Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Charlotte the Creepy Doll - Waiting for Nightfall

It was time for Charlotte to get in the halloween spirit..............

Waiting for Nightfall

She sat listening to the family. It was dinner time and they were gathered around the table talking about their day. 

No one noticed as she peeked around the corner. Her plans were set. Tonight would be the night they would pay for her torment.

For years her spirit has been trapped in this dolls body. Her only hope for escape was to perform a blood ritual that would release her spirit from this hell. Her previous attempts were unsuccessful but she would not give up. And so she made her plans......

Before the man came home she had stolen a knife from the kitchen. It was sharp and the handle fit perfectly in her hand. She concealed the weapon in the folds of her dress. No one would notice. The children feared her, as they should, so they stayed away. The man and woman are too tired from work to notice anything. As she listened to the boy laugh at something his sister said she imagined the look of fear on his face when she woke him from his sleep. Their terror would be her joy. 

For months she has had to listen to their mundane complaints. This one hates school, that one wants more allowance, that one hates her job the other wants to spend less money. None of these problems compared to the torment of being held mute inside this cold hard Bisque body. Her unblinking eyes forced to see everything. Creeping back to her place among the other useless objects she imagined the feel of their warm blood against her cold molded hands. The man would be first. His annoying remarks about the woman’s choices in decor have caused many a conflict. After she was able to harm him enough to leave him unable to fight back she would slice out his tongue. The thought of finally being able to eliminate his ability to speak made her wish for the muscles needed to form a smile. But alas her face was permanently frozen in this expression. The woman would go last. She would force her to watch the destruction of her precious children. Knowing that it is because of her that she was brought into this house in the first place. 

The woman will know that she should have listened to the shopkeepers warning that the doll was dangerous. Instead she had thought it interesting, cool and morbid that it had been present at many crime scenes. The doll often wondered why the police had not been able to figure out who has responsible for all the deaths. They are too eager to blame the living. Never imagining that supernatural evil is present and capable of destruction.

And so she sits listening to them clean their last dinner plates. Her wish is that she could tell them not to bother helping the boy study for that test tomorrow or tell the girl painting her finger nails will be a waste. Tomorrow they will not be taking test, going to work or......breathing for that matter. 

After the police come in and the house is cleaned and put up for sale. Belongings will be sold or shared amongst the family. She would either be sold to an antique store or brought into one of the homes of a family member. She hoped it would be the one with the twin girls. She had noticed the last time they visited that their strange twin connection had also allowed for an opening in which a spirit like her could communicate. Maybe next time it would not be her wielding the knife. Maybe it would be held in their precious little hands.

This was for Lauren who stopped being afraid of Charlotte.....a very dangerous thing to do!


Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Freaking awesome!!!!

Andrew Leon said...

Ack! And here I thought Charlotte was good! Or did one of those evil spirits get into her?

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Ahahahaha I love the Charlotte stories. Too funny

Anonymous said...

all i can say is omg!

Muriel said...

What a scary doll! I am still shaken!

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