Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Mom, Sister and I went out to one of my favorite antique/flee markets. I have been on the hunt for an old typewriter since forever. And today I found one!!!! I was so excited I was even able to pretend that the price wasn't that bad (which it was) but I really wanted it. The little tag said it is from 1914 they had another one that was from the 1940's but this one was so much more interesting looking.
So now its mine and I can't stop looking at it. While staring at it with a childish gleam in my eye my son was trying to show me something he learned at hockey and I was like oh yeah thats great Amber which obviously isn't my sons name. He didn't take to kindly to being ignored so now I may have to carry this thing with me for fear of retribution.
So what am I going to do with this thing? Well write the next great american novel of course. No that isn't true but it is really sweet isn't it?


Lesa said...

What a great find! Is it still in working order?

Jennifer said...

I am happy to say that yes it is!The nice older gentleman who sold it to me told me that I could buy the ribbon for it at Staples Office Supply. I must admit I discounted this as the grumblings of an old man but he is actually correct so I bought new ribbon and it works perfectly!

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