Monday, October 17, 2011

Walkind Dead

Last night was the premiere of Walking Dead!

********Spoiler Alert**********

We find our friends loading up their vehicles and driving down the highway.
They run into an obstacle across the road and then suddenly the RV dies.
As they are scavenging the cars left in the road...some with dead people inside
Suddenly some walkers show up and Oh My God are they freaking creepy.
Its very dramatic as they are hiding under the cars and the kids are separated
from their parents. The little girls Mom is all kinds of crazy. 
The pain in the ass blonde who the old man "saved" last season
A save I am sure he is regretting cause she is being a nasty bitch now
gets trapped in the RV with a walker and she stabs him in the eye with a screwdriver.....So cool!
Just as you think they survived and the herd of walkers has passed
OH NO a walker hears the little girl and now he is climbing under the car to get her
She runs and the walkers chase after her
Our hero Rick goes after the walkers....but he can't use his gun cause it will alert 
the herd that has passed.
So he hides the little girl....who turns out to be a stupid little girl cause she leaves the spot he put her
and he lures the two walkers away and then kills them both by 
smashing them in the head with a big rock......
Side Note........this is why I love zombies and this show in particular. 
I love the old school zombie rules it follows.....they aren't super fast or super strong. 
They can be killed and sometimes its as simple as smashing them in the head with a rock 
or ramming a screwdriver through their eye.
Its just so cool!
Anyway so Rick goes back and the kid is gone.
The Mom is all like "How could you leave her?"
So he goes back out to search.
The annoying blonde woman aka Andrea is all like "I want my gun" and "you should have let me die"
blah blah blah stop your damn whining there is a kid missing.
So our group hears church bells and when they find the church there are some walkers sitting in the pews which was creepy awesome. 
They decide to split up with Rick and that loser Shane staying behind to continue the search.
Carl is like "I want to stay Sophia is my friend" and for some unknown  freaking reason
his parents are like "Yeah thats cool what the hell lets just put all the kids in danger" so he stays behind with his Dad and the dude his Mom was screwing when she thought her husband was dead.
The other group leaves and Lori is all like "get off my husbands back no one else would have even chased after the kid in the first place" and everyone looks down in shame.
Rick, Shane and Carl are walking along and they see a deer.....oh wait Rick talks to the statue of Jesus in the church and asks for a I am thinking he thinks this beautiful buck is a sign.....anyway Shane raises his rifle....which is weird because they won't shoot the zombies because it makes too much noise but we will shoot a deer?......and Rick motions him to stop because Carl is like mesmerized by the deer and he starts walking toward it. It is a very beautiful moment
sweet innocent deer 
sweet innocent kid
and then BANG!
the deer gets shot and the bullet goes right through the deer and into the kid.
They both go down and...........the screen goes black. 
Credits roll
and I know I will not sleep a wink!

So basically it was like kill the kids off night on the Walking Dead.

Did you watch it last night? What did you think?

I found these awesome bumper stickers which I ordered online 
so cool!



Unknown said...

that sounds freaking amazing!
What channel is it on?
I'm guessing not regular networks so until it's on netflix I will keep reading your recaps... it was great!

Have you been in Barnes and Noble lately? They had a bunch of zombie stuff out here this weekend, ... I thought of you!


Andrew Leon said...

I suppose I'm going to have to check this show out at some point.

Ashley McBride said...

those bumper stickers are so you. especially the last one hahaha. and omg i almost cried when carl got shot. that episode was so intense! i can't wait for next week!

Jennifer said...

Stacey its on AMC. I am sure Netflix has last season you should definitely check it out. I have not been to B&N but I think my lovely niece Ashley has cause she was texting me the covers of some pretty cool books.

Jennifer said...

Andrew - you definitely should.

Jennifer said...

Ash - me too!

Samantha Sotto said...

Okay - I had to stop reading your post when I saw the "Spoiler Alert." I'm watching the show tonight! :) I'll come back when I'm done!

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