Monday, April 16, 2012

10th Birthday, Car sick and Flyers WIN

This Saturday was Christopher's 10th Birthday.

He decided that because he is 10 now and you know too old for traditional parties.
He would just have some buddies from his class over for a sleepover/all night video game party.
We also got tickets for game three of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between 
the awesome Flyers and the classless Penguins.
on Sunday April 15th.
Because the Phillies also had a game and because we knew it was going to be madness in the city we decided to leave for the game by 12pm even though the game start time was 3pm.
So it was my mission to try and make sure these five ten year old boys would go to bed by 12 am.
I failed.
So Sunday morning when they were up by 7am I knew it was going to be a day from hell.
five hours of sleep may work for 10 year olds but not this almost 40 year old.

After we chased the kids home I downed some aspirin for my splitting head ache and off we went to head into Philly for the game.
I asked Chris if he wanted to use out GPS in case of traffic....because the GPS will redirect you.
But he said no
after we were on the road he decided that yes maybe he would like to use the GPS.
Now you need to know that I get car sick.
Especially if I try to read something or look at a screen like my iPad or iPhone.
I used to get sick really bad as a kid.
It didn't matter whether I sat up front or in the back.
I got sick.
It doesn't happen that often now.
Sometimes I feel a little queazy but I never actually vomit.
Until Sunday that is.
 I started inputting the information for the stadium and I felt myself getting sick to my stomach.
And as soon as we hit the highway I puked.
In my handbag because that was all I had.
I was lucky to be able to dump the contents before puking.
So there I was dramatically vomiting.
Crying for my Mom
And Chris is trying to drive and poor Christopher is worried that his Mom is dying.....because I am pretty sure I said "I am dying" in mid vomit.
And then Chris misses the turn into the parking lot.
And we end up back on the highway again.
And another bought of drama puking.
When we finally made it to the stadium parking lot.....we still had plenty of time.
It was only around 1ish and the game didn't start until 3.
I was still puking as we parked and so Chris and Christopher got out of the car.
After waiting a bit I told them to go ahead without me.
I would die alone in the car.
Thats probably exactly what I said and because Chris doesn't care about me  knows me 
he took Christopher and off they went to the fun and festivities.
He left me the car keys with the car airconditioning running. 
It was 80 degrees outside.
I climbed into the back seat and ate some pretzels and drank some water hoping to settle my stomach.
Chris called to check on me and then suggested I step out of the car.
Sit on the curb he said
You will feel better he said
Get some air he said
It smells like puke in the car he said
So I listened 
I got out and sat on the little curb behind the car.
And I threw up.
Some nice tailgaters laughed and pointed and asked me if I needed another beer because obviously they though I was drunk.
I got back in the car.
Meanwhile all this time I was trying to call my lifeline aka my sister Judy
and that bitch wasn't answering her phone!
I called my brother Michael because I was thinking I might need someone to come and get me because it was becoming obvious that I was dying.
He said of course he would come and get me but that I should probably suck it up because its the playoffs.
I told him I would try.
Finally I called my brother Mark and found out Judy was with him and asked him to tell her to call me.
She also pretty much told me to suck it up so thats what I did.
I got out of the car and slowly made my way up to the stadium.
It was hot as hell
which didn't help!
I paused a minute before walking to the doors to assess the puke situation.
Then I made my way in.
The smell of food very nearly sent me running back out of the door but I pushed on thinking maybe the grumbling in my stomach was hunger.
I stopped at a vendor and bough Popcorn and a Sprite.
I wanted Ginger Ale but there was none to be had.
Why Popcorn?
I have no idea
It seemed like the best choice
I gagged at the thought of a hot dog or any fried food so......
I sat in the mezzanine and ate my popcorn and drank my soda.
When enough time passed that it seemed like I was going to be ok I made my way inside.
The seats were amazing.
The first period was amazing.
Maybe a little too exciting as I ran to the bathroom before the end of the period to puke again.
I was okay after that.

Some pretty little hockey girls brought Christopher a special birthday gift bag and then his name was up on the score board.

It truly was the most exciting game I have ever been too or watched.
I love hockey and I have been watching the Flyers for as long as I can remember and this game was just incredible.
There were a ton of fights and every goal was hard earned and awesome.
Final score 
Flyers 8
Penguins 4

Here is what I know for sure.....
Crosby is a classless baby 
and Crosby sucks
and Crosby needs to get his teeth knocked out

Let's go Flyers!!!!!


Muriel said...

Happy b'day to Christopher! My daughter has done a few sleepover parties and it convinced me that I didn't want her to have one. It is just too much for me. And yes, we are getting too old to cope with all this non-sense! B'day parties now last no more than 2/3 hours. i am a tough mom!

Andrew Leon said...

Well, I applaud you for sucking it up and enjoying the game!
I'm sorry you puked, though. I hate puking.

I remember when I could stay up for days without sleeping and not feel any effects from it. >sigh<

Unknown said...

Local bff puked in her purse once, killed her iphone.
I got carsick once, in Photoboy's brand new truck. I guess when I said PULL OVER NOW I.M GONNA PUKE, he thought take the nearest exit when you see it. :/
Sorry you were sick but glad you went in & sounds like a great game!

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