Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Sinister

Review contains spoilers

I saw Sinister on Friday night with my sister Judith and sister in law Letitia.

I had high hopes for this movie.
Sadly those hopes were shattered.
Who is viewing the final cut of these films?
I want to know.
So I can shake them and ask what the hell were you thinking.

The movie starts off great.
the premise is terrific....
True Crime writer moves his unknowing family into the home of a recent crime scene where a family was murdered.
He intends on writing a book about the murders.
The beginning scene is very intense and my hopes swelled and I thought if it keeps this intensity this may be.....finally a good "scary" movie.
When the police sheriff gets out of his car and his badge says Pennsylvania I was even more scared/excited/worried/excited/scared......because I live in Pennsylvania and a scary movie set in your own town/city is extra frightening.
But.......it all went down hill from there.
The scares were forced.
All haunted house bullshit.
Someone jumps out.
There is a bang.
A door slams shut.
What are we stupid?
The only scene that could have been remotely frightening was shown in the damn trailer which pisses me off.
The murder scenes were scary in that in this sick world they could happen.
 And had the movie not turned into some ridiculously hokey bullshit with a bunch of white faced kids putting there fingers to their mouths in the shhhhhhh motion.
It may have actually been good.
Even though the bad guy was some supposed demon/god/monster
It still would have been better without the kids.
The ending was awful and it didn't have to be.
If it had just ended with the kid standing there looking at her father it could have redeemed itself a little but......nope.
In the end this was just another disappointing piece of garbage that I wasted my $11 bucks on.
If the movie industry wants to stop people from pirating movies they better start making movies that won't make me regret spending my hard earned money. 
At least make it look like you tried.



Andrew Leon said...

That's a cool poster, though. Good thing I don't go to movies based on posters. That's funny how that works: people will judge a book by it's cover, but I don't know of anyone that judges a movie by its poster.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog its a master peace ! .

Muriel said...

The poster was indeed ver good. That said, I haven't seen a good horror movie for at least a couple of years! Maybe, after a certain time, we have just seen it all?

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