Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I think this Ouija board is haunted

I had a bunch of Halloween related posts that I planned to share but 
Hurricane Sandy had other plans for me.
So if you don't mind I will continue to post Halloween stuff even after today.....which is Halloween.
I love Halloween, as you know, it is my most favorite time of year.
I love anything and everything scary/spooky/creepy....except clowns.
But lets not talk about them.....they can feel you thinking about them and then they come for you.
Shit I just scared myself.
What was I saying? Oh yeah.....
Maybe it is because of this love for the strange that I always wanted an Ouija Board.
I kind of wanted and old one. They do still sell these in my local toy store.
But I wanted an old one.
I found this one on Etsy and it was listed as Vintage 1972......and I am also Vintage 1972
so it seemed like the perfect match.
It had the original box and everything.
When it arrived bringing with it the musty smell of an old cellar I was so excited.
I immediately placed it in my Dinning Room which I set up to look like a witch's spell room.
Whatever that is......
Anyway it went perfect with the rest of the decorations.

Then things started to happen.
Things that maybe a normal person....unlike myself....would maybe not notice.
The little paddle thingy that you use to ask questions would be moved from the center of the board over to yes or no.
I asked my son if he moved it and he looked up at me from playing Minecraft and said "huh" so I know it wasn't him.
I asked my husband if he moved it and he said "No I won't go near that devil worship board. I told you I don't even like it in the house."
So I know that big chicken didn't touch it.
I purposely placed it on Good Bye and the next time I looked at it it was on No.
All of this is weird and could easily be written off as someone moving it and not saying.
Then I started hearing voices coming from downstairs.
And before you ask no it wasn't the voices of my family nor the voices in my head.
But the sound of full conversations happening when no one else is in the house but me.

The creepiest thing by far was one night when I was sitting in my bed reading the light from my iPad the only source in the room.
I felt something sit on my bed.
It was that distinct pressing down movement as if someone came up and sat at my feet.
I didn't move or breathe and then it just went away.

All of this started when I opened up that Ouija board and placed in it my dining room.
So is it haunted?
Who knows.
But I LOVE the idea that it might be.
My husband....not so much....big baby.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Andrew Leon said...

And, of course, what I'm taking from all of this is your son playing Minecraft, because that's all mine wants to do anymore, too.

Unknown said...

Wicked creepy cool!

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