Monday, January 23, 2012

Turtles chew loud

Because Amber left us to go and educate herself at University.

Her room is all but empty.
The only things left are her bed, dresser and desk.
It's so empty that
we kept the door closed because its kind of creepy.
But then Eli, Christopher's turtle, needed a place to stay so we moved his tank into her room.
She complains about it when she is home because he likes to slam against the glass and 
it really is quite loud.

This is not what I really want to talk about though.....What I want to say is
I recently finished listening to Stephen King's 
On Writing
This is a wonderful book whether you read it or listen to it like I am.
If you are considering being a writer you should put it on your list of to read.
I have always found King's bluntness refreshing and real.
He gives wonderful advice and real life suggestions while also letting you know the realities of being a writer.....especially if your only goal is to make money. In his opinion if thats what your after then you should just find a new goal.
This isn't the first time I have read a writer giving this advice.

One of his suggestions which I decide to act on immediately was making a space to write.
King suggests you find a space that has a door.
He says that it could be a closet or a room as long as there is a door to close.
Previously I did my writing in "the Library" aka "the Mom Cave" aka our living room.
But there is no door.
So lucky for me I have a kid away at school so an empty room is readily available.

So this is what I came up with

 It's not bad. The room is fairly empty so there are no distractions. 
It has a door so that's the important thing.

The goal King says you should set is at least 2,000 words a day.
He suggests you start with 1,000 words so that you do not get discouraged but that the goal should be 2,000. He also suggests you close the door.....obviously and not leave that room until you have the 2,000 words. If you can write them in an hour then leave in an hour but if it takes five hours well then you stay in there for five hours.
Since following these suggestions I have written 12,000 words. I feel great. This whole being in a routine has done wonders for not only my writing but also my confidence. I feel like I am really achieving something.

There is only one problem......
Turtles chew loud!
I was sitting in the room happily writing when all of a sudden Eli decided to eat his dinner.
I could not believe how loud he chewed.
Obviously the obnoxious way he chews is amplified by the nearly empty space but geez!

I am not going to let him affect my concentration! 
But my God Eli could you chew with your mouth closed?


Unknown said...

Oh, man, awesome! On your recommendation, I will check this out!
I'm so proud of you for writing! You inspired me and I'm up to 3,000. That's 3,000 better than zero!
I don't think I could do a couple thou a day, though, but what a goal! Also, my DAVE room doesn't have a door. I don't know.... maybe I can empty the cedar closet? Great suggestion! ;p

Andrew Leon said...

Man, I wish I had a place with a door. I also wish that my kids understood when I say "don't bother me right now." My daughter, especially, will interrupt a dozen times with my only answer being "did I just say not to bother me right now?" 3 seconds later, she's forgotten I said that.

Jennifer said...

I feel lucky to have an empty room to use. I will say that I don't know if its the routine or the actual closing of the door but it has really set fire to my writing.

Samantha Sotto said...

LOL about Eli and a HUGE YAY, for 12K! Way to go! :D

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