Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adventures with Flat Stacey the work edition

So I brought flat Stacey to work with me and she was a lot of help.
And I needed it because I have been incredibly busy.

First she helped me replace a hard drive.
She cut herself on the fan but otherwise she did great.

Then she hung out with Jack Skellington on Mega desk aka my cube.

She polished my trophies while I was gone....
.ugh I hate myself for patting myself on the back but somebody has to do it!

She literally hung out with flat Stanley cup.
A promotion the Flyers had when they were in the cup finals.

Lastly she attempted to help me organize my cable racks..........We ere never able to do it.
Cable racks suck.

So that was flat Stacey's adventure at my work. Tune in for the last installment soon.

Have a thrilling Thursday.


Unknown said...

OMG, so awesome, even though my first reaction when I saw that pic of Flat Stacey getting into the technology with you was that my breathing started getting shallow and fast and I started to almost panick! Thank you for taking me with you. I am surprised I didn't crash the whole system! I love your trophies and I'll give you props, you deserve it! The Flat Stanley cup is hilaaaaarious! I'm so glad I got to see that! Stanley cup is hockey, right? ;) UY, the cables! Let's be glad I didn't like cause a mass power outage on the entire East coast or something! :) GREAT post!

Andrew Leon said...

You have trophies!
I don't have any trophies...:(

Anonymous said...

Everything about this blog is so stunning. It's like having the coolest nightmare you could ever have. I love nightmares. It's a compliment. Even the colors are perfect.

Muriel said...

Can I just say that all the cables look very scary to me! I am glad that you had Flat Stacey helping you out...

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