Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I love the Walking Dead

As you may know from previous blog posts....
I love the Walking Dead
I love everything about it.
The acting
the writing
the zombies
the scenery
dare I even say.....the violence

I may have also already mentioned that my brother Michael
you may remember him as the most amazing brother in the world 
is the first to introduce me to the world of zombies when he took me to see Night of the Living Dead.
It was this movie that sealed my love for the decaying flesh of the zombie.

This summer I decided to read all of the comics
I originally purchased them from Barnes in Noble via Book 1 which featured the first 12 comics put together nicely in a single book.
But that started getting a little pricey as each book was 14.99 
One day while wondering the isles of Barnes and Noble I found the Walking Dead Compendium
which contained 1-48
Needless to say I snatched that up because it was way cheaper than purchasing 
all of those individual books.
The only complaint I had with it is that it is about the size of a Philadelphia phone book 
and just as heavy.

There are a few differences between the comics and the television show.
None that really bother me.
After all as a Stephen King fan I am used to film writers/ television writers making random unnecessary changes to a very good story.
Usually with King however it ends up being awful.
But with this it's not too bad.
My only disappointment is actually with the comics and that is that there is no Daryl Dixon character
and I love Daryl Dixon
Anyway a coworker.....well sort of.....had the rest of the books and with those it brought me up to comic 100 and since then I have been purchasing the comics myself as they come out.
The only problem with that is that I got used to the giant book or the smaller book containing multiple comics so the actual comic books seem so short.
It's kind of like someone setting a cupcake in front of you and you just want to devour the whole thing but you are only allowed to like nibble little pieces off once a month at random times.

I am a huge fan of television 
I am not proud to say
But this season I have only been really addicted to two shows.
The Walking Dead and Homeland 
The rest of the shows I watch I don't mind if I miss and episode 
or if I read a spoiler
But these shows I can't miss and if I do then I am waking up at the crack of dawn to watch them before I go to work.

American Horror is no where near as good this year and that makes me sad because that was one of my most favorite shows last year.

I now consider myself a comic book nerd
just one more nerdy thing to add to the list of nerdy things about me.


Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I could not agree with you more. Walking Dead is the only show I have to watch this season. I haven't seen Homeland, but I hear good things. I have thought about reading the comics, but knowing Daryl isn't in them makes it hard to start. But I love Rick too.

Andrew Leon said...

Welcome to the world of comic books! They will devour you. I know, because I have a garage full of them.

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