Friday, October 7, 2011

Its getting HOT in here

On this fabulous friday in October Stacey and I decided 

I needed a break from all the Halloween fun
And what better way to have fun then to look at some eye candy
We went with Top 10 Hot Guys of Television
I really enjoyed this post although it was extremely hard picking only five
I decided to leave the boys to the young girls and only pick men
So please forgive me for all the hot young guys I left out
After all I am a woman and I like men!

So without further delay here are my top 5 Hot Guys of Television!

1. Trueblood - Eric Northman aka Alexander Skarsgard - 
Stacey let me have him cause she is one cool friend. I love Eric. 
He is hot. 
He is dangerous. 
He is a bit of a jerk. 
Everything about him oozes sex. 

2. Trueblood - Alcide aka Joe Manganiello - 
Yum Alcide is all man! 
I can not express my joy enough over the fact that True Blood is on HBO. 
The reason for my joy Alcide is naked like half the time. 

3. Friday Night Lights - Eric Taylor aka Kyle Chandler - 
I am literally in love with this man. If he lived anywhere within driving distance of my house 
I would be in jail. 
I have loved him since first seeing his gorgeous face on one of the best shows that ended up getting cancelled....Homefront. 
I love his voice. 
I love his eyes. 
I love his hair. 
I need to stop its just not right.

4. Supernatural - Dean Winchester aka Jensen Ackles - 
So hot. 
Dean is one tough SOB. 
he can take down a demon with little effort. 
He then celebrates with a beer....thats my kind of man. 
He is just a delight to look at....his brother isn't so bad either but I prefer me a no bullshit kind of guy.

5. Grey's Anatomy - Dr. Owen Hunt aka Kevin McKidd. 
You can keep your McDreamy and your McSteamy Owen is a real man! 
His hair isn't perfect and he has a rugged appearance but forgive me if 
I prefer my men not to be prettier then I am. 
Nor do I like my men to take more time on their appearance then I do. 
Owen is that kind of guy. In fact he punched some crazy guy in the face in last nights episode..
.it was awesome and very manly and very HOT.

So those are my picks not lets see what Stacey thinks...........

Ok, so if some of you readers think,... hey, you forgot so and so, or what about this guy, or how could you leave out that guy? Well, let me tell you... I am picking 5, not 5,000. If I left someone out... comment below and send his hot photo to me via email! I will never say no to eye candy!
Plus, true confession... I ditched cable when 5 years ago when I became a stay at home mom. But it's ok, .... that is exactly why god invented NETFLIX!
Plus plus, I am letting Jennifer have Eric Northman this time because she is that kind of friend to me and I am that kind of friend to her!
So here are my 5 picks in no particular order:

1.Agent Hotch on Criminal Minds.
Something about his brooding intellectualism really gets to me.
In this photo, I think he's sexting me.
Oooops, was I not supposed to publish that on the internet?
Ah, well, it's alright. We have a special relationship like that.

2. Same show, .... Agent Morgan.
Baby, you can open my case file any time you want.
That's all I have to say.

3.Don Draper on Mad Men.
Everything about this show is sexy to me. I LOVE thinking of sultry days of liquid lunches and lounging around in bed and even the smoking looks sexy (don't get me wrong it's a filthy gross dirty disgusting fog of death, keep it away from me BUT... see what I mean, ADVERTISING INDUSTRY!). Also, he's a total jerk as a man but since tv is not real, I can say that he just has this way with the ladies.... just sayin'.

4.Aidan from Sex in the City.
Maybe it was his artist's personality, or just his sweet soft heart, but I loved this man. I don't remember why he broke it off with Carrie, but he is one I always wanted her to keep. Here, he's holding out his hand for me. Yes, I am on my way, baby!!!!

5.Quinn on Dexter
What can I say, he's just .... HOT!
This isn't my all time fave photo... but, hey... I had to include at least one half naked guy in this post!

So there you have it those are our picks. How about you got any suggested obsessions?


Unknown said...


What a WONDERFUL start to the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muriel said...

Thanks for this (yummy). I would have thought that you were a Mr Big sort of women -but you prefer Aidan.
As for men not being prettier than worn, I totally agree. Are you sure you are not French?

ib said...

Where, I? Now I see how it is.

What? You think that I am funny, so I have to be fat? FINE, i'm getting the f*** outta here.


Unknown said...

haha... Muriel, I GREW TO LOVE Mr. Big in the end.... but not during the whole series where he was a total asshole!
I also LOVE the rugged man/Marlboro man type look! OOOOOOh! I didn't know that was a French thing?!? ;)

ib... I didn't know you were on tv or OF COURSE you'd top the list!

hope this comment goes through! :)

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Between Dean and Jon Hamm I am totally swooning here. Wowza! But as for SATC I was team Mr. Big.

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