Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel

I have a list of places that I would like to visit.

One of those places is The Stanley Hotel in Colorado.
This is the hotel in which Stephen King stayed and was then inspired to write The Shining.
Which happens to be one of my favorite of his books and 
my favorite movie adapted from one of his books.
This alone made me want to stay there and then
Ghost Hunters also investigated The Stanley and I found their experiences very intriguing. 
So I put it on my list of places I would like to stay.

I work at a Hotel.
Its pretty creepy here 
especially when I have to be in at 6:30 am.
In order to get to my office I have to walk through the sleeping wing.
At that early hour most of the guests and sleeping and so the hallways are quiet and dark
and deserted
This gives the atmosphere of an awesome ghost story.
Which I love
Sometimes when my very active imagination is in high gear I end up barreling through the hallways like a madwoman in my attempt to out run whatever is chasing me.
Which nothing is chasing me but still......I'm pretty sure there might be.

I don't think it is the hotel's fault that I am creeped out.
In fact I think all hotels are pretty creepy!
For instance......
My family once stayed at The Boardwalk Hotel in Disney world.
Nice hotel
A little snobby/stuffy for our taste but really very lovely.
The hallways and lobby were brightly lit and colorfully decorated.
The staff laid on the Disney charm.
People smiled.....a lot which is creepy
The rooms were very nice
well appointed
everything you could want when staying at the happiest place on earth.
Until......Dun dun dun
Amber and I went to get ice and something to drink.
We made a wrong turn and ended up wander down hallway after hallway.
While going down one particular very long hallway Amber says....
"I keep expecting those creepy girls from the Shining to appear saying in their creepy voice Come and play with us Danny"
Well that was it.....
She had said out loud what we both had been thinking and now we were scared.
We picked up our pace 
Kept turning around to see if anyone was following us.
And then we started to idiots through the very plush hallways 
Finally we made it to the lobby area and collapsed with relief onto one of the sofas.

So how about you think hotels are creepy?


Heidi W said...

Hotels are creepy. All the people who have been though them--the variety of activities that have happened though all the years in that one spot.

Yes, definitely creepy.

I've always wanted to visit the Stanley Hotel too. The really lame thing is that I live about 30 minutes away from it. I've driven by it many times, but I've never stopped. But that's how it is--I have the opportunity to do it whenever, so I don't do it at all.

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Hotels are definitely creepy and that completely goes back to the Shining and the creepy kids. I would love to stay at the Stanley, someday I will (definitely Ghost Hunters best Halloween episode to date). I haven't scared myself to the point of running yet, but I always look for hotels or B&B's that are haunted when I travel. :-)

ib said...

It would depend on the hotel. Places such as The Holiday Inn and The Marriot are, in now way, creepy to me. Even at a late/early hour, there seems to always be activity, but a hotel like The Stanley has creepy written all over it. I would leave a trail of excrement on the drive up from the the front gate. (That is, if I had a big enough sack to go all of the way up there without turning back.) The Shining was the my introduction into horror movies growing up and just thinking about it makes me shutter.

Jennifer Prescott said...

This place reminds me of the Mount Washington Hotel in NH! (Which my kids call the Wash Mountington.)

Unknown said...

oh, my yes....
shudder, shudder, shudder

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