Thursday, January 5, 2012

Search Keywords

As I was looking at the sad state my blog stats are in......
I'd like to blame the holidays and my lack of posting so please humor me.
I was reading through my Search Keywords section under the traffic source tab.
And I thought what an interesting story it would make.
The searched keywords words are case you couldn't figure that out.
So here you go a short story made from my Search Keywords

The box

Stella looked down at her new Owen Hunt clothes. She loved the way they felt against her skin which is why she put out the ridiculous amount of money for them. Looking at the tools and box in front of her she wished she had worn something different while working on turning a wooden box into a Romeo and Juliet project. It seemed like lately all she ever thought about was unobtainable romance. She really had to broaden her reading away from the Romance novels onto something a little less depressing. The sound of her stomach grumbling reminded her that she intended to stop to eat lunch before continuing the sanding she needed to complete before she could varnish the box. Putting on her jacket she headed outside where she knew a vendor would be waiting there to sell lunch to the local shop keepers. She ordered a hotdog which the vendor obnoxiously called a Frankenfurter on his menu. It wasn't the best she ever had but she was hungry and therefore she ate it with pleasure. The best hotdog she ever had was when she was on a date with Jake Ryan. Not the Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. No the Sixteen Candles Jake Ryan was hot. This Jack would be better suited as the fungus man from one of the best Stephen King short stories Grey Matter. Cringing from the thought of that creep she made her way back into the back door of her shop. The wooden box waiting patiently for her to complete. Stella knew that this box would bring her the happiness she deserved. All she ever wanted was a story like romance. She spent hours reading romance novels and watching romantic movies on television and at the theater. She dreamed of a love like Sookie and Eric. He was so strong and well.....evil but he loved Sookie and protected her. She could forgive evil if she found someone who really loved her. Her thoughts drifted to all of the men she rejected for one reason or another. Some because they were not attractive enough. Others because they were weak. Until time began to close in and she had to say I don't care any more. She had to hurry and being picky was no longer an option. Getting back to work she could smell the scent of death all around her. It mixed with the smells of her project. The smell of wood, fire, heated medal and vanish. The death smell was not just coming from the dead man laying on the back table. It was coming from her own diseased body. The dead man was her last date he looked a little like Josh Brolin in Goonies which was good because she liked that movie very much. If she had more time she might have picked a different man but time she did not have. When she found out she was sick she had set this plan in motion. She had spent so many years alone wanting a man to love that the thought of going into the next world alone was unbearable. The plan was to find the perfect man to die with her so that they could be together forever buried in this lovers box. It would be completed by tonight. She would place him in the box and then she would climb inside drink the poison and join him in the afterlife. The instruction she would leave on the table would be for them to be buried in the lovers box in the plot she had purchased. The man had also signed the note. Of course not willingly but he would forgive her because thats what happens at the end of every romance. All you need is love. So take it by force if you have to.


Elana Johnson said...

That is too funny! That's what people used to find your blog? That is HILARIOUS. I'm afraid to look at mine.

Unknown said...

love it! well written! ;)

happy new year!

Andrew Leon said...

But great story.
I have lots of Star Wars related search words. heh
And that quote from Hanna that just won't quit.

Muriel said...

It is amazing the stuff that people look up. Funny story and happy new year!

Laura said...

Haha! This was so entertaining! Great idea!

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