Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Amber is the Coolest Person I Know

Amber is pretty much the coolest person I know.

I take full credit because I am her mother.
Amber has always been a very confident person.
She has no problem being weird.
Which I love because neither do I.
She is always quick with 
a smile
a joke 
a laugh
a hug.....and she gives the best
She will talk to anyone
about anything.
Which is sometimes disconcerting.
She is friendly and makes friends easy.
Very rarely do I ever hear her speak about someone in a negative way.
I know she does sometimes.......everyone does.
But it is certainly less frequent then most.
Amber has no problem making fun of herself.
Her laughter is contagious.
She has always been the one to except the person others won't.
Sometimes I wish she would stick up for herself more.
Like when someone calls her fat
which she is NOT.
She is talented
beautiful....inside and out.
She can't sing but does anyway.
She bites her nails which is gross.

Her presence actually changes the air
it becomes lighter
fills with laughter

Amber loves food
she loves to eat
and isn't ashamed of this fact
while some her age may put on airs 
she just eats
she doesn't take herself too seriously
being goofy is her trademark
that and talking super fast

All of these things add up to why she is the coolest person I know

I used to worry about all of the things I have not accomplished in my life
I had big goals and never worked to reach them
but when I look back at my life I now know that its Amber and Christopher
that are my success story.


Anonymous said...

This is a very touching and beautiful post Jennifer!
What a tender message of love - your daughter seems an amazing person and surely she should keep these words close to her heart for all her life.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Muriel said...

A proud mummy! Congratulations for having such a well-rounded daughter...You are right, our children are our pride!

Unknown said...

you are so lucky! you have beautiful children, you have a beautiful big extended family, ... what wonderful fun you all must have and YES OF COURSE I can tell you are a super supremely awesome mom! :)
if I were Amber's age, I would so want to be her friend. what a sweetie.
again, you are a rockin' mom!

ib said...

Is that your daughter?

Cause I couldn't tell.

She must have one of the coolest moms in the history of EVER.

Jennifer Hillier said...

What a beautiful post. So lovely!

Elliot Grace said...

...loved it!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Everyone :)

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