Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the greatest movie of all time!

I am a huge Tim Burton fan.

He is weird and his hair is awesome.
He is married to Helena Bonham Carter who is also weird and awesome.
Neither of them are ashamed of being weird and I love that!

His movies are amazing......

Edward Scissorhands?
Come on who doesn't love that movie?

Just awesome!

I could literally go on all day

But for me The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best!

I love everything about it.
The you know how much time that must take?
The music
The characters
The town
Have you seen this movie?

I bought the VHS tape for Amber when she was like two.
We watched that tape until it completely wore out and my Mom and Dad wanted to kill us!
In fact they may be the ones who broke it.
Then we bought another copy.
I know every word to the movie.
I know every word to every song.
When Christopher was little we made him watch it.
We made him love it.
When Amber and I drove up to visit Penn State her senior year
we brought the CD with us and sang it
the whole way there.

That is what makes this movie so awesome.
It Never gets old!

And you can debate
Is it a Christmas Movie or a Halloween Movie?
so its sort of educational???

The names of the charaters are great
Jack Skellington
Ooogie Boogie

I would love to live in a Tim Burton movie.
I love the darkness
the moodiness
the creepiness
of his films
And if I could choose any town to live in it would be
Halloween town.

Do yourself a favor and check this movie won't be sorry.


Anonymous said...

holy crap i really love BACON!

Anonymous said...

After reading this, I Have to Check it out - It seems awesome really! You are good at marketing, sure Tim Burton should take you in his team!!

Andrew Leon said...

I wish I could like Burton; I really do. I've tried and tried, but just don't. Mostly, because everything he does is really just the same story over again.
That said, I did really like Scissorhands. And, amazingly enough, I really like his take on Alice in Wonderland. But, mostly, he just keeps doing Scissorhands over and over again, and I want to yell in his face, "Get a new story!"

I also enjoyed Big Fish, but I think that was because of McGregor.

I hated his Batman movies, and I hated his Ape movie. Hated.
Everything else I might like better if I'd never seen Scissorhands.

Muriel said...

I like Tim Burton -except the nightmares I get afterwards. So I think that I have to prepare mentally before watching the movie. Deep, deep breath...Now I don't know what to do!

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