Monday, June 11, 2012

Hi! Remember me?

So I have been absent from the blog world. 

But now I am back and I would like to catch you all up on what I have been doing while I was away.
Sadly its nothing really exciting but that is pretty much my life.

Amber left us for Disney World
She was excepted into the Disney College Program and she will be there until January 2nd which also happens to be her 21st Birthday.
She has been having a good time. She calls and complains and I tell her to shut her face.......she is living in the happiest place on earth!
Mostly she complains about her job but I think its more having a job that she is complaining about.
She has made some new friends which has never been a problem for her.
She recently was a "four keys" recipient.

Which is like Disney's version of what we call here where I work a "hole in one card" 
It's basically a recognition for doing something above and beyond your job or by doing your job well.
Not to sound too much like her friend Jason who tried to steal her thunder by saying he has received two......but I get a "hole in one card" all the time.
So......just sayin.

So life without Amber has been......quiet.
I miss her very much and I can't wait to see her when we visit in August!

Before Amber left we welcomed a new puppy into our home.

His name is Brayden.
He is a french bulldog.
We bought him from the same breeder as we did Perry so they are kind of brothers.
He was names after Philadelphia Flyers hockey player Brayden Schenn.
He is adorable and sweet.

He kind of looks like Edgar.....remember him? My Library Gargoyle.

Amber spent some time with her before she left and basically taught him everything she knows about sleeping, being lazy and laying in bed. 
She is practically an Olympic gold medalist at it so.......


So now that she is gone he is the laziest one in our house.

Christopher is taking excellent care of him and I think the two of them will be inseparable this summer.

Well folks thats about it. It has been a month of just nothing and everything.
But things have settled and so I am ready to join the blog world again.

One last thing...........At the end of each post I will tell you what I am reading. 
Just cause I plan to do a lot of reading this summer and I don't know if I will always post a review.

Have a fantastic day!

I am reading.........Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


Andrew Leon said...

Ah, I'm glad to see you posting! I was actually getting close to the point of emailing you to check in. I just hadn't quite gotten to it.

I'm glad you got a new dog :)

I kind of want to read that Lincoln book, but I plan on reading that zombie one, first. It's sitting around here somewhere.

Unknown said...

Great pics! Amber is so lucky, I would love to work in the Magic Kingdom!!!! :) Love the puppy pics, and ya, he looks like Edgar, that pic is hilarious! Christopher looks great.... wonderful!

Hey, let me know how Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is... I have put my personal reading on hold till I finish writing. Well, except for I started reading Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy which is a nice escape and helping me with my sex scenes. :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Welcome back to the blog world! Congrats on the new puppy, he's adorable. :)

Muriel said...

Amber is now working. Well, we are not getting any younger, are we? And yes, despite what she thinks Amber is very lucky. Good to read you again, Jennifer!

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