Monday, May 14, 2012

Dark Shadows a review

On Mother's Day Amber, Christopher and I went to see Dark Shadows.

It wasn't very good.
Some parts were funny and I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and an even bigger Tim Burton fan.
Add to the fact that I love me a vampire and you would think this movie would be the perfect film for me.
But sadly it wasn't what it could have been.
It was cartoonish. It was like watching one of those parody movies.
Johnny Depp was great and Michelle Pfeiffer is more beautiful then ever.
I don't want to give anything away. You know the gist of it.
Barnabas Collins returns to his home after being cursed and buried for centuries.
He finds his beloved Collinwood Mansion in disrepair and his family's company all but shut down.
He goes against the witch that cursed his family and obviously beats her.
Again I won't ruin the end but I will say maybe the worst end ever.

The best part of the movie was not even a part of the movie.
Forgive me a minute for this.
Our seats were as follows Christopher, Me and then Amber.
Next to Amber were to empty seats and then a bunch of people we didn't know.
Before the movie started an older woman and a woman whom we assumed was her daughter came in and sat next to Amber. They had an air of self importance about them.
As if they were better than us.
But they weren't.
Amber's cup holder was in the shared seat arm of the haughty older woman.
Every time Amber took a sip of her drink the woman huffed and noisily made us aware that she was annoyed with my daughters need to drink her ice tea.
So.....the movie starts and there was a funny part.
And the younger woman of the duo laughs and ........forgive me for this.......
And Amber and I crack up like two twelve year old boys.
The funniest part of all of it was the appalled look on the older woman's face.
It was part disgust and part ewwww you stink!
After the movie was over we sat in the car laughing hysterically while Christopher cringed with embarrassment. He may never go out with the two of us again.

Well that concludes my review of Dark Shadows!
Don't let me stop you from seeing it.....after all you never know who you might sit next to that could make your experience at the theater memorable.


Andrew Leon said...

You know, that's often the response I have to Burton. I had that with the headless horseman remake he did and with... um, the barber one that I'm not remembering the name of at the moment. They -ought- to be good, but they just come off as corny.

I think I'll wait for DVD for this one.

Muriel said...

It looks like the show was in the theatre rather than on the screen...Well, it sometimes happens!

Samantha Sotto said...

Howdy stranger! I finally found some time to return to the land of the living :P Couldn't agree more about Dark Shadows. Oh, man. I really tried to like it. Sigh. What a waste of great cast!

Unknown said...

I think you saved me time and money with this review of "Dark Shadows." I'm a Johnny Depp fan and hope his next movie is better, I think he's an excellent actor.

Unknown said...

good to know... my bookclub was thinking of going t o this next on our list but we rarely take the time to head for the first run movies.... :)
fun fun fun anyway... have a great week!!!!!

Muriel said...

That's what I love about going to the movies rather than watching a DVD: sometimes, the show is in the theater!

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