Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Findings at Fort Mifflin

Our Candlelight Tour at Fort Mifflin was a lot of fun
I'm not sure if it was necessarily worth the $20 they charged
but for a night out and the fact that it is going towards the preservation of the fort I am okay with it.
Our tour guide was a very nice gentlemen and he told us about the fort and the many experiences people have had there.
The history of the fort alone is very interesting
throw in a tale or two about the paranormal and I am all in!

The atmosphere that they set for you is perfect.
It was a very dark night with a bright full moon looking down on us.
Once inside the fort candles lit the way to the various buildings.
There is no electricity.
There is nothing like the flicker of a candle inside a dark building to get the imagination flowing.
It truly was inspiring for a dark minded person like myself.
I could almost feel things just reaching out as we entered each dimly lit room.
It was beautiful in its creepiness.

In preparation for my first ghost adventure
I downloaded a Ghost Hunting App onto my iPhone which I used to take pictures and some EVP's
Unfortunately it was too noisy to do EVP as the guide talks the whole time and the people in the group are murmuring and whispering so it sort of taints the evidence.

I took a ton of photos both with my phone and my camera.
Unfortunately I only caught three things that were weird/suspicious/awesome.
The rest of my photos I had to doctor to make them creepy.

Here are my photo shopped photos..................

Now these are the un-photo shopped raw photos

Are those orbs? I think so.....Ashley my photographer niece says they are moisture but these did not show up in any of the other photos.

Is that some sort of energy created my a ghost.
Again my know it all niece says NO its from me moving the camera during the shot.
Whatever its still cool.

And finally the face.......
It is a zoomed in copy of this one of the photos from above before I photo shopped.
I saw it that night when we were driving home.
Ashley had nothing to say......I am pretty sure after looking at it she slept with her Mom and Dad.

So there you have it!
If you live in the Philadelphia area you should definitely check this place out.
Ashley and I are going to go back during the day.
It is $8 and you are on your own to explore!


Andrew Leon said...

Wow, that looks like a cool place. I'd be in for a $20 night tour.
Even if I am a skeptic.

Muriel said...

OMG! How did you manage to sleep after this visit? the photos look really great, I think that they make you believe in ghosts (and I am a skeptic).

Miranda said...

when are you going back during the day?

Ashley McBride said...

hahahah know-it-all niece.

Anonymous said...

It's quite creepy! Your photos are great and am sure recreate perfectly the atmosphere of the place - I would never go on my own, by fear of not sleeping for the rest of my life!!


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