Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sorry I was distracted by life

Last week is a blur.

Actually the last couple of weeks.
Its been kind of crazy.
It was Christopher's birthday.
We went to a Stanley Cup playoff game.
Perry passed away.
I turned 40.
The Flyers made it to the second round of the playoffs.
We got a new puppy.
Amber came home from college.....and so did loads and loads of dirty laundry.
It's funny how life happens like that.
And it doesn't appear that there is any end in sight to the madness. 
Amber will be leaving in two weeks to go to Disney World. 
She will be there for 8 months.
She has to pack......which means I have to pack.
Hopefully the Flyers will start playing like they can and get past the Devils.
School will be out and I will need to find places for Christopher to go all summer.......
Thanks to my live in babysitter going to Disney....ahem Amber
The puppy needs to get house broken.
My kitchen is still torn apart.
but again this is life.
I wouldn't want it to be any other way.......
Well thats a lie.
It would be awesome if I was incredibly wealthy and I could just hire someone to do all of this while I lounged around the pool all summer.
I do have several book which I will be reviewing in the coming months.
I can't wait to get the time to start reading again.

How about you? Has life every tackled you and taken you prisoner?


Andrew Leon said...

Oh, that happened a long time ago (the being taken a prisoner part). The fact that I'm still trying to get what I wrote -last- summer on Brother's Keeper into the computer is testament to that.

Miranda said...

i'll babysit him! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Life can be so busy sometime Jennifer, we don't know where to find time for anything else, but it's good too!
Anyway glad to read you again. It has been quite busy and crazy for me too. Now it's time to relax and let go!

take care and have a fabulous day dear! xx

Unknown said...

Yes. Sigh. You can send Christopher here. :) he can bring the puppy.maybe it would keep the girls distracted from fighting all the time which.is not my idea of a fun summer but at least I get to escape to teach AquaZumba. :) I promise we would keep up on our prep for zombie apacolypse. Oh.... And I could teach him to use a B&A if he doesn't know already if maybe he could teach me to shoot a gun. :)

Muriel said...

Life gets in the way sometimes, and it is a good thing! I can't believe that you are going through such changes. Amber is going to college already OMG! We are the same age. In a few years, my daughter will do the same. Gosh, it went fast.
Take care, and enjoy the extra time then!

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