giving out orders and determines that Carl is alive but barely and he needs blood.
So the kid is laying there looking gray and sad and the tears are just rolling down my face.
Meanwhile the rest of the group is still making their way through the woods looking for Sophia.
Lori is kind of looking back. They heard the shot and she is worried.
Back at the farm one of the women rushes out to get Rick.
Carl needs blood.
When they open the door the kid is screaming as the doctor digs into his wound to pull out bullet fragments.
I can't take it! 
I am like screaming for someone to give the kid something!
But you know this is the zombie apocalypse and its not like they can take the kid to a hospital!
The doctor basically says the kids gonna die if he can't put him under so he can cut him open and get the rest of the bullet.
Wonky eye says "oh well there is the hospital 5 miles up but its crawling 
with Walkers" (what they call zombies)
So wonky eye and Shane leave to get what is needed from the hospital.
One of the women goes out to find Lori to bring her back to the farm.
So here is where the sobbing started.
Lori comes riding up on a horse.
Rick runs out to meet her.
She collapses in his arms.
Pulls away from him and runs to the house.
When she walks in and sees her son all gray and shot..... her face just crumbles
She climbs onto the bed and lays next to her son saying "Momma is here, Momma is here"
and I am sobbing so bad that I am pretty sure I made my neighbors dog bark.

The gang is back on the highway trying to decide if they should stay and wait for Sophia to maybe come back or if they should head to the farm and meet back up with Rick, Shane, Lori and the dying Carl.
Oh and the stupid whiny blonde was attacked yet again and is all pissy because Dale didn't let her die back at the CDC building.
I thinks its sad when I just wish she would cause I am tired of her whiny bullshit.

At the hospital Shane and wonky eye throw some flares to draw the attention away from the equipment trailer but oh shit when its time to leave the trailer the zombies are just waiting there for them.
They run and I am like "run wonky run" cause hes kind of chunky and I am pretty sure he is gonna get eaten.
But they make it into a building and thats where it ends......with some zombie hands reaching in through the gate trying to grab them so they can eat their brains!

In conclusion I look like hell this morning because of all the crying....Thanks Walking Dead!


Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... maybe, I don't want to watch this show after all.

Ashley McBride said...

i just wanna know where that damn sophia is! and i want the blonde bitch to die already too. she is pissing me off.

Unknown said...

omg, LOVE the write ups on this show!!!!
thanks for sharing!

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