Monday, June 18, 2012

Introducing Brayden

I have mentioned Brayden.

He is our newest family member.
Brayden is a French Bulldog.
He currently weighs 10 pounds and will weigh around 20 when he is full grown.
We bought him from the same breeder we bought Perry from.
When Christopher decided he was in need of a new friend he specified that he wanted to get him from the same breeder but he did not want to get another cream colored because it would be too hard if the new puppy looked exactly like Perry. 
He opted for the black/brindle.
Brayden is extra spoiled because we all want to hold him and pet him as we try to 
heal from the loss of Perry.

I took Brayden down the shore with me this weekend.
I went down to help my sister get her rental property ready for the season.
He had a great time.
I walked him down to the beach in the morning to show him the ocean.
He did not care for the sand.

Until he saw the seagulls.
But I would not let him chase them.
Because he wasn't really supposed to be on the beach.
And because seagulls are nasty suckers.
When I told him No! He made this face at me.........

it's his mad face.

We walked him down to the ocean.
He did not like getting his feet wet but we had to at least let him put his feet in.
It would have somehow been wrong not to.
Christopher quickly picked him up and the two looked out into the vastness of the ocean together.

I love how much comfort Christopher gets from having this new friend.
He is enjoying the responsibility of training Brayden and also teaching him all of the tricks he once taught Perry.

I enjoyed bugging my sister whenever I referred to Brayden as Christopher's brother or referred to her as Aunt Judy when I was speaking to Brayden.

My nieces Ashley and Miranda, who were at the shore with us,  took about a thousand pictures of him and posted them in instagram.  
And announced that they were stealing him because he is so cute.

But we would never let that happen.

So please join me in welcoming Brayden to my blog!

Stay tuned to find out how Charlotte is dealing with the loss of Perry and the introduction of Brayden.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

I am reading: The Breath of God by Jeffrey Small


Andrew Leon said...

I saw a dog last week that looks just like your dog.
And my dog has the same leash you have in that pic.
I hope your dog brings as much joy to your family as our dog has to ours.

Unknown said...

He's so cute.... LOVE the mad face!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha Sotto said...

Hey, hey, hey! :) Great to see back in the blogosphere! Brayden is ADORABLE!

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