Monday, October 22, 2012

These times they are a changing

Hi there blog world. 

I have been absent.
No I was not abducted by aliens....although I am pretty sure they are coming.
No I wasn't killed after being crushed by a mile high pile of unread books.
I was trying to decide where I wanted this blog to go.
I got myself into a situation where I was feeling like I needed to constantly read something in order to have something to post about.
Or in order for my blog to seem interesting.
By going back and reviewing older posts I found that the posts that received the most hits weren't posts about books.
So it got me thinking.......I could still do this without talking about books so much.
Right now my life is hectic.
I don't have as much time to read as I used to.....or rather I read at a more leisurely pace so the ability to review in a timely manner just isn't possible.  
I am preparing for some very important certifications so I am reading a lot of technical text books which are not really that interesting.
So I am sure you wouldn't want me to review them.
Anyway the real point of this blog was to write.
So write I shall.
Tomorrow I will post a movie review.
I also want to talk about the Walking Dead sometime this week.
I have a lot to say.
I don't know if there is anyone still out there but if you would care to listen I would be happy to talk to you:)


Andrew Leon said...

I'm still out here! And if you passed by today's post on my blog (not the one about The Shack), you will know that I have been thinking about you. You were part of the inspiration for that blogfest that's posted.

Unknown said...

Yes, post about the walking dead because I love it but I can only peek because I am season 2 on netflix and not yet finished ...... write what feels good! Who cared what it is about! We, your devotees, love it no matter what! :)

Jennifer said...

Andrew - I just hopped over and saw that. Thanks! It's nice to know that I am missed:)

Jennifer said...

Stacey - I will make sure to indicate that it is a spoiler:) I just love that show so much.

Muriel said...

Hi there! yes, we are listening! I actually love your blog because you talk about things I can relate to(parenting, family...) and I like your reviews (because usually you write about books/movies that I wouldn't go to).
So take care and blog at your own pace! x from London!

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