Monday, January 16, 2012

Flat Stacey

You have heard of Flat Stanley.
That fun little guy your kids bring home from school.
Its your job to take him on an adventure and then write about it.

Stacey you know best blog friend
and I thought it would be fun to do a Flat Stacey and a Flat Jenny.
So Flat Stacey came over here to Pennsylvania to hang out with me.
And Flat Jenny flew out to Texas to spend time with Stacey.

We decided after spending time with our flats that we needed more then one post so this week we will be doing a series of posts about our adventures.
The other thing we realized is that we should not hog all of the fun.
If you would like your own flats Stacey and Jenny......they come as a set, we would be happy to snail mail or email them to you. You can then post about your adventure on your blog....we'd be happy to link people to your post or send us an email with photos showing your adventure and we will post it on ours.
And if you would like to create your own flat person and send them to us we would be love to show them all of the sites and then post about it.

Here is the first part of Flat Stacey's adventure........

Flat Stacey helped me with my writers block.
She sat beside my computer and encouraged me whenever I become stuck.

 She volunteered to feed Eli the turtle.
They become so close that she hung out with him in his tank.

 And of course she met Charlotte and Perry.
Although they kept their distance from her....they find it hard to trust new people.
Charlotte did pick her brain on how people in Texas might feel about a creepy doll.

 Edgar let her join him as he guarded the Library.
But she got in a little bit of trouble when she touched some of the vintage books.
Even guests need to follow the Library rules!

She enjoyed looking at my Stephen King novel collection.
And what would a trip be to visit me without some Harry Potter?
 She got to spend some time in the owlery.

 She had her very own Pottography session.

And yummy some Butterbeer!

After a long first day at Serendipity Manor Flat Stacey needed the house special.
A beer. A real beer.

Come back later this week and read about Flat Stacey's adventures at my office.


Andrew Leon said...

It seems like Flat Jenny got the short end of the stick on this exchange. At least, so far. I mean... well, given the options of activities from today's post...

Unknown said...

Of course she got in trouble for touching the vintage books.... that sounds EXACTLY like something she would do!
can't wait for more fun!

Muriel said...

What a lovely post! I hadn't thought of Stacey as a girl who would drink any beer but I might be wrong! And it looks like you have for a lot of interesting things at your place (love Eli the turtle!)

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Ahahaha too funny. The first time I ever heard of these flat traveling folk I was on a bus tour in England. Flat Stanley was with us and the whole group made sure we showed him a jolly good time ;-)

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