Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charlotte the creepy puppy whisperer

I have put off doing a Charlotte post because Christopher felt it was too soon after losing Perry.
Recently he gave me his ok to do a new Charlotte post featuring Brayden our new French Bulldog.
So please enjoy this story about Charlotte and her new friend Brayden.

Charlotte the Creepy puppy whisperer

Charlotte was still filled with sadness over the loss of her friend Perry. He had grown to be such an important part of her effort to be less creepy. The boy was even starting to walk past her instead of running past her whenever she was placed in an area he needed to be. Now Perry was gone and a sadness had spread through the house. The family brought home a new puppy but he just wasn't the same. He was young and reckless. Charlotte needed to think of a plan because if she didn't become less creepy she feared the return of Creepy Dolls Inc and without Perry who would help her protect the family?

She fell asleep and dreamed about Perry and what he would do if he were still with her.

When morning came she knew what she had to do.
She needed to get this Brayden in line. He needed to start behaving himself and once she had his behavior in control she could train him to  protect against Creepy Dolls Inc and also be her friend. She needed a friend to help in her no more creepy goal.

She knew the other dolls wouldn't be much help. They didn't care if people thought they were creepy. They spent most of their days upstairs gossiping and didn't bother with the people. But she wanted to get their opinion anyway so she joined them for a gossip session.

Charlotte asked them what they thought of the new puppy.
 "Oh he is a trouble maker."
 Rachel said. "I heard the boy tell his mom that he
 keeps chewing on his game controller."
Charlotte asked what they thought could be done about his behavior and they all said "he needs to be trained."
Charlotte didn't know anything about dog training but the boy loved to watch shows about dogs and she knew the answer could be found on the television.....that's why they watched it so much right?

Charlotte turned on Animal Planet and watched every show she could find about dogs.
She was ready to help Brayden!

When Charlotte went into the family room she found Brayden chewing on the Xbox remote.
She told him that he shouldn't chew on that. She told him the boy wouldn't like it.

Brayden looked at her and said "what are you talking about I'm not chewing on anything."
She watched as he stretched himself away from the remote but she knew what he was up to.

No sooner had she looked away before he had the remote back in his slobbery little mouth.
"Brayden No" she said
He let go and walked away.

In the kitchen he found the boy's shoe and began to chew on it.
"Brayden No" she said "That's bad"

Grabbing one of his many chew toys she told him
"This is what you are supposed to chew on."

     Brayden looked at Charlotte and said 
"Bitch please I don't have to listen to you"

Charlotte told Brayden the story of Perry.
She told him about how much the family loved Perry.
She told him how the boy loved Perry the most.

Charlotte showed Brayden the photo of Perry and the little box where they kept Perry's ashes.
Brayden thought that was pretty creepy but Charlotte, who knew exactly what creepy was, explained that they kept him like that because they loved him and couldn't let him go.

Brayden wanted to be loved like that not in a dead in a box way but in a I can;t let you go way. 
He asked Charlotte to help him.
She first explained that her reasons for helping were somewhat selfish. She told him about how Perry was helping her be less creepy and about Creepy Dolls Inc and how they might return.
Brayden promised that he would help her but only after she helped him.

"Ok" Charlotte said "let's start with peeing in the house. They don't like it. So you need to stop. You have to pee outside."

Charlotte went outside with Brayden and showed him a good spot where he could pee.
She clapped for him and told him he was such a good boy!
When they went back inside she talked to him about only chewing on his toys.

Brayden felt good about learning all of the things he needed to do to be a good boy. 
He gave Charlotte a big sloppy kiss and promised that they would be friends forever.
 Brayden suggested that maybe they could even get married. 

Charlotte threw her head back and laughed. 
"We can't get married you are a dog and I am a doll."
Brayden said "Here is your first lesson in not being creepy....don't throw your head back and laugh like that because that is some creepy shit."

 The End


Andrew Leon said...

Man, your dog it so cute. My son would melt.

I'm glad to have a new Charlotte story. They're great. Have you ever thought of doing a story/picture book of her?

Unknown said...

LOVE it!

Muriel said...

I missed Charlotte! I think that she could marry the dog if she wanted to. After all, this is the 21st century!

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