Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A few months back my son very seriously asked me to name the three things I wanted to be when I was his age. He said "what did you dream of being when you grew up?"
I quickly named
1. Law Enforcement Officer (FBI or State Police)
2. A Writer
3. A Psychiatrist

His entire body deflated and he looked so sad it almost made me cry.
I asked him "whats wrong pal?"
Letting out a sigh he said "how close did you come to being any of those things?"
Still not sure where his question was going I said "well you know what my job is so not very close"
(for those who don't know I am a technology manager)
Again his poor little face was covered in concern.
Realizing that this was more then just a simple conversation I asked him what he was thinking.
He said "well I have three things I want to be"
1. A hockey player
2. A writer
3. An Army man

"And I was wondering if I would ever get to be one of those things. But if you didn't get to be what you wanted I guess I won't either"
I literally is these types of conversations that has led my friend Robin to state that she believes my son is an old soul what eight year old thinks this kind of stuff?.....anyway I looked into those sad blue eyes of his and I told him exactly what my father always told me.....
"You can be anything you want to be if you believe it and you work for it. I believe you can and don't ever forget that."
Although this did not immediately repair his broken spirit it did seem to give him comfort.
A day later he said to me "Mom you could be a writer you write all the time"
I dismissed this as he also thinks I have eyes on the back of my head.
But it was nice to hear even from a little boy that there was still time to dream.

I tell you this story because the reason I started this blog was for him.
I know this blog does not make me a "writer" in the eyes of......well anyone
but for my son it does.
To him me having this little spot on the Internet where I randomly write about nothing is something special.
He thinks its cool
(although he still worries about some of the content and whether people think I am crazy)
to him I am a writer and if that helps him believe in himself more then I am doing my job.

I don't know if I will ever publish a single thing but I will always write and I will try to remember that it is never too late to believe in yourself
sometimes it just takes someone reminding you that they believe in you.

Have a great Thursday!


エイプリル said...

Aww, kids sure know how to pull on the heartstrings. How special though, that you do this for him. This was such a wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

What a Sweet story. Christopher is right, though. I think blogging is a great writing exercise and you're doing that! Also, I hope he aims for the hockey player. =) I wanted to be an ice skater, ice skater, ice skater... Hmmm. But I'm of the era of Tanya Harding. Guess it's good that didn't work out. ha! Keep writing!

Joe Richardson said...

As of today, I've only read one thing you've written. But it was enough.

I believe in you.

Keep writing.


Jennifer Hillier said...

Awww, what a great post!

And let me just say... a writer writes. So you're definitely a writer! :)

Andrew Leon said...

I sort of approached things from the opposite side: I had 3 things a did -not- want to be when I grew up:
1. The president. I think it's safe to say that I've succeeded in this one.
2. A lawyer. I think it's also safe to say that I will never be doing this one.
3. A teacher.

Um... I can't say I had the same success with no. 3 as I spent a lot of years teaching in some capacity or other. But I like making people think, so, well, that's where you go to do that.

The very first thing I did want to be when I grew up was a paleontologist. I decided that at 3 or 4, when I saw my first dinosaur. My kindergarten teacher thought I made that word up when I answered that question in class with paleontologist. I wanted to do that until I hit middle school and discovered I hated rocks.

Your son and my younger son should really get together. They ask the same kinds of questions.

Anonymous said...

O so cute! He really does sound like a wise little man.... I would be that if Old Souls are real then he is sure to be one!!
And see what he's done- you are a writer!!

Muriel said...

I just want to be happy when I grow up! And yes, you are a writer!

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