Monday, October 31, 2011

Have a Happy Zombie Halloween!

I love Halloween for many reasons 
but I think the biggest reason is the awesome television programs

On the History Channel we have Zombies a Living History
On the Discovery Channel we have Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse
On the Travel channel we have Most Haunted Places
And on pretty much every other channel there is some scary movie or halloween themed show
I could watch this stuff all year round so I just eat it up during this season!

The Discovery Channel show was actually very informative.....
I learned what the best weapons to use in a Zombie attack
The machete being the best because it does not require much skill to use it and it does not run out of ammunition.
If firearms are your weapon of choice then a rifle is the best bet because it is easy to find ammunition for a common rifle as opposed to say a Glock.
I also learned how to avoid being bitten if hand to hand combat is necessary.
I walked around like a zombie during the commercial and made Christopher try to avoid being bitten.
He did pretty good but practice is definitely needed.

I also learned that I need to join some sort of survival group.....
Cause apparently the Zombie's are not the only problem.
I need to learn how to 
purify water with common household bleach
build a safe fire
I need to learn how to follow the sun or know what side moss grows on in order to know what direction I am heading.

I have no idea how I will live without my iPhone and iPad but I think to prepare I should try to go a day or two without them.

Well Have a safe and Happy Halloween and if you see any Zombies......Run!


Muriel said...

Happy Halloween Jennifer. Now, I have a confession: I have never been trick-or-treating. Halloween didn't exist in France when I was growing up.
My daughters are mad about Halloween and they came back with two bags full of sweets tonight. Times have changed. I feel a bit old...

Andrew Leon said...

Did you see the article over the weekend about home much zombies contribute to the economy? Well over $5 billion. Impressive, no?

Unknown said...

You have to share your all you've learned with me!

We just watched the Excorcist.


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