Friday, September 23, 2011

Things that scare the hell out of me

Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves do not scare me

Maybe its because we have romanticized the hell out of those beings
Trust me when Salem's Lot came out it scared the piss out of me
and still does
But with Twilight, Trueblood and The Vampire Diaries 
Vampires are now sex symbols and not at all scary

Here is a list of things that are scary to me and I don't see any way to make them not scary!

1. Clowns - I am shaking while writing this that his how bad clowns scare me. I hate them they are evil and it should be illegal to have them at parties unless all attendees sign a written consent....and the police are there to protect the guest from the manic hiding behind the makeup.

2. Spiders - I don't like them. They are creepy and weird. I don't like them in movies when they crawl out of dead peoples mouths. I don't like them on TV when that one crawls on Peter Brady because they stole that ancient tiki thing. I don't like when when crawls across the floor or God forbid the ceiling where it could drop down on my head at any time!

3. Demons/Possession - Blame it on the Catholic upbringing but anything having to do with demons or possession scares the hell out of me. After seeing The Exorcism of Emily Rose if I woke up and the clock read 3 AM I would wait in fear for the demon. The Exorcist to this day still scares me to the point where I even consider going to church again. 

4. Aliens - Aliens scare me probably because I believe that they exist. I really do not think we are alone in the universe and eventually they will come to destroy us all and take over our planet. In the meantime they will keep stealing us from our beds. The movie the Fourth Kind is way scary. In Signs which wasn't a particularly scary movie but when that first alien flashes across the TV screen I jumped out of my skin. Fire In the Sky I think is the scariest of them all those aliens gave me nightmares for weeks!

5. Strange Beings (Like the Mothman, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil) - Weird beings that have been seen by people completely scare me. The idea of some strange creature with red eyes dropping down on your car and predicting some disaster.........crazy creepy! When I have to be in work by 6:30 AM a few days a week that ride in is like one giant stress filled trip. The roads are dark and deserted and I just know some creepy red eyed monster is looking at me through the trees. Bigfoot forget it if I was ever walking in the woods.....which if you know me would never happen because I don't like nature walks.....anyway if I was walking through the woods and saw some massive hairy man ape thing I would die literally I would have a stroke or heart attack and die.

So these are the things that scare me....what scares you?


Andrew Leon said...


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I completely agree with 1 through 3, except spiders are number one on my list (especially one in my car, eek!). The other thing that scares me is Jack Nicholson. He freaks me out. If I saw him walking down the street, I would cross to the other side. So creepy (I blame the Shining).

Muriel said...

What about snakes? I hate snakes, they really freak me out, especially inside a building.
As for spiders, we have a saying that, if you see one in the evening, there is hope and good fortune for you...

Unknown said...

I agree completely with each and every choice! Totally legit fears. I have a spider bite the size of an egg to prove that one, too right now!
Hey, when you visit me in TX, we could go to Roswell if you want... It's only a few short hrs. from Lubbock!!!!

Jennifer Prescott said...

All your items are seriously scary! I shall not sleep tonight. Check out this study on CLOWNS:

Jennifer said...

Lizzie - OMG if a spider was in my car I would probably kill myself jumping from my moving vehicle!

Jennifer said...

Muriel - snakes creep me out but don't scare me. And if I see a spider in the evening then I am not sleeping all night unless I see it killed first.

Jennifer said...

Stacey - YES! That is a great idea.

Jennifer said...

Jenny - thanks for the link its good to know I am not alone!

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