Monday, October 3, 2011

October Reading

October is National Book month

Did you know that?
Its a great time....and excuse to read
as if you really needed an excuse.
I love the fact that my children love to read.
Amber was just telling me that she is reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.
We both love the movie and she said she is really enjoying reading the book.
I love that we have a love of reading in common.
I love that we can recommend or not recommend books to each other.
The boy has just finished Saving Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
He loved it. 
In fact he said it was his second favorite book he has read....Harry Potter being the first favorite.
I think its because it has dogs in it and he loves animals.
It made my heart happy every time I saw his nose buried in that book.
And every time he rambled to me in the car about what was happening in the story 
I couldn't help but smile.
Reading is a wonderful adventure you can take with your children.
I think it is very important to NOT make reading a chore or a requirement
I personally think that when you make it either of those things children grow to dislike it.
Encourage reading for pleasure.....for the sheer joy of traveling through your imagination.

This month take your children on a trip to the bookstore or local library.
Let them wonder through the stacks alone.
Let them pick a book that they choose.
Not you.
Not school.
Even if you think its above their reading level.
Don't discourage. 

Make reading a part of family night.
Talk about books at dinner.
Enjoy a good book yourself.
Turn off the TV.....ugh I know thats hard you know how addicted I am.
and sit for a little while and read with your child.
You won't regret it!

Got any plans for October reading?


Muriel said...

I love reading. Every night, I try to read with each of my daughters. Sometimes in French, sometimes in English. I think that it is a great way of sharing books I like (The Count of Monte Cristo, for instance, and other classics...). Well one for managing to get your son to read, from what my friends are telling me it is not always easy...

Anonymous said...

How great your children love reading too - It makes such a difference when it's Spontaneous. And what I love is that you can all exchange on a book later, talk about it and give your impressions.

I am reading a 800 pages book now, but I will definitely need to look for another one, it won't last another month!

Have a great day and Happy Reading Month!

Andrew Leon said...

I traditionally read to my children at night before bed; however, we haven't really been able to do that the last few months. It's just been too hectic with moving, etc. However, I'm about to start up again by reading them Poe stories before bed. As soon as I figure out where the book is packed.

Reading at night before bed is how I introduced my kids to Harry Potter.

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