Monday, February 28, 2011

Disclaimer Alert

******I wanted to add a little disclaimer********
I am NOT by any means a literature expert. I am NOT a professional reviewer/critic. My knowledge of the publishing industry is non-existent.

I AM an avid reader. I have read many books in varying genres. I have an opinion. I personally do not take book recommendations from professional book critics. I get my recommendations from either reading the summary located directly on the book, from family, friends, blogs and occassionally Book Radio which I listen to in my car.

What you can expect from me is how I truly feel about a book. Written in the same way I would say it to a friend. If your interst is in how the author felt when writing the story or in depth character analysis you will not find it here. Simply because that type of information does not interest me.

This is what interests me from a "review" perspective:

Did you like it?
Did you care about the charaters?
Was the book hard to put down?
Did your children go for days without food because you were so engrossed in the book?
Did you nod your head in agreement to things while reading that you normally would not agree to but you were completely ignoring the person and only agreed so he/she would go away?
And MOST imporatantly
Will you read other books by this author?

If you are like me and are drawn to a book by real life opinions and not a bunch of fancy intellectual analysis then that is exactly what you will find here.

Now if you will excuse me I must retire to my library where I will don my smoking jacket hold my pipe loosely in my hand while sitting in front of a roaring fire contemplating the existentialism of Nietzsche.


Lesa said...

Ha! 4 and 5 are too funny and I can so relate!! That same focus has carried over to blogging-- I see mouths moving but don't process a word they say.

I don't write or read many reviews-- but I do prefer the casual conversational not too reviewish sort.

Cathy said...

Hi Jenny: I love your disclaimer alert. Thank you for stopping by blog. I really appreciate it. I am really having a blast with this blog thing.

Lesa said...

Phooey! I see I'm not following where no one has followed before!!! Must have been a glitch last night because the follow widget was empty!
You must've thought I was nuts!! hhahahahah

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